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I know it's hard for some of you to keep up with the Friends With Benefits (fwb) I have, so I will be giving them pseudonyms from now on.  All of the guys are white, which I'm sure you could have figured out by now.  I will update this page as needed.  Here's a rundown of my current guys:

 Josh - "new fwb".  He's 22, 6'1", blonde hair, blue eyes, and looks like the boy next door.  He is a Marine and loves to cuddle!  He's a friend of my former fwb, Dan.

Jason -  "the ex".  He's 29, 5'11", brown hair and green eyes.  We "dated" 5 years ago and happened to run into each other at the mall recently.  He was in the military when I met him, but has since gotten out.  He loves going down on me and he's one of the few guys who can make me cum with just his tongue!

Brandon - "the officer".  He's 26, 5'9", dark hair and dark eyes.  He's an Army officer, drives a convertible Mustang, and loves public sex (especially road head).  I'm the first Asian girl he's ever slept with! (DEPLOYING SOMETIME BEFORE FEBRUARY 2012)

Matt - "the threesome fwb".  He's 24, 6', blonde hair, blue eyes, and looks like a male model.  He is a Marine.  We have been hooking up on and off since he was 21.  We have had threesomes with his friends and always have a  great time.  He's the one that made me squirt 10x. (DEPLOYED UNTIL EARLY 2012)

Aaron - He is Matt and Travis' friend and a fellow Marine.  He is 23, 6', blonde hair, blue eyes, and has a southern accent.  He was involved in the gang bang I did, though we really didn't start talking until I needed a new fwb due to Matt and Travis' deployment. He recently made me squirt by fingering my ass (which I had never done before!)

Ryan - He doesn't really have a nickname.  I mentioned him once and he was the one I had the sex dream about.  He's 24, 5'8", dark hair, blue eyes, lots of tattoos.  He's in the Navy.  He likes to stop by before or after work, which is fine because he's always wearing his uniform!

Dan - He's my former fwb who now has a girlfriend (she's asian!)   He set me up with Josh.  Dan is 23, 5'6", blonde hair, blue eyes.  He rides a motorcycle and is one of the nicest guys I know!  UPDATE:  Dan's gf cheated on him (boo!).  And while we did talk about being fwb again, we decided to just be friends for now.

Tyler - "boyshorts guy". He's the one who I mentioned in my boyshorts post.  He is 21, 6', blonde hair, blue eyes.  He is pretty shy and I usually take the lead.  He is in the Navy.  He works a night shift, so we don't hook up as much as I'd like us to.

Travis - "other threesome guy".  He's Matt's friend and the one I had the threesome with.  He is also a Marine.  He's 24, 6'2", blonde hair, blue eyes.  He loves Asian girls and I'm the first he's been with. (DEPLOYED UNTIL EARLY 2012)

Evan - He used to be a fwb of mine a couple of years ago, but he got a serious girlfriend and we barely talked.  He broke up with his girlfriend recently and we've been hooking up again.  He's NOT in the military.  He is 27, 5'8', brown hair, brown eyes.  He loves rough sex, so he and I get along great!

** Please note:   Even though I am using pseudonyms and not their real names, all guys mentioned here know about my blog and have given me their permission to write about our experiences.  They also know that I mention their stats and their military affiliation.**

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