Friday, June 24, 2011

Sex Ex

I was at the mall when I heard someone calling my name.  I turned around to see my ex.  I use the term "ex" loosely because we were more fwb than boyfriend and girlfriend.  We hugged and sat on a nearby bench.  He asked me about my life, my job, my family, and if I was dating anyone.  "No, I'm single," I told him.  He nodded his head. "Me too," he said. 

While he was telling me about his new job, I couldn't help but notice how green his eyes were.  We hooked up 5 years ago and if you had asked me earlier in the day what color his eyes were, I wouldn't have been able to tell you.  He was also now clean cut and clean shaven, which he wasn't back then.  I was staring at his lips while he talked and I had flashbacks of his lips kissing all over my naked body.  I suddenly had a huge urge to pull him into a bathroom for a quickie.

We talked about the crazy sex we had when we were together.  He reminded me that we had had sex in the family bathroom of the very mall we were in.  I laughed as I recalled that day.  It was the first and only time I used a family bathroom for such naughty purposes.  He also reminded me how I was his first asian girl.  I nodded as I remembered how excited he was the first time we had sex.

He asked me where I was off to next.  "I'm going back to my car and heading home," I answered.  "I'll walk you to the car," he said.  He grabbed my hand and we walked to my car.  In the parking lot, he pushed my back against my door, grabbed my face, and kissed me.  He was a better kisser than I remembered, which was a pleasant surprise.  "I want you so bad, Myli," he whispered in my ear.  I smiled and reached down to feel his cock through his pants.  He was rock hard.  I gave him a naughty smile and kissed his cheek. "Do you still live at the same place?" I asked him.  He nodded.  "How about I come over later tonight and we finish this?" I asked.  A smile crossed his lips.  "Yes and I'm gonna fuck the shit out of your tight asian pussy," he replied.

As I drove away from the mall, I could feel my pussy dripping.  I remembered how he loved to go down on me and wouldn't stop until I came all over his face.  I smiled as I thought about the hot sex I would be having later in the night.  Would sex with an ex, especially 5 years later, be any good?  If our kiss was any indication, the sex would be phenomenal!


  1. Myli,

    One benefit of fwb is you never breakup. So when you meet again you meat again.


  2. Wow love your stories myli!! im new to this blogging universe but i can tell its gonna be fun!! im gonna start posting soon...

    p.s. your stories got me rock hard!! keep um commin! ;)

  3. Amy - I love that! Meet again and meat again! lol

    Whitewater - Welcome! I'm fairly new too. I have about 6 weeks on this site and I love it! Make sure to send me your blog url when you start posting! And don't worry, I have many more stories to post. That won't stop, I promise :)

  4. Yes, but you knew that already! It's the reason you like me :)

  5. Awwww, that's cute. I promise not to stop being a dirty girl :)

  6. Fuck yes!!! I am currently fucking my ex. I didn't see him for 15 years and we've been fucking since Feb. He drives me insane!

  7. Sex with an ex is definitely nice. They already know how to get you off and the chemistry is there. And with my ex, he has learned a thing or two since we last hooked up, so it's been fun. BTW, I checked out your blog and you're awesome. I am going to read thru more of your posts when I have time! :)

  8. Thanks Asian Girl. Same here!!! I love yours also!!!! :0))

  9. Awww, you are so sweet, Carolina! I still haven't read all your old posts, but I will! I love your blog! Have a nice Sunday! :)


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