Sunday, November 13, 2011

Showing Me A New Way

After Aaron's "audition", which turned into a foursome, we hooked up a few more times.  We learned more about each other and soon, Aaron knew exactly how to turn me on and make me cum.  One night, after he had fucked my brains out, we were laying in my bed and he asked me a question.  "Have you ever squirted from having your ass fingered?"   His question made me think.  I definitely had had my ass fingered before, but I really didn't think I had ever came or squirted that way.  "No, I don't think so," I answered him.  Aaron smiled and kissed me.  "We need to change that today," he said to me.

With that, Aaron got on top and kissed me lips and all the way down my body.  He spread my legs and licked my clit.  I moaned as he flicked his tongue firmly.  I felt him slip his fingers into my wet pussy and gently tease my gspot.  I squirmed and moaned even more.  "Don't stop, baby," I begged.  I pulled my legs back and held them out of the way so Aaron could continue eating me out.  I felt him slip his fingers out of my pussy and slowly rub my asshole.  I let out another moan.  He worked his finger into my ass, while still licking my clit.

Aaron now had 2 fingers in my ass and had stopped licking my pussy.  He sat up and leaned over to kiss me.  "Are you ready to cum for me, Myli?" he asked.  I nodded.  Aaron slowly fingered my ass and was disappointed because it felt good, but not as good as when he was fingering my pussy.  Aaron was staring intently at me and when he realized I wasn't moaning anymore, he moved his fingers over a bit.  I was surprised because even though his fingers were in my ass, it felt like he was directly stimulating my gspot.  I let out a loud moan and arched my back.  "Good girl," he said to me.

Aaron kept fingering my ass and I felt my orgasm building.  I wasn't sure if I would squirt, but I was certain that he was going to make me cum.  I grabbed my tits and rubbed my nipples.  I was turned on and I wanted to cum so bad.  Aaron turned up the intensity and started fingering me harder and faster.  I arched my back again and I knew I was close. 

"I'm about to cum, babe," I said to Aaron.  He smiled at me and kept fingering my ass.  I grabbed onto the sheets and let out a scream as I came.  I felt the pleasure flowing throughout all parts of my body.   Aaron kept fingering me and after a second, I realized I was squirting.  My orgasm felt like it was lasting forever.  I kept cumming and I started shaking.  When I finally stopped cumming, Aaron took his fingers out of my ass.  "You squirted all over me, babe," he said, with a laugh.  I was still trying to process everything that happened and all I could do was laugh too.

Aaron cuddled up to me and I couldn't believe how hard I had just cum.  "I can't believe you made me squirt," I told him.  He had a proud look on his face and I acted like I was going to slap him.  We both laughed again.  I was exhausted and eventually fell asleep.  When I woke up, Aaron was passed out next to me.  I took a peek into his boxer briefs and his cock was semi-hard.  I tied my hair back and did some jaw stretches.  He woke up just as I put his cock in my mouth.  It was my turn to return the favor and make Aaron squirt.  I only hoped I could make him cum as hard as he made me. 


  1. I love fingering my wife's gspot making her squirt, so I gotta ask. Is it the same mechanics involved, just through her ass? I gotta try this, so any further explanation or homemade Instructional video would be awesome. Thanks

  2. Myli, that is so hot! Sounds like you are in good hands with your new FWB ;)

  3. Awesome. I'm going to have to give that a try myself. Thanks for sharing

  4. Pancho - He used 2 fingers just like if he was fingering my pussy/gspot. At first, he was just grazing the gspot, but when he moved his fingers, it felt like he was fingering my gspot, but just not as intensely. It took me a little longer to cum, but when I did, I definitely came harder. You just need to experiment with your wife and have her tell you when it feels good.

    Holly - Thank you! It was very hot! I didn't think he'd be able to make me cum that way so I was pleasantly surprised!

    Gaz - Yes, I suggest you try it. You have to finger her longer, but the pay of is worth it.

  5. I don't squirt, but fingers up the ass? It is the best (well, except for the real thing, of course)! And they don't have to come anywhere near my g-spot. Hooray for you, Myli. :)

  6. Thank you, mg. I do like a little ass play too and now that I think about it, it is strange that I've never cum from having my ass played with. And you're right, fingers are nice, but a cock feels even better! :)


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