Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hotel Adventure Commentary

(If you didn't read the 7 parts of the Hotel Adventure, Click here to start at Part 1)

Thank you to all my readers for reading all 7 parts of my Hotel Adventure!  As you could tell, Josh and I had a great time!  And I had an equally great time writing about it for all of you!  I had to cut out of a lot of stuff otherwise I would have been writing about the experience for the next month!  Here are some tidbits and answers to questions I received.

First and foremost, Josh is NOT my boyfriend!  I don't know why some people thought that, but I got quite a few emails asking me if he was my boyfriend or if we are dating. The answer is NO!!  I like him.  He's a cool guy to hang out with.  And we have amazing sex.  But we are nothing more than friends with benefits!  I am 100% single and I plan to stay that way for a long time!

Second, we did have a lot more sex than I wrote about.  I sucked him off in the shower and again before we fell asleep.  He also tied me up and fucked my ass.  I was going to write about that, but I felt it was almost exactly like the part where he had tied me up before, so I left it out.

Third, we had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in Waikiki.  And while I would have loved to get freaky with him there, the restaurant, in general, is too crowded to attempt anything.  Instead, we snuck off to a nearby hotel and fucked in a bathroom.  It was fast and frenzied, but a lot of fun!

Fourth, I wrote the finale post twice.  I wrote it once and thought it was blah.  I took a break and erased everything and started again.  In the original post, I didn't mention Josh's phone call and him having to go to work the next morning.  I was going to just save that for this commentary post.  And in the original, I explained in detail what happened in the car.  But I felt like ending the story on a mediocre blowjob, wouldn't satisfy my readers.

Fifth, some people asked me what I did in the morning since I had the hotel room to myself.  Josh actually suggested I try to meet a guy and see if I could get him up to the room in an hour or less.  I thought it was an interesting challenge.  But instead, I ordered breakfast, turned on my laptop, and chatted with readers on Yahoo IM.  lol

And the most asked question, "What happened in the car when Josh was leaving?"   Yes, we did mess around in his car in the parking garage.  I got into his car and we kissed.  He grabbed at my tits and fingered my pussy.  I pulled open his uniform pants and jerked his cock.  He pushed my head down and I sucked him off until he came all in my mouth.  I tried to get him to cum as quickly as possible because I didn't want him to be late to work. I can't believe the Marines cock blocked me :( 

It was a pleasure to write about the Hotel Adventures for all of you.  I have had some crazy sex in the last week that I haven't written about because I was trying to finish this up.  And thank you to all of you again for making my first month on Blogspot so enjoyable.   I also will be doing more chats on Yahoo IM, so if you want to talk to me, send me a request or message:   I announce when I'm on chat on my tumblr, so if you aren't a follower of me there, add me:   Have a great weekend everyone!!

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