Sunday, July 31, 2011

No Time For Details

I know you're all dying to know what happened last night, but I don't have time to write a proper post.  Yes, we did the gang bang and yes, it was a lot of fun!  In the end, there were 6 guys plus Matt, so 7 total.  We all had a good time.  2 guys ended up crashing on my couches and Matt is laying here next to me.  I really wish I didn't have a family gathering to go to in 3 hours.  I'm exhausted, my body and holes ache, and all I really want to do is go back to bed for the rest of the day. 

I will write a post later today.  I have some family in town from the mainland, so I'm not sure when I'll be home.  But don't worry, my lovely readers, you will get the details.  Have a nice Sunday, everyone!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

GB Details

The gang bang is still on for tonight!  Yay!  The somewhat bad news is that I had to move the time back to very late (I'm talking midnight!)  Apparently, I forgot I had plans with some friends of mine tonight.  That's what happens when you agree to plans more than a week in advance!  Not wanting to be a flake to my friends, I am keeping those plans and then having the gang bang later.  The guys were okay with it, so it all works out.

I had lunch with Matt yesterday.  I didn't realize that he and his guys had the day off, so when he came to my work, he brought 3 of the guys with him!  Let me say this.  I don't look my best at work.  I have to wear business type clothes.  I often put my hair in a ponytail or bun.  And I wear very minimal makeup.  I felt kind of embarrassed that the guys saw me like that.  But then again, they were going to be seeing me naked very soon, so I figured I should just get over it.

The 3 Marines I met, were all gorgeous.  Tall, white, handsome.  We went to the Subway near my office and talked for a bit.  I asked them how old they were, where they were from, if they've had sex with an Asian girl before, how they feel about condoms.  The usual stuff.  They all seemed like nice guys.  It was funny because at one point, I looked at Matt and he looked kind of peeved.  I grabbed his hand and held it.  Matt has never been one to get jealous, but I kinda got that vibe from him now.

After we ate, I gave all the guys a hug and I told them I'd see them soon.  They went to go sit on a bench and I talked to Matt, by myself.  "How many guys are you thinking will come to my house?" I asked him.  "Probably 7 or 8, plus me," he answered.  I told him that my concern was that all the guys wear condoms.  I was okay with them tying me up and blindfolding me.  But in that position, I'd have to trust these guys because I wouldn't be able to see.  He assured me that the guys were okay with condoms and he would make sure they were being used.  I also told him that he had to make it absolutely clear that no guy was to cum on my face because I don't like that.  "I've told them the rules and they know the limits," he said.  "We've done threesomes and foursomes before and you know I wouldn't let any of these guys hurt you."

Matt and I talked for a little bit more.  He told me to wear my lacy bra and boyshorts and heels.  I told him I'd have my bed restraints, handcuffs, and blindfold ready for him.  "I haven't cum in 2 days, so I'm really horny," I whispered in his ear, as we hugged goodbye.  He laughed.  He mentioned something about breaking the squirting record he had set.  Just the thought of squirting more than 10x, made me wet.  I have a feeling this will be a fun night of lots of moaning, screaming, and cumming.  I can't wait!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yes, Yes, Yes

I'm sorry that I've left you all in suspense.  I just checked my email and realized a lot of you wanted to know about the gang bang, so YES, I will be doing it.  I texted Matt earlier today and told him it was on.  We are planning it for Saturday night.  He told me he already has 5 guys willing to do it.  Wow, just writing that out makes me excited!  I don't know too many other details.  Matt and I are going to have a quick lunch tomorrow (Friday) and talk things over.  I will let you guys know when I know!  I'm going to break my gang bang cherry this weekend!  I can't wait!  :)

Falling For Me (Video is NSFW)

If you clicked on the video above, I'm sure you can guess what this post is about.  I have had my share of sex injuries and fails.  This post is about the one that stands out most in my mind.

I was young, probably 22, and my boyfriend at the time was pretty short.  He was 5'5" and fairly skinny.  I wasn't nearly as adventurous back then, so most of our sex was just mediocre (though I didn't think it was at the time).  I was at his house and he told me about this porn that he had seen where the guy picked up the girl and fucked her standing up.  He asked if I'd be willing to try that and I said no.  He kept begging and I kept saying no.  Really, I didn't think he was strong enough to hold me up like that.  He weighed maybe 20 pounds more than me and I just didn't think it was a good idea.

When we were having sex that night, he again asked to try the move.  I finally gave in.  He picked me up and I wrapped my arms and legs around him.  He cock slid right into my pussy and I had to admit, it felt great!  He grabbed my ass and guided me up and down on him.  We kissed.  I was moaning and enjoying myself so much that I didn't realize that my guy was getting tired.  All I remember is bouncing up and down on his cock one minute and falling the next.

He later told me that his legs were getting shaky, but he didn't want to say anything because it felt good.  He eventually just fell backwards and hit his head.  I landed on top of him, with his cock still inside me.  I remember grabbing his face and thinking he was dead.  I was so scared.  For a second, I thought maybe he had had a heart attack.  Luckily though, he came to in a minute or so.  But it was the longest minute of my life.  Once I knew he was okay, we had a good laugh about it.  We both admitted that the position felt great, but wasn't something we should try again.

I have since done this position again, but with much taller and stronger guys.  I was scared the first time.  But like they say, "When you fall off the horse, you have to get back on".  Or in my case, get back on the cock!  And I'm happy to report that I've never had a guy fall like that again!  

Feel free to share your sex fails in my comments.  Have fun, but be safe out there! 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To GB or not to GB?

I just came home from dinner with a friend and I had to blog!  I had checked my text messages while at dinner and was surprised by what I saw.  Matt had sent me this text:

"Are you up for a gang bang?  I can get 4-5 guys.  lmk."

I was shocked.  I almost wished I hadn't checked my phone.  I was distracted the rest of the time at dinner.  I didn't want to text Matt back right away because I knew we would be involved in a long text conversation, so I waited until I got home.

I asked Matt what he had in mind.  He said he had shown my blog to a few of his fellow Marines and they came up with the idea of the gang bang.  I've done threesomes and foursomes before, so I wasn't sure what he actually wanted to do.  He said the guys wanted to blindfold and tie me up and just have their way with me.  Run the train, so to speak.  I trust Matt 100% so I know he would make sure that the guys didn't hurt me.

I haven't given Matt my answer yet.  I'm definitely leaning toward doing it.  Why not right?  I know it would be a fun time.  I have until Thursday to make up my mind, so I will sleep on it tonight and see how I feel about it in the morning.  I will say that my pussy got really wet just thinking about doing a gang bang with Matt and his friends, so I think my body is telling me what it wants to do!

TMI Tuesday - At the Movies

1. Why do you go to the movies?

a. To feel
b. To think
c. To escape
d. To enjoy the air conditioning

I guess the closest answer is c. I just like going to the movies simply to enjoy the movie. It's all about the entertainment. I don't take movies too seriously or jump to point out all the mistakes I see in them.  It's all about fun for me.

2. In the last six months, have you viewed more movies at home or at the movie theatre?
I go to the theater at least once a week, so I'd say at the movies.  I have a Netflix subscription, but I don't use it nearly as much as I should.

3. What was the last movie you watched at home? At the theatre?  Home
:  "The Fighter" - I saw this when it was in the theater, but it just came onto instant streaming on Netflix recently and I had to watch it again
Theater:  "Captain American" - Chris Evans.  Enough said.

4. Which do you enjoy most in a movie?
a. Two beings battling to death such as Godzilla and Mothra (or any foe), Gladiator
b. Car chase scene such as Ronin, Fast & the Furious
c. Major heist such as Italian Job, Ocean’s Eleven, Snatch
d. Epic battle scene such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings: Two Towers

I love a good car chase scene, but heists are a close second!  I like action sequences!

5. In your opinion, which movie(s) have the best or most enjoyable sex scenes?

Considering how much I love sex (and write about sex), I'm surprised that I've never really thought about this before.  The first movie that pops into my mind is "Unfaithful".  I remember there being a lot of hot sex scenes in it.  And who can forget that bathroom quickie??

6. Which of these is your favorite Hollywood movie plot?

a. Boy meets girl
b. The Jesus Story (apocalyptic; someone is saving the world)
c. Fish out of Water
d. Buddy movie

It depends on my mood.  I like boy meets girl because well, I'm a girl!  But a buddy movie is always good too!

7. What is your favorite movie genre? (Thriller, comedy, action/adventure, drama, mystery, fright, etc.)
I like action movies the best, comedies second.  I thought "Fast Five" was a good action movie this year.  It was exciting from start to finish.

8. In movies, what makes you cry?
a. mistreatment of a prime, likeable character
b. gushy, mushy romance (e.g., marriage proposals, couple finally proclaim their love)
c. very scary jump-out-at-you, make-you-pee-your-pants scenes
d. anyone or anything dying

I think it's generally d.  "Beaches" comes to mind right away.  "A Walk to Remember" too.  

Bonus: What is your favorite movie? Why?
This is always a tough question for me.  I have many movies I like from different genres.  But if I had to choose just one, it'd be "Crash".  I think that movie is so raw and it really makes you think.  There's a reason it won so many awards.  It came out the year "Brokeback Mountain" did (2006) and surprised everyone by winning the Academy Award for Best Picture.  If you haven't seen it, you should!

Monday, July 25, 2011

My Craigslist History

Recently, I've had this conversation with a few readers, so I thought I'd write about it on my blog.  In the past, I have used Craigslist to meet guys to hook up with.  I was introduced to the "Casual Encounters" section about 3 years ago by a male friend.  I had just gotten out of a long relationship and had no potential friends with benefits.  I was initially very reluctant to post because I was sure I'd get crazies answering my ad.  Furthermore, I had no idea what to write!

My male friend offered to come to my house to help me.  He had answered ads in the past and told me he could give me some advice.  We looked thru some W4M ads and I got an idea of what I wanted to write. Before I went to work the next day, I composed an ad.  I basically put that I was looking for a single, white guy, around my age, who was looking for nsa only. I posted it and went to work.

I was shocked when I came home and had over 100 responses!  I think in the span of 9 hours, I had received over 120 emails.  I didn't even know where to start.  I thought I'd get 5 emails, maybe 10.  I wasn't prepared for so many messages.  I read thru them and quickly deleted a bunch.  Even though I had stated my preference for a white guy, I had numerous emails from guys who weren't white.  I also had emails from guys who were old enough to be my dad.  That was just creepy.  The oldest was a 73 year old who told me I should give him a chance because he could do what 20 year olds couldn't.  I didn't even want to know what he meant.  Yuck.

After sorting thru all the emails, I narrowed it down to 5 guys.  I had email conversations with each one to see if we were compatible and/or looking for the same thing.  Then that progressed to texting and phone calls.  In the end, I only met 2 of the guys.  Both were military, single, good looking, and really nice guys.  I was really surprised by how normal they were.  No crazies!  I met the first one at the movies and we had a great time.  The sex with him was definitely above average.  He was a good kisser and always went at least 2 rounds with me.  We hooked up for about 3 months and then he found a girlfriend, so we stopped hooking up.

I met up with the second guy at a restaurant and we ate dinner together.  He had me laughing the whole time, so I knew we would get along just fine.  We ended up going back to my place and fucking all night.  I never did see a picture of his cock before we met, though he had told me that he was average.  But he was far from that.  He was huge and after our first meeting, I was sore for days!  We hooked up for about 6 months until he got restationed.

My experience using Craigslist was a positive one.  Would I do it again?  Sure.  My advice to anyone considering the "Casual Encounters" section is to get to know the person first.  I emailed/texted the 2 guys for about 3 weeks before we ever met.  We talked about our pasts, sexual experiences, safe sex, relationships, work, everything!  My general rule is that if you don't click with a guy thru emails or the phone, it wouldn't be any better in person.  Guys who tell me "I'm better in person" are liars.  I have NEVER met a guy who was a dud in text, but lots of fun in person.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to email me or comment below.  Have fun and be safe out there!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sex Injuries

It's 8:00 am here and I still haven't slept!  I had a nice Friday night with Matt.  He took me to see "Captain America", which made me very happy!  He insisted we go an hour early, which was a smart move because there was already a line for our showing when we got there.  Chris Evans is gorgeous beyond gorgeous in that movie.  And if you're going to see it, be sure to stay after all the credits to see an extra scene and "The Avengers" teaser trailer!

Matt had asked me to stay over at his place and I had agreed.  He has central ac and doesn't mind leaving it on when I'm over.  Add that to the all night sex we had planned, it was an easy decision to make.  Sadly, while we were at the movies, he got a call from his Sergent saying that he had to go into work on Saturday.  The Marines have a way of ruining my sexcapades.   But he told me he still wanted me to come over and he would just take me home after we had sex.

We got to his place and I was in heaven with how cold his house was.  I sat on the couch, but Matt pushed me down, kissed me, then held my arms over my head and pulled my jeans down.  He then fingered me and licked my clit until I came 5x all over his face.  I squirted everywhere.  He wanted to keep going, but I begged him to stop.  To return the favor, I sucked him off twice.  By then, we were both exhausted and cuddled up on his couch and watched tv.

At some point we fell asleep and we sorta woke up at the same time.  I looked at the clock and it was 1:20 am.  I knew he had to be at work at 7:00 am, so I told him I was going to get dressed so he could take me home.  Instead, Matt grabbed me and threw me on the ground, face first.  He put his hand on my back and held me down.  He put his hands between my legs.  "You're so wet, Myli," he said to me.  He spread my legs and was inside me. Matt fucked me and I was screaming.  He reached for my hair and pulled.  I begged him to fuck me harder and he complied.  "I want you to ride me, babe," he said to me.

I got on top, but he was leaning up against the side of the couch so we were both upright.  He grabbed me close to him and we kissed.  I started riding him and he grabbed onto my back and scratched me over and over.  He knows how much I  love when he does that.  He wrapped his arms around my waist and pushed me onto my back.  He got on top and I wrapped my legs around him.  He fucked me deep and I grabbed onto his ass to pull him even deeper.  My hands wandered to his back and I scratched him all over. That pushed him over the edge because before I knew it, he was moaning "I'm cumming" to me.  I grabbed tightly to his ass and felt him cum all in me.  He collapsed on top of me and we both passed out again.

When I got home, I changed into some shorts and a tank top.  I sat down to turn on my laptop and felt an aching in my legs and knees.  I looked down to see rug burns.  Ahhh, I hate those!  Why did we fuck on the ground (carpet) when we had a perfectly good couch and bed to use?  I also felt like I had a sunburn on my back and I looked in the mirror to see red scratches all over my back.  It always amazes me how Matt does that because his nails are so short.  I now have sex injuries from my little romp last night.  But that's ok.  It was worth it.  They will heal soon.  It's crazy how you never feel the pain while you're fucking!

As I was typing this out, I got this text from Matt.  "Babe, you should see my back.  I have rug burns too!"  I had to laugh.  All I could think to text back was, "Me too!"   Sex injuries are fun and the sex was awesome, but I think the next time we will stay off the carpet!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Who Cares About the Ring?

Last week, I met up with a male friend for dinner at a restaurant/bar near my house.  It's a very interesting dynamic there.  It's half families and couples and half military guys.  My friend had actually already had dinner, so he just had some drinks, while I had a burger.  We were talking about what was new in our lives.  He's been a good friend for years and even though we live about 15 minutes away from each other, our schedules make it hard to get together.  I was very happy that we were finally am to hang out and catch up.

At one point, my friend told me he wanted to go to the bathroom then go outside and smoke a cigarette.  I sat at our table and pulled out my cell phone to return some text messages.  I heard someone near my table and looked up expecting to see my friend.  Instead, it was a random guy.  He sat down and started talking to me.  I'll admit it, he was cute.  Definitely a military guy.  Blonde hair and blue eyes.  He had a really cute smile too.  I told him that I was with a friend and that he couldn't sit there.  He smiled and grabbed my hand.  He pulled the phone from my hand and put his number in it.

I was intrigued.  I like an aggressive guy.  I have no idea what he saw in me.  I had come straight from work so I didn't look my best.  But he was insistent that I text him sometime so we could get to know each other better.  It was at that moment that I looked down at his hands and realized that he had a wedding band on his left hand.  "What is that?" I said to him, while pointing to the ring.  "Oh that," he said, "I'm sorta married, but it's not a big deal."  I looked at him with a surprised look on my face.  I'm sure my jaw dropped too.  "So you have an open marriage?" I asked him.  "Technically, no," he answered.  He then proceeded to explain to me that his wife knew he was meeting and dating other girls.  I almost couldn't speak as he told me this.  And then he said something about how it's his wife's fault because she's white and she knew he always liked asian girls.  I didn't know if he was saying that to make me feel "special", but I was disgusted and appalled.

At this point, I told him he had to go.  He kept trying to sweet talk me into giving him a chance.  I told him no.  Anyone who knows me, knows  that I hate drama.  And this situation sounded like drama all around.  Just then I looked up and saw my friend coming back.  The guy stood up and reminded me that his number was in my phone. He tried to give me a kiss on my cheek and I moved away from him.  He laughed it off and I saw him walk back to the bar, where his friends were laughing at him.

"Who was that?" my friend asked me.  "Some weirdo, with a wedding ring on," I told him.  "Myli, you attract the winners!" he said and we both laughed.

The funny thing is that when I told some of my other friends this story, they told me I should have given the guy a chance!  What???  My one friend told me that I should have thanked him for his honesty!  Seriously?  Guys should get props for being honest about cheating?  My general rule is that I don't mess with married guys.  There are way too many hot, single white boys out there for me to have fun with.  I don't need a married one with a wife that could possibly go psycho on me.  And yes, I did delete that guy's number out of my phone!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Loud Silence

Brandon had asked me to go camping for the weekend with him and a few friends.  I'm not much into camping, so I texted him back to say no.  He called me later that day to beg me to go with him.  We compromised and I agreed to go Friday night, but would be going home Saturday morning. 

When I got to the camp site, everyone was barbecuing and having a great time.  Brandon and I sat and talked.  He tried to convince me to stay all weekend, but I told him I already had other plans.  He kissed me on the forehead and thanked me for agreeing to stay at least one night.

After we enjoyed a tasty dinner of steak, ribs, and hot dogs, we sat around the fire for a very interesting game of truth or dare.  That ended a few hours later and everyone went to their tents for the night.  Brandon laid out sleeping bags and pillows for us.  He reached over and cuddled me, while we talked.  I started to fall asleep.  "Oh no, you don't," he said to me, while reaching for my tits.  He grabbed my face and pulled me towards him for a kiss. I reached down to his cock and he was rock hard.  I jumped on top of him and kissed up his neck and ran my tongue over his ears.  I kissed him and he quickly pulled my shirt and bra off.  He grabbed onto my tits and put each nipple in my mouth.  As he licked, I let out a little moan.  He put his finger to my mouth to shush me.  "We have to be quiet, babe," he said.  I nodded and smiled.

We took off our clothes and Brandon pulled me into the 69 position.  I sucked his cock as he grabbed onto my ass and licked my pussy.  I let out a little moan again and remembered to be quiet.  I felt a finger in my pussy and I knew he would be trying to make me squirt.  I tried to remember to be quiet, but it felt so good that I didn't know if I'd be able to be silent.  Brandon kept licking my clit and rubbing my gspot harder and as I was about to squirt, I deep throated his cock.  My body shook and I came all over his face.  I gagged on his cock, which kept me from screaming out loud.  I was ready to stand up, but Brandon put his arms around my waist to keep me from moving and proceeded to lick my pussy clean.  I kept on sucking his cock.  I wasn't sure if he wanted me to suck him off, so I kept going.  I saw Brandon reaching for a condom, so I knew he wanted to be inside me.

I slowly lowered my pussy onto his hard cock and he mouthed "fuck me".  I rode him hard and accidentally let out a moan.  He pulled my body to his and kissed me deeply.  I was trying hard not to make any noise, but it was so difficult. Brandon rolled me over and pushed my legs back towards my shoulders.  He started fucking me hard and fast.  I squeezed my lips together to keep from moaning but I let a few escape.  He grabbed my legs and put them over his shoulders and put his hands under my ass.  I just laid back and let him fuck my brains out.  I could tell that Brandon was about to cum, so I reached up and grabbed his body toward me.  His lips met mine and he let out a big moan into my mouth. "Cum in me," I whispered in his ear.  I felt his body tense up.  He thrust into me a few more times then collapsed on me.

In the morning, I packed up my stuff and got ready to leave.  I went to say goodbye to Brandon's friends. "We heard some moaning from your tent last night," he said, with a smile, "You sure you don't want to stay one more night?"  I laughed with embarrassment and shook my head no.  Brandon kissed me goodbye and asked me when I was free again.  We made plans for a few days later.  I told him goodbye and he grabbed my hand.  "Oh Myli," he said. "I miss your moans.  I can't wait to make you scream again!"  I smiled.  "I'm glad because I don't plan to ever be that silent again!"

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

TMI Tuesday - Regrets

I don't like to live my life with regret.  I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.  But for the sake of this TMI Tuesday, I am revisiting my past to answer these questions. 

1. What was the last thing you regret buying?

I spent $80 on some MAC eyeshadows.  I love MAC makeup, but in hindsight, I probably won't use the colors I purchased.  I tend to stick with neutrals for work and play.  They are unopened so I can still return them if I decide to.

2. What was the last sex toy you regret buying?

I have NEVER regretted purchasing a sex toy.  I love sex toys and I'm always willing to try new things!

3. Briefly describe a time that you had sex, and you should not have. Why did you do it?
I was 24 when I had sex with a very handsome military guy that I had met online.  Through our conversations, I had a suspicion that he had a girlfriend or wife, though he denied it.  He was so good looking and he looked at me with his blue eyes, and I just gave in.  I later found out that he had a wife and 2 kids!  And I found this out from his wife!  She had been combing through his cell phone bill and noticed my number and called me.  I felt bad for what happened and I should have trusted my instincts.

4. If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?
I actually love the age I am right now, so I guess I would say 29!

5. A good friend’s significant other flirts with you; would you tell your good friend?

It depends on what kind of flirting it is.  If it was an attempted kiss or an indecent proposal, I would tell my friend.  I tend to be quite flirty myself, so I wouldn't tell my friend unless I was sure it was something serious.

6. What is your greatest professional regret?
When I was 21, I had the opportunity to relocate for the job I had at the time.  It was just to another state, but I still wish I had taken the chance.  Even if I moved and then hated it and came back to Hawaii, I wish I would have at least tried. 

Bonus: What is your biggest regret?

Of course my answer would have to be sexual!  I was dating a guy who worked for the sports arena here.   I was 20 and not as sexually open as I am now.  He asked me if I wanted to hook up in the arena late one night.  I said no.  I didn't even think about saying yes.  I was so innocent back then.  I wasn't into sex in public and I remember thinking that I could get arrested for having sex in the arena.  Now I would kill to have sex in there.  I think it'd be really hot to have sex on a few seats, on the court, or even on the catwalk.  I need to track that guy down! 

Feel free to share your answers in my comments!  I'd love to hear what my readers have to say.  Happy Tuesday :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Talk

I get questions about friends with benefits all the time.  They range from questions about how to find one to how to keep emotions in check.  I will probably do a series of posts about fwb, but today's blog is about "the talk".  I personally feel that "the talk" is vital to having a successful fwb relationship.  Communication is key and it allows me to say what I want to say and for him to express his feelings too.  And at the end, I know 100% if I want to be fwb with this guy or not.

All my current fwb have gone thru "the talk" with me.  What is "the talk" you ask?  Before there's ever a kiss or clothes coming off, I lay everything out there and tell my potential fwb what I expect from our relationship.  I guess you could call it my bottom line. "Demands", so to speak.

I start by saying that what I'm looking for is a strictly friends with benefits relationship. We can just be friends in the bedroom or we can hang out and do platonic things like dinner or catch a movie sometimes too.  That choice is up to him.  I stress that I am NOT looking for a boyfriend nor a relationship and that our fwb situation will NEVER turn into anything more.  If he can agree to that, I go onto my next point.

Second, condoms are non-negotiable.  They must be worn during intercourse.  As stated in my previous blog, I stock condoms at my house and I expect him to have condoms at his.  We should never assume that the other has a condom.  Again, communication is key.

Third, our lives outside of the bedroom are not required to be shared.  I tell the guy that if he is going out on dates or sleeping with other girls, he can choose whether to share that with me.  And vice versa.  However, if either one of us enters into a serious relationship (boyfriend/girlfriend), that must be disclosed.  It's the
respectful thing to do.

Fourth, NO DRAMA!  I do not tolerate drama in any form.  This is zero tolerance.

After I say what I have to say, I let him express himself and say how he feels about my "demands".  I also let him tell me any of his "demands".  If it's a guy that I wasn't friends with before, then I use "the talk" to gauge our communication skills.  I like to see if he's open and willing to talk to me or if he seems like the type of guy who will just nod and act like everything is ok.  The whole point is to make sure everything is out on the table from the beginning so that there's no confusion as to what we are. 

I highly suggest "the talk" for anyone considering a fwb relationship.  When I was new to fwb, I didn't have this talk and it led to a lot of drama and hurt feelings.  I found that having this discussion in the beginning helped put both me and the guy at ease.  A lot of guys want a fwb thing, but are afraid of the girl getting attached.  When I have "the talk" with the guy, it helps him know where I'm coming from and that we both want the same thing:  Hot, no strings attached SEX!  I hope this helps anyone thinking about doing fwb.  And as always, feel free to email me or comment with any questions!  Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Sunday!

This is a totally random post, but I just wanted to say Happy Sunday to everyone.  My weekend has been so relaxing and fun.  I hope it's been that way for my readers too.  I have had the opportunity to catch up on a lot of the blogs I follow, comment, and also find new blogs.  I tend to be the opposite of a home body and I like going out, but this weekend has been so nice.  But don't worry, my lovely readers.  I still did manage to sneak in some fwb time and will have more stories for you next week!

Happy Sunday again to you all.  Thank you for always bringing a smile to my face.  I love you all :)

Roadside Romp

Evan and I had had dinner and were headed back to my house for some dessert.  I was really horny, so I leaned over and started kissing his neck and ears.  "Not now, baby," he said.  We were only about 10 minutes away from my house, but I couldn't wait.  I wanted him right then and there.  I started to unzip his pants and his hard cock popped right out.  I slowly jerked him and he moaned.  Before he could protest, I had my lips around his cock.  I sucked him slowly and felt him expanding in my mouth.  I tasted a drop of precum and I quickly swallowed it.

I was still slowly sucking him when I felt the car make a sharp right and slow down.  I stopped sucking and looked up.  We were now on the side of the road.  "Is something wrong?"  I asked.  "Yes, I need to go check on something," he answered.  Evan lifted the hood and I pulled myself together and stepped out of the car.  Once I was outside, he grabbed me and pushed me against the door.  He kissed me and I felt his hands unbuttoning my pants.  "Myli, I need to have you right now," he breathlessly whispered to me.  I smiled and unbuttoned his pants. I was about to pull them down, when he stopped me.

Evan went back to the hood and pushed it closed, before bending me over it.  He held down my back and told me not to move, as he pulled down my pants to my ankles.  "Hurry up!  I want you to fuck my brains out!" I yelled to him.  I heard him rip open the condom wrapper and he was soon inside my pussy.  His hard cock filled me up and I let out a moan.  He grabbed onto my waist and fucked me hard.  He slapped my ass and I screamed for him to fuck me harder.  He began thrusting faster into me.  Evan pulled my hair and yanked my head back.  I looked up and saw a car drive past us.  It was so exciting to know we were outside and could easily be caught. 

Evan reached around and grabbed my tits.  I turned my head back and our lips met as we kissed.  I looked into his eyes.  "Cum for me, baby," I whispered to him.  He nodded and continued fucking me hard.  Evan grabbed tightly to my waist and I knew he was about to cum.  "Fuck, I'm cumming," he moaned.  He thrusted into me a few more times, as my pussy milked every last drop of cum out of him.  I felt Evan collapse onto my back, as he let out a sigh.

Evan yanked off the condom and was about to pull up his pants, when I stopped him.  I got onto my knees and quickly licked all his cum off his cock.  I jerked him a few times to make sure I got all the cum out of him.  A drop appeared on his cock head and I licked that off too.  He smiled as he watched me lick his clean.  I kissed his cock head before standing up.  We both quickly fixed our clothes and got back into his car.

Once in the car, Evan grabbed me and kissed me.  We were so entangled in our kiss, that I was startled when I heard someone knocking on the driver's side window.  A good samaritan had pulled over to see if we were stalled.  Evan rolled down his window and told her we were fine.  We both laughed as we headed to my house.  We talked about what would have happened if the nice lady had stopped just a few minutes earlier.  That would have been pretty hard to explain! 

At my house, I thanked Evan for a fun night and went to get out of the car.  He grabbed my arm to stop me.  He put my hand on his cock and I could feel how hard he was.  I looked at him and smiled.  "I think you should come in," I said to him.  "I did promise you dessert, after all."

Friday, July 15, 2011

Day Off and 20k Views

Happy Friday everyone!  I was given the day off and instead of doing something productive, I ended up laying around and doing nothing.  I actually had a great conversation with a great friend, so that was good.  I am now watching some instant streaming on Netflix.  I didn't make plans tonight, which is rare considering I almost always go out on a Friday night.  I really just want to take the day to stay in and relax.

I can hardly believe that my blog is over 20k views.  It's been a wild 2 months and I'm so thankful to all my wonderful readers.  I plan to keep on writing stories that will make you want to return to my blog.  You guys are the best!

And thank you again to everyone who checked on me and tried to cheer me up when I had all the drama in the last week.  You all mean so much to me.  Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Birth Control Conversations

I am often asked if I am on birth control or if I use condoms with my friends with benefits.  My answer to both is YES!  I have sex with multiple partners and I have no desire to have children with any of these guys.  The birth control that I am on is called Depo-Provera.  I call it the "depo shot".  It's a shot I get in my arm, every 3 months.  It works basically like the pill, without having to take a pill everyday.  My gynecologist put me on Depo when I was 19 because she said that it was 99% effective and girls my age often forget to take the pill.  I won't bore you with all the details.  If you want to read more about the Depo-Provera shot, you can read about it here.

Even though I am on birth control, I make my fwb wear a condom.  This decision is often considered unnecessary by many.  People often ask me why I insist on that.  My simple answer is that I don't want to get pregnant and I don't want to get any STDs.  Do you have friends who tell you they were on birth control and got pregnant anyway?  Yeah, me too.  That's why even though Depo is 99% effective, that 1% chance of getting pregnant is still in my head.  And I do trust my fwb, but I am not always the only girl they are sleeping with, so I don't want to take the chance that they will catch something and pass it to me.

I have had guys tell me that they "refuse" to use condoms.  My response to that is "just friends".  Condoms are non negotiable.  I respect a guy's preference to not wear condoms, but if he wants to sleep with me, he has to wear one.

I've heard the argument that condoms make things less spontaneous.  I have never felt that way about my sex life and I doubt you would hear any complaints from my fwb.  It takes 5 seconds to rip open a condom wrapper and roll it on.  Those few seconds are quickly forgotten and are never a damper to the fucking and cumming that follows. 

Another question I get is about how I handle the condom situation.  For the most part, I keep condoms at my house and my guys keep them at theirs.  It's all about communication.  When the plans are made for the hook up, if it's at my house, I will tell my guy that I have condoms.  If we are hooking up at his place, I will make sure to ask if he has any condoms.  It's better to ask than assume.  And my personal preference is for Trojan condoms. 

I hope this has answered the questions I've gotten about birth control.  I want to reiterate that this is my personal preference.  I'm in no way saying that you should do what I do or use what I use.   Do your own research and find what works best for you.  You may also want to talk to your doctor/gynecologist to see what advice they can give you.  Be safe out there, everyone!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Backseat Lunch Break

(If you didn't read my post about my run in with the ex, click here to read it first)

Many of you asked what happened to the ex that I ran into at the mall.  I wanted to write about him, but when I originally asked for his permission, he told me no.  I told him I'd give him a pseudonym, but he still told me no.  He was worried about his job, so I understood completely why he didn't want me to write about him.  But he got curious one night and read through my whole blog.  The next day he texted me to say that he wanted me to write about our sexual encounters!  Yay!  I got his consent.  He chose the name "Jason".  I will update my FWB Guide tab on the top of my page with his info.

Jason and I work within walking distance of each other. He texted me and asked me to have lunch with him.  He office is close to a Thai restaurant we both like, so I walked over to meet him.  He saw me and hugged me.  His hand lingered down to my ass and I slapped it away.  "Myli, you look good in that skirt," he said.  I thanked him for the compliment and we had lunch.  We had had sex just a few nights before and I couldn't help but recall just how hot it was.  I was worried that the 5 years apart would have extinguished our sexual chemistry, but I was wrong.  The sex was hotter than ever.  I watched as he ate the food and I kept remembering his lips and tongue, all over my body.  He had made me cum once from just oral.  Then 3 more times by rubbing my gspot and making me squirt.  I could feel my pussy getting wet.

After lunch, Jason said he had a surprise for me in his SUV and gave me a wink.  I looked at my watch and still had another half an hour before I had to be back at work.  He grabbed my hand and we hurried to his vehicle.  We got into the elevator and he kissed me.  His hand was already under my skirt and moving my panties aside.  "Oh god, you're so wet, babe," he said to me.  We reached our floor and he quickly stuck his finger in my mouth to lick off my wetness.

We got to his SUV and he told me to get into the backseat.  He unbuttoned his shirt and unzipped his pants.  I hiked up my skirt and went to suck his cock.  He looked at me and said, "We don't have time for that."  I made a sad face at him.  He jerked his cock a couple of times and I moved my panties to the side as he slipped the condom on.  I slowly lowered myself onto his hard cock.  He let out a soft moan as my wet pussy enveloped him.  He put his hands on my waist as, I put my arms around his neck.  I started riding him and we were both moaning.  His cock felt so good inside of me.  He grabbed my face and kissed me.  I was riding him really hard and I could already tell he was close to cumming.

He kissed down my neck and lightly down my chest. He unbuttoned my shirt and pulled my bra to the side so he could lick me.  He flicked his tongue over my hard nipples and I moaned.  "Don't stop," I said to him.  He kept licking my nipples and I arched my back.  I rode him harder and he grabbed onto my ass again.  He pushed me down faster onto his cock.  I felt him squeeze tightly onto my ass cheeks and I knew he was about to cum.  I put my forehead against his.  "Cum in me, baby," I whispered to him.  He nodded, looked me in the eyes and came.  He grunted as he filled the condom with his hot cum.  I continued to ride him slowly to make sure every last drop of cum was out of him.

As I stepped out of the SUV, I pulled down my skirt and re-buttoned my shirt.  Jason stepped out after me and we both laughed when we noticed that he had a small wet spot near his zipper.  I grabbed my purse and hugged Jason.  I turned to walk away and he grabbed my hand and said,  "Myli, I need more than a lunch time quickie. Can I come by your place tonight?"  I nodded and gave him a quick peck on the lips.  I was just about to say something, when a security guard walked by us and smiled.  I looked at him a bit puzzled.  He motioned upwards with his pointer finger and he watched as Jason and I realized that there was a security camera right near where we were standing.  I looked at Jason and said, "I guess we won't be messing around in your parking lot anymore!"

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

TMI Tuesday - Getting To Know Me

1. Which would you rather do and why?
a. yard work or house work
House work.  I hate yard work.  Maybe it's the girly girl in me, but yard work messes up my nails way too much!  Though I do have a fairly small yard.  Luckily, I have fwb who help me with my yard work

b. hike or run
Hike!  There's so many nice trails here in Hawaii.  Hiking doesn't even seem like exercise because it's non-stop beauty all around!

c. outdoor sports or indoor sports
Well this is up for debate.  I like basketball, which can be done inside or outside.  I also like to shoot pool and bowl, which are both done indoors, though some may say those are not sports!

d. fast food burger from the drive-thru or sit-down salad

Oh gosh, a fast food burger wins every time for me.  I love the sirloin burger from Jack in the Box.  I guess that's why I feel 10 pounds heavier than I did in high school!

e. yoga or aerobics
Aerobics/Zumba.  I love how it gets my heart pumping.  And when I do aerobics, I get sweaty and that makes me feel like I'm really burning the calories away. 

f. ice-cream or cake; what kind?
I'm more of an ice cream girl.  I love Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia.  Though if you put a slice of black forest cake in front of me right now, I'd eat it up in less than a minute!

g. ice cubes or hot wax; where? why?
Ice cubes. I hate hot wax.  That shit hurts and I refuse to do that to a guy.

h. beneath the sheets or on top?
I guess on top the sheets.  The sheets are usually the last thing on my mind when I'm getting fucked.

2. What was your favorite subject in high school/secondary school/upper school?
I'm Asian, so I'm sure you're expecting me to say Math. While I will admit that I was very good at Math, it wasn't my favorite subject.  I always liked the Business classes I took.  They were the most interesting and I learned a lot of interview tips that helped me when I started applying for jobs.

3. Do you get a full 8 hours of sleep a night? Why or why not?
I very rarely get 8 hours of sleep.  If I don't have anything I need to do early in the morning on the weekends though, I do sleep for at least 8 hours.

4. What is your favorite comfort food?
I love mac and cheese.  I sometimes make the instant stuff when I get a craving, otherwise I make it from scratch with lots of butter and cheese.

5. Do you match up your socks after washing and drying them, and before putting them away?
Yes, I do.  I like to be able to easily find the matching pair when I need them.

6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
When I was a kid, I always liked the "green blue" crayon.  I don't know why.  I just really liked that one, so I guess that's the crayon I would be.

Bonus: When you have sexual dreams or dreams about sex, what does the dream generally involve? Is it a recurring theme?
I tend to have sex dreams when I fall asleep right after having sex.  I haven't had any recurring dreams.  Well none that I can remember.  But when I do have sex dreams, it is often about the guy I last had sex with.  It's like my brain reminding me of the things I want to do with that guy.  I love sex dreams! 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Thank you to everyone who checked in on me this weekend.  I want you all to know I'm ok.  I just needed time to myself.  I am feeling a lot better!  Thank you to all of my readers for your concern and sweet messages.  You all mean so much to me.  I still have some stories from last week that I wanted to post and I'm thinking of working on those blog posts later this week.  I am very behind on things right now.  I appreciate your understanding.

I saw this video on YouTube this weekend and it cheered me up.  I love this version of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow".  This guy is amazing!  Watch it and I'm sure you will agree.

Thank you again everyone!  You guys are the best!  Happy Monday!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Expect the Unexpected

Thank you to all of you who wished me a happy 2 month anniversary!  You are all sweet and really made my day.  I'm sorry that I didn't post on my anniversary.  I had some personal drama going on, which at this time, I will not go into. I will say that something happened to me yesterday that totally shocked me and left me crying.  And don't worry, I am not hurt and definitely NOT pregnant!  I know how some of my readers think and I don't want you worrying or thinking that's what I was talking about.

I'm sorry that this is vague and all over the place.  I didn't want to go 2 days in a row without a blog, but I probably won't blog at all for the rest of the weekend.  Thank you again to my sweet readers, who were there for me.  You know who you are and I heart you!  You guys are the best! 

Have a nice weekend everyone!  I hope this somber blog doesn't bring you down.  Have fun out there!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Time Flies

Josh texted me after he read my last post and reminded me that tomorrow (Friday) is the 2 month anniversary of my blog! I had totally forgotten about it! I don't have anything grand planned like the "Hotel Adventure" for my 1 month anniversary.  Sorry to disappoint you all.  I do have a few more stories that I haven't written out, so I may post that.  I'm not sure yet.  I am stuck at work for another 2-3 hours, but I am tempted to make plans with a fwb so I have an amazing story to tell tomorrow.  :)

Thank you again to all my readers!  Thank you for continuing to visit my blog and for your sweet comments and emails that I read daily.  You all mean so much to me.  Much more than you'll ever know.  Happy Thursday everyone!

Caught in the Sun

Josh and I had only seen each other a couple of times since our Hotel Adventure, so I texted him and asked if he wanted to come over.  He texted back to say that he had a terrible sunburn and was off work for the next few days.  I asked him if I could stop by his place and he said yes.  I was tempted to wear the nurse outfit again, but decided against it.

When he opened the door, my jaw dropped.  He was shirtless and red as a lobster.  It hurt to look at him.  He could barely walk.  I was about to give him a hug and a kiss, but he stopped me.  "You know I love you, Myli, but you can't touch my body right now," he said.  That's about the worst thing he could have said to me.  I've never seen Josh so sad.  He walked back to his bedroom to lay down.  I went and laid next to him and before I knew it, his hand was running up and down my legs and he was undoing my jeans.

"I thought you were in pain?" I said to him.  "I am, but maybe if I play with your pussy for a bit, I will feel better," he said.  I just smiled.  He told me to be really careful not to touch his chest and arms.  I laughed as I tried to figure out a position for us to be in.  He just laid there and I figured it'd be best to sit on his face.  I grabbed onto his headboard and slowly lowered my body over his face.  He was already sticking his tongue out and looking up at me.  I looked into his blue eyes and bit my lip as I felt my clit come in contact with his tongue.  Out of instinct, he tried to move his arms to grab onto my ass and he let out a yelp.  I felt so bad for him.

He licked my clit and I could feel my pussy juices dripping out.  I was moaning as he flicked his tongue against my clit.  He then varied it with some long strokes from my ass to my clit and back again.  I was holding onto his headboard tightly because I didn't want to fall back.  I looked down and watched Josh enjoying my pussy.  "You taste so good, babe," he mumbled to me.  I let out a purr and he furiously licked my clit.  He hit my sensitive spots and I felt my orgasm building.  "Oh god babe, I'm gonna cum," I said to him, between moans.  I saw him nod his head and I exploded.  I came all over his face and started shaking.  He just kept on licking and I felt more cum dripping out of me.

I went to stand up and I saw Josh's handsome face covered in my cum.  I got on all fours over him, but was careful not to touch his chest.  I licked my cum off his face and kissed his sexy lips.  "I love tasting your juices when we kiss," he said to me.  I smiled as I kissed him more.  I looked down and could see his cock at full attention thru his basketball shorts.  I carely pull them down and was happy to see that area was not sunburnt.

Josh had a few drops of precum on his cock head and I carefully licked those off.  I grabbed his shaft with my left hand and slowly licked his cock head and all around his pee hole.  I looked up at him and he was intently staring at me.  "Stop teasing me, babe.  Make me cum." he said.  I nodded and took his cock down my throat.  I gagged and I felt him thrusting his cock deeper.  I pulled his cock out of my mouth and went back down again, this time deep throating him without gagging.  He fucked my throat a little and I gagged.  My eyes were watering.  I pulled his cock out of mouth and hit his cock head against my tongue.  He moaned.  "You're such a dirty girl," he whispered to me.

I put his cock back in my mouth and sucked him fast, bobbing my head up and down.  He grabbed onto the back of my head and pushed my head down onto his cock.  I felt his body tighten and I knew he was close.  I used my right hand to slowly jerk him while sucking.  I heard him let out a big sigh and I looked up.  His eyes were rolling back and I quickened my sucking and jerking.  "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum," he yelled out.  I felt his hot cum shoot into my mouth and I hungrily swallowed it all.  I felt a few more drops dribble out and I tightly wrapped my lips around his cock head.  I sucked out a few more drops and swallowed again.  Josh's body shivered and I gave his cock a few more strokes to make sure I had gotten out all the cum.  I gave his cock a couple of kisses and went to lay next to him.

"My body didn't hurt at all when I came, but now it's really painful," he said to me.  I felt so bad that he was in so much pain.  I went to get his medicine for him and came back with a glass of water.  We laid there and he told me how this awful sunburn had come about.  "When will you be all healed up?" I asked.  "Next week, probably," he said.  "And when I'm all better, I'm going to give you the proper fucking you deserve!"

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

TMI-Tuesday (a day late)

1. If you could clone yourself, what part of your duties would you hand over to the clone:  (pick one)
a. Paying the bills
b. Cooking
c. Having sex with your significant other
d. Going to your job on your behalf
- I don't really hate any of these chores, but I'd say cooking.  It would be nice to have a personal chef.  I would be happy to come home from work and have a meal ready for me.  Or wake up in the morning and not have to cook my own breakfast!  That would be nice.

2.When you are performing oral sex on a lover is it generally:
a. Because you are trying to warm them up and have it lead to intercourse
b. You love to give oral pleasure
c. They want it, so you oblige but don’t really like it
d. You like to worship cock or pussy
- My answer is a mixture of b and d.  I love giving oral pleasure.  I love having a cock in my mouth.  I love feeling it get bigger and harder and knowing I'm the reason it's happening!  I do get off on knowing I'm making my partner feel good and hearing him moan.  I love knowing that if I do a good job, I get to swallow every last drop of his cum.  All that together makes me really love oral sex!

3. What part of  love making does your partner speed through?
a. seduction
b. foreplay
c. the deed itself
- I don't have just one partner, but I would say generally, the fwb speed through the seduction, which is fine.  I don't need to be seduced.  If we are at my house, we both know why we are there.  No seduction is necessary.  I am often the aggressor, so maybe I'm the one who skips the seduction!

4. What part do you wish they’d speed through?
 - Per my previous post about stamina, I like it if my fwb speed through the deed.  Not because I want it to be over, but because I like it hard and rough!  I don't expect any guy to be a machine who can fuck hard and rough for an hour!

5. Who is the last person to grab your ass? When?
- It was Monday at my July 4th BBQ.  One of my friends playfully grabbed my ass while I was grilling.  I don't mind ass grabbing, even amongst friends.  I often slap my friends asses too!

Bonus: Describe your partner’s/lover’s/plaything’s/significant other’s penis or pussy in 10 words or less.
- Big white cocks love my tight asian pussy :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Short and Sweet

I got this from my friend, ech0location, on Tumblr.  He said:
"Stamina is important during sex, but you know what else is important?   Knowing when to stop"
I love this quote because this is exactly how I feel about stamina, in regards to sex.  I know some people love long, lingering sex, but I do not.  I have been told by guys that I am in the minority because most girls like to have sex for a long time.  This doesn't really make any sense to me.

If you read my blog, you know I'm a huge fan of rough sex.  I love it hard and fast.  Sex just feels the best that way!  I rather have a guy pound away at my pussy for 5 minutes and shoot his load in me, instead of fucking me good and hard for 2 minutes then slow down because he feels himself getting close to cumming.  Then another 2 minutes of fucking, then stopping again.  It's frustrating and I get turned off.

Before I hook up with a guy, I tell him about my love for rough sex.  I tell him that stamina is not important to me, but being fucked hard is.  I, of course, take his feelings into consideration too.  But for the most part, guys are happy to have the stamina pressures taken off the table.  If a guy is fucking me like I want it, seconds feel like hours.  The pleasure is on my mind.  not the ticks of a clock.  Honestly, if after sex, you know exactly how long you were fucking (or being fucked), the sex obviously wasn't very good.

If I have an hour with my fwb, I'd much rather say that we had a Round 1, 2, 3, and 4 and thus made him cum 4 times, rather than say that we fucked for an hour and only made him cum once.  And the same goes for me.  I don't know if female stamina is important, but I'd much rather be fingered and squirt 4 times in an hour, rather than trying to hold back and just cum one time.  I think 4 orgasms is always better than 1 right?

This post is about my personal preference.  I am not saying that everyone should feel or fuck this way.  If you and your partner like the way you are having sex, keep doing it.  Rough sex isn't for everyone.  Sex should be fun and enjoyable.  But if you ever cross my path and want to satisfy me, short and sweet is the way to go!  :)

Happy 4th of July to all my US readers!   Have fun and be safe!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Someone give him a quarter... he can buy a clue!!!  Ahhh, seriously, there's a guy who just doesn't get that he will NEVER be anything more than a friend to me.  I met him about 3 months ago at a party.  He was sitting at a table with friends of mine and I joined in the conversation.  He moved to come sit by me and we started talking.  He's cute, but I'm not attracted to him.  I can't really say why.  He looks like my type, but I don't know.  There's just no chemistry.  I look at him and I don't feel any desire or passion.

At the party, he asked if I'd want to hang out sometime.  I told him that would be nice, but that I wasn't looking for a boyfriend.  He agreed  that friends only worked best.  I gave him my number and he texted me the next day.  He asked me to see a movie and I met him there.  When we got our seats, he put up the arm rest and put his hand on my thigh.  I laughed it off and pushed his hand away.  During the movie, he tried to hold my hand.  Not wanting to make a scene, I pulled my hand away and folded my hands in my lap.

After the movie, I was pissed.  "What were you doing in there?" I angrily asked.  "What?  I was just trying to be romantic with you," he answered.  I was shocked.  How could he be so dumb?  I had told him I didn't want a boyfriend.  We both agreed we should just be friends.  Why was he trying to make it into something more?  We stood outside his car and talked.

"Listen, I just want to be friends.  I told you this at the party.  I just got out of a relationship and I want to be single," I said to him.  He nodded as I spoke.  "I understand, Myli," he softly said.  He hugged me and he apologized.  As I drove away, I felt a little mean for what I had said, but realized I needed to make sure we were on the same page.

We hung out a few more times and things were good.  We were just friends.  No inappropriate touching.  I was glad I put my foot down because he was a fun guy to hang out with!

Then 2 weeks ago, I get a text from him asking me if I want to see the midnight showing of "Transformers 3".  I quickly texted back "YES!" and we made plans to meet up.  The day before the movie, he texts me and tells me that he can't keep hiding his feelings and that he likes me and wants to date me.  When I read the text, I threw my phone down on my bed and screamed.  "What the fuck is wrong with him!?" I yelled.  I was so upset, that I was shaking.  I couldn't even compose a reply text.  When I didn't text back, he called me.  I contemplated not answering the phone, but I picked it up.

The conversation is not worth repeating here.  I was a mean, ugly bitch in the things I said to him.  I told him that from Day 1, I told him I wanted to be friends.  I never lead him on.  I never made him believe he had a chance with me.  I always paid for my own movie tickets, food, etc when we hung out.  I was so frustrated that I was a lot meaner than I needed to be.  He again apologized and asked if I'd still consider being his friend.  He said he was 100% clear about how I felt and that he would be happy to be just friends.  I considered saying "hell no", but he is a nice guy and we did have fun when I thought we were just hanging out as friends, so I said "Yes".

I woke up yesterday morning to a text from him.  "Good morning, my dear Myli.  I love you more today than I did the day we met.  Please reconsider and go on a date with me."  I had to re-read the text 3 times because I really thought I was dreaming.  Could he really be that stupid?  I wrote out a whole long text telling him what an idiot he was and to never call or text me again.  But in the end, I deleted it.  It was obvious that no matter what I said, he would never get it.  I have no idea what makes a guy want a girl who has told him over and over that she doesn't want to date him.  He sent me a total of 5 text messages yesterday and I deleted them all.  Oh and I did finally get to see "Transformers 3" and with a very cute guy.  But that's another story, for another time :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Acting Out

I was sent a video by a reader I was chatting with on Yahoo IM.  Out of curiosity, I watched it.  (You can view the video here.  VIDEO IS NSFW!!)  I loved what I saw and I immediately got horny.  It was very early in the morning, but I decided to take a chance and texted a couple of fwb to see if they wanted to come over.  Ryan texted me back and asked me if I was serious.  I sent him the link and told him to watch it and come over and fuck me exactly like the video.  He texted me back and said he'd be at my house in an hour.

Ryan came to my house in his uniform and looked so handsome. He didn't say a word to me.  Instead, he pushed me into my bedroom and threw me on the bed.  He kissed me and I grabbed at his uniform and started pulling it off.  He pushed me back down on the bed and spread my legs.  He licked my clit a few times and entered my wet pussy.  "I'm gonna fuck you even harder than the guy in the video," he said, with a smile.

He started fucking me hard and fast.  He pushed my legs back and fucked me deep.  I was moaning and begging for more. He pulled out, flipped me over and fucked me doggie style.  I was moaning and loving every minute of his hard fucking.  "Fuck me harder," I begged him.  He pulled my hair back.  "You like it when I fuck you rough?" he asked me.  "Yes," I screamed.  He let go of my hair and put his hands around my neck.  He lightly choked me and pounded away at my pussy.  I let out a little moan and it seemed to turn him on because he fucked me even harder.

Then suddenly, Ryan stopped.  I was confused for a second, but then he grabbed the lube and I knew what was on his mind.  He threw the lube to me.  "I'm gonna fuck your tight ass now!" he said.  He grabbed my arm and threw me  onto my stomach.  He spread my legs and spit on my asshole.  He slowly entered my ass and I let out a little moan.  He inched in a little at a time until he was balls deep.  "You ready for this?" he whispered in my ear.  "Yes, baby.  Fuck my ass hard!" I begged.

He put his hands on my waist and slowly worked his cock in and out.  Without warning, he started pounding my ass.  He was fucking me so hard and I could feel the pleasure radiating throughout my body.  I was screaming and begging him to fuck me harder.  "Oh god, babe," he said between moans, "I'm gonna cum so hard!"  He pulled my hair again and continued to fuck me hard.  I reached back and grabbed his ass and pulled him further into me.  I felt Ryan's body tense up and I knew he was about to cum.  He grabbed my waist tightly. "Fuck, babe," he said, as he came all in my ass.  He collapsed onto my back and we both laughed.  He started to get up and he pulled my hair and whispered in my ear.  "I'm not done with you yet."

He pulled off his condom and showed me his cock, glistening in his cum.  Before I could say anything, he shoved his cock down my throat.  I gagged.  He pulled out and demanded that I lick all the cum off.  I obediently listened.  I ran my tongue up and down his cock and licked every last drop off.  I put my lips around his cock head and sucked out a couple of drops of cum still inside him.  He moaned as I slowly sucked his cock and milked him dry.

I watched as Ryan put his uniform back on.  "Thanks for coming by this morning," I said to him.  We both laughed.  "I like being your early morning booty call," he said.  I kissed him and as he walked out the door, he turned around and smiled at me.  "The other sailors are gonna know I got laid by this grin on my face," he joked.  As he got into his car and drove away, I grabbed my cell phone.  I typed out "We need to redo the scene.  Come by after work for a re-shoot :)"  He texted back..."I'll be there at 6 pm.  I'm going to fuck your brains out!"  I went back to sleep with a smile on my face and dreaming of what he had in store for me.  God, I love porn!

Friday, July 1, 2011


I am currently working on my next post, which may or may not be done today (Friday).  The post centers around a porn video clip that a reader sent me.  While you wait for my next post, you can watch the video.  It is a teaser of sorts.  Be warned, the video is NSFW!  If pornography offends you, DO NOT click on the link. If you would like to see the video in question, it can be viewed here.   (If you do not want to click a link, here is the url:

Have a nice Friday everyone!
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