Saturday, June 4, 2011

A tumblr kind of night

I had dinner plans with a friend earlier in the night and then I hauled ass home to change and go see Josh.  He hadn't mentioned the boyshorts again, but I wore some anyway.  I figured they were such a big hit the last time that I'd wear some again. This time though, I just wore some pink cotton ones.

I got to his house and he looked gorgeous.  He wasn't wearing a shirt, just some basketball shorts.  He grabbed me, looked me over, and kissed me.  He grabbed my hand and pulled me into his bedroom.  We kissed again and he started talking my clothes off.  I reached down and rubbed his cock and he was already rock hard.  He saw my pink boyshorts and a huge smile crossed his face.  He rubbed my ass with both hands and slowly took my panties off.  He pushed me onto the bed and buried his head in my pussy.  He was furiously licking my clit and I loved seeing his face between my legs.  Our eyes met and I whispered, "Just fuck me already" to him.

He stood up and I sucked his cock while he fumbled with the condom.  He got the condom on and he pushed me back on the bed and fucked me missionary style.  He pushed one leg back and fucked me really deep.  I was moaning and begging for more.  He grabbed my other leg, pushed it back toward my shoulders and fucked me hard.  I was moaning when he kissed me and temporarily muffled them.  He stopped kissing me.  "I love it when you moan for me, baby". and smiled.  "I love it when you cum for me, baby" I replied.  He grabbed my legs and threw them over his shoulders and fucked me harder.  I looked into his blue eyes and I knew he was about to cum.  I mouthed "fuck me and cum for me" over and over and he closed his eyes and came.  He grabbed onto my waist and I felt him convulsing inside of me.  He looked at me and let out a laugh.  "That was fucking amazing", he said to me. He bent over to kiss my forehead and we went to get cleaned up.

After that, we were both laying on his bed, naked, and I checked my cell.  I told Josh about someone I had been texting and he assumed it was a guy.  I told him it was actually a new female friend I met on tumblr.  He didn't know what tumblr was, so I explained it to him.  Then he wanted to know about my new friend.  He asked me if she liked white boys like I do.  Then he wanted me to send her a pic of him.  He's such a dork.  He said that maybe a pic of him will make her become a white boy lover like me. So I sent her the pic and we had a good laugh about that.  I was still texting her when he started playing with my pussy and trying to finger me.

But then Josh wanted to see what tumblr was all about, so I logged into my account on his computer and when my dashboard came up, he saw a bunch of naked/porn pics and his eyes got big.  He was quickly scrolling thru all the pictures and loving what he saw.  I started to feel neglected.  I got on my cell again and posted a quick message on tumblr about what was going on.  He didn't see it because he was still scrolling down my page!

I knew I had to do something to get his attention back, so I laid on his back and started kissing the back of his neck, then down his shoulders, down his back, down to his ass, and his legs.  By the time I got to his ankles, he was moaning.  He rolled onto his back and his cock was rock hard.  "You started this," he said.  "Now sit on my big white cock and make me cum again".  I saw him reach for another condom and all I could think of was how much I loved riding him.  Tumblr was pretty much forgotten after that...

(Edit 6/5/11 - If you want to see my Tumblr, it's:   It's essentially what you see here with some random questions and picture posts.  Check it out if you're interested)


  1. I just started following you on Tumblr, it's fun to see both approaches working together.

  2. Oh cool! Tumblr is fun! I end up answering a lot of questions and reblogging random sayings. I don't plan to reblog any of the good porn stuff I see though! :)

  3. Have I really been hanging around tumblr for 4 years? Wow. Blast from the past.


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