Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm okay, I promise!

To my loyal readers,
I'm sorry that I've been MIA for the last month and a half.  I am okay, I promise. Nothing bad happened.  I just took a break.  It wasn't something I planned.  I was still sorta dating my guy and spending a lot of time with him.  Things with him fell apart before Christmas.  The more time I spent with him, the more I realized he wasn't right for me.  He was very upset when I ended things, but I had to do what was best for me.

Then at my work Christmas party, I met my boss' son and he wanted to set me up with a friend of his.  I didn't want to be set up, but I was single again and I figured maybe I'd make a new friend.  He ended up being an awesome guy!  The problem is that he is very busy.  He works 2 full time jobs (he's not military).  I've been on one date with him in 2 weeks and he's stopped by my work a couple of times to say hi in between his jobs.  I like him and this situation works for now because we aren't serious.  So we'll see how it plays out.

I definitely still see my friends with benefits.  There's been a lot happening in that area too.  Josh got kicked out of the military and he went back home.  Brandon is leaving at the end of this month.  I met a new guy who made me squirt so much that I soaked my mattress and had to buy a new one!  I still see Jason, Evan, and Aaron.  I miss Matt a lot.  We talk thru Facebook almost everyday.  He is in a somewhat "safe" part of Afghanistan, but I still worry about him! 

I don't know if I will go back to posting.  I haven't decided yet.  And if you've emailed me, I'm sorry I haven't written back.  I haven't even logged onto that account in over a month.  I feel terrible that I've neglected you, my loyal readers.  I periodically update my tumblr and reblog things I see, but I haven't felt like writing a post lately. If I decide to stop my blog, I will let you all know.  Thank you for continuing to check back and seeing if I've written something new.  I hope you're all doing well.  Thank you for sticking by me.  I love you all :)

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