Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 4 - Sloth

Day 1 - Pride. Seven great things about yourself.
Day 2 - Envy. Seven things you lack and covet.
Day 3 - Wrath. Seven things that piss you off.
Day 4 - Sloth. Seven things you neglect to do.
Day 5 - Greed. Seven worldly material desires.
Day 6 - Gluttony. Seven guilty pleasures.
Day 7 - Lust. Seven love secrets.

This is the tag I’m doing.  I’m on Day 4 today...Sloth.

1. Writing to my deployed friends - I have 3 really good friends who are deployed.  I currently write to each of them once a week.  I really should be writing them at least twice a week. It makes me feel like a bad friend that I don't make more time to do this.

2. Remove my make up at the end of the day - This has been a bad habit since college.  I come home from work exhausted and I often fall asleep on my couch and wake up with my make up still on!

3. Take my vitamins

4. Check/reply to emails - I do emails a lot at work so when I get home, I often don't even turn on my computer!

5. Eat healthy - I definitely don't eat enough fruits and veggies.

6. Fold/put away laundry - My laundry often stays in the drawer for days!  lol

7. Car maintenance - I don't do my oil check when I'm supposed to.  I probably need new tires.  And my windshield wiper solution has been out for months!

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