Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hotel Adventure Part 6

Josh and I took yet another shower and put on the hotel provided white robes. I walked around the room and admired just how nice it was.  I sat on the couch and it was very comfy.  Josh followed me, pushed me down and started kissing me.  He was reaching into my robe and grabbing at my tit.  "You just don't ever stop, do you?" I said to him.  With that, he lifted me up and carried me out to the balcony.  The sun had set and it was dark outside.  Josh put his hand around my waist while we stood against the railing, admiring the view.  Sometimes I forget just how beautiful Hawaii is. 

I looked around and the other balconies were all empty.  "You ready to pop your balcony sex cherry?", I asked him.  He laughed and said "Fuck yeah!"  I had him sit down on the chair and opened up his robe, but didn't take it off.  I got on my knees and sucked his cock.  He moaned and grabbed my wet hair and pushed my head up and down. He was rock hard and already precumming in my mouth.  He let go of my hair and reached for my tits again.  He undid my robe and told me to take it off.  I was now naked on the balcony with just my panties on!

He stood up and took off his robe as he backed me up against the railing.  "Suck my cock" he demanded.  I was on my knees and looking up at him.  I licked up and down his shaft then took his cock into my mouth again.  I kept eye contact with him the entire time. I could feel the wind against my naked body as I sucked his cock.  I kissed down his shaft and licked his balls.  "You look so sexy, babe", he said.  I smiled and grabbed onto the back of his ass and deep throated him.  I saw his eyes roll back as he let out a big moan.

He pulled me up and pushed me against the railing.  My tits were fully exposed and I used my hands to brace myself.  "Don't move", he said to me.  He came back with a condom on.  He moved my panties to the side and stuck his fingers in me.  Without saying a word, he reached around and made me lick his soaking fingers.  "Just fuck me already!" I said to him.  With that, he grabbed my waist and pushed his cock in me.  I let out a moan as I felt his hard cock in my pussy.  He started fucking me really hard.  I was moaning and begging for more.  He pulled at my hair and fucked me harder and harder.

I felt him grab onto my waist really tight and I knew he was about to cum.  "Cum for me", I said to him.  He pounded me and let out a grunt as he came all in me.  He fell onto my back and we both laughed.  We stood there for a few seconds and he pulled out.  I was about to turn around and walk back into our room when he pushed me back against the railing again.  "I'm not done with you yet", he said.

I stood there naked, not sure what to expect next.  I felt his hands on my ass and he spanked me.  "You're a very naughty girl, Myli", he said as he spanked me again.  He spanked me a few more times and I loved it.  He grabbed my boyshorts and pulled them down to my ankles.  "Spread your legs", he said as I felt him run his hands up and down my legs.  He put his fingers inside me and I protested.  "Please don't.  I can't cum anymore", I begged.  He pushed me into the railing again and told me to behave.

He fingered my gspot and I grabbed onto the railing as I felt myself about to cum.  He made me squirt and I let out a scream.  I had cum so hard that I forgot I was on the balcony.  "You squirted all over your legs, babe", he said as he kept fingering me.  I was begging him to stop, but before I knew it, I was squirting again.  I could barely hold myself up.  He scooped me up into his arms and carried me into the room.  I laid on the bed with him and he cuddled up against me.  "You had enough yet?" he said to me.  I shook my head no.  "Get some rest, my hot asian girl.  You're gonna need it!"  he said as he kissed me again.

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  1. I was hoping someone had seen you on the balcony. The best part is the final fingering that made you squirt and you had to be carried away.

    Here's a message for guys who thought their cocks are not up to par - use your fingers and know her g-spot!


  2. I don't think anyone saw us out there, but it was dark. I did make quite a lot of noise, so maybe someone did peak out and see! And yes, he made me cum so hard that I could barely stand up!


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