Friday, July 5, 2013

Last night

Best...Threesome...EVER!  It's 3:30 am in Hawaii and we've been fucking for pretty much the last 4 hours.  The guys made me squirt so much that I soaked my sheets.  My guy is out buying us some Red Bulls and food.  The other guy is passed out in my living room (he came twice in my mouth and once in my pussy).  My pussy is swollen, but I'm still so fucking horny.  I can't wait until my guy gets back and we resume this threesome. 

(Shhhh...I plan to tie both guys to my bed and have my way with them.  I won't stop until they can't cum anymore.  Should be a fun time!)


  1. So I'm already to leave work early, burned out on this Friday after the holiday. Then I stumble into this post on my feed and my mind is going at lightspeed trying to fill the gap between your teaser of a post and your very descriptive labels.

    (Slow Clap)

    Good work. Very good work.

  2. This post is useless without pictures! Have fun and enjoy life.

  3. damn! really? i'll maybe pass out when its morning ;)

  4. you go girl! jealous as hell :D

  5. I don't get to your blog as often as I should, but DAMN!! When I do, it's always a great day.


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