Tuesday, June 28, 2011

TMIT - Never Say Never

1. What are the three (3) "nevers" of your life? (Things you would never do or have never done)
Things are things I haven't done, yet.  I hope to do them someday :)
- Join the Mile High Club
- Go to Mardi Gras
- Be at Time's Square when the ball drops

2. Who or what sleeps with you?
Most nights, I sleep alone.  Just me and my stuffed animal.  Some nights, it's a fwb, but I don't make a habit of doing that.

3. What were you doing at midnight last night?
I was either watching TV or watching random videos on YouTube.  I may have been going through my Tumblr dash too!

4. What is the most bizarre thing someone has ever asked you to do sexually?
Ok, read this carefully.  I dated a guy who asked me NOT to suck his cock.  He said he didn't like it.  He wouldn't even let me try.  He also didn't like any position besides missionary.  I had sex with him once and it was decent.  I figured I'd be able to change his mind about things the second time, but nope.  I ended it.  I love sucking cock too much to give it up for any guy.  Sorry.

5. What is stashed under your bed/mattress? Why is it there?
I have a lot of junk under my bed, though it is somewhat organized.  It's stuff that could potentially go in my closet, but when I moved, I just stuffed them under my bed in bins and boxes.  They are out of the way and not seen, so it works for me.  When you live in Hawaii, storage space is hard to come by so you stuff as much as you can in every room of your house!

Bonus: What is the one thing you have not done with your partner that you really want to do and how will you go about making it happen?

I don't have a "partner" right now and for the most part, my fwb indulge any of my desires. But I wanted to come up with an answer for this question, so I thought about it long and hard.  Here's is my answer:  One of my fwb is a mechanic and works on Humvees.  One day he was telling about his day and it popped into my head that I would love to fuck in one of those Humvees that he works on!  And I'd want him to keep as much of his uniform on as he could and just pull his cock out.  I don't know if we could ever make that happen and I never talked to him about it, but it is something I've never done and would really enjoy!  As for how I'm going to make this happen, he reads my blog, so I'm sure I'll get a text from him about this later today! 

Have a nice Tuesday everyone!  Feel free to share your answers in my comment box!  :)


  1. People who don't like having their cock sucked can't be trusted.

  2. I agree with you, Maxwell! It's just not right to deny a girl the pleasure of sucking your cock. lol


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