Saturday, November 19, 2011

Change of Hair

When I went costume shopping with Josh, we stopped in the wig section.  I laughed at the Lady Gaga and Snooki pouf ones.  Josh grabbed a blonde wig and playfully put it on my head.  "Have you ever gone blonde?' he asked me.  "No way!" I replied.  "I think you'd look pretty hot as a blonde," Josh said. He grabbed a red wig and put that on my head too.  "In fact, you'd look hot as a redhead too!"   I just laughed.

Later that week, I drove past the store and decided to pick up the blonde and red head wig to surprise Josh with.  We had plans to get together and I had a good idea as to how I'd put them to use.  Josh and I went to see a movie and he came back to my house.  He sat on my couch and I blindfolded him.  "What are you up to, babe?" he asked me.  I ran to get the red head wig and took off my blouse and jeans.  "You'll find out soon enough," I yelled back to him.  I slipped on my heels and walked out in my black bra and panties.  I straddled Josh's lap and reached around to untie the blindfold.  He had his hands on my waist.  When I removed his blindfold, he smiled.

"I'm a red head now," I said to Josh.  He playfully pulled my hair.  "You look good as a ginger," he joked.  Before he could say anything else, I kissed him.  I ran my fingers through Josh's hair and his hands wandered down to my pussy.  He moved my panties aside and started rubbing my clit.  I moaned.  Josh kissed down my neck and I tossed off my bra.  My red hair fell over my tits and Josh gently pulled on it before tossing it over my shoulder.  He licked my nipples while still fingering my clit.  I could feel my pussy juices covering Josh's fingers.

I slid down off Josh's lap and got on my knees on the floor.  I unzipped his pants and pulled out his already hard cock.  I put my lips around his cock head and slowly sucked.  Josh grabbed a handful of my red hair and held it while I continued to suck his cock.  I looked into Josh's eyes and he intently watched as his cock disappeared down my throat.  He started to thrust a bit and I gagged.  I deep throated him a few more times and felt a few drops of precum leak out.  "I want to fuck you, Myli," Josh said to me as he stood up to grab a condom from my room.

I quickly ran into my bathroom and pulled off the red wig and put on the blonde one. I thought I looked silly as a blonde, but I didn't have time to worry about that.  I walked to my room and Josh was laying naked on my bed.  "So now you're a blonde?" he asked.  I gave him a naughty smile and nodded.  I climbed on my bed and grabbed the condom out of Josh's hand.  I gave his cock a few extra sucks, then rolled the condom on.  I sat on his cock and we both moaned as he filled my soaked pussy.  Josh's hands went to my ass as I slowly rode him. I bent forward and dangled my tits in his face.  Josh's tongue found my nipples and he hungrily licked them as I rode him faster.

Josh wrapped his arms around my hips and pushed me back onto my bed.  He repositioned himself on top and started fucking me hard.  Josh pushed my legs back and fucked me deeper.  "You look so fucking hot as a blonde," Josh breathlessly said to me.  I just smiled.  I grabbed onto his ass to pull him deeper into me.  I mouthed "fuck me" over and over and Josh obeyed.  He grabbed one leg and threw it over his shoulder and fucked me even faster.  I could tell Josh was close to cumming.  He was moaning and I saw his eyes roll back.  "Cum for me, babe," I said.  He just nodded.  Josh thrusted a few more times and his body started shaking as he came.  He grabbed tightly onto my leg and pumped out every last drop of cum.  He fell onto my chest and I wrapped my arms around him. Josh gave me a quick kiss and we cuddled for a bit.

As we were laying in bed, I yanked off the blonde wig and let my brown locks flow.  "You looked good as a blonde and a red head," Josh said to me.  I just giggled.  "Did you feel like you were in a threesome?" I asked him.  "Yes, I did.  But I didn't get to fuck my brunette," he answered.  With that, Josh's fingers were inside of my pussy and on my gspot.  He yanked my long brown hair as I squirted all over his hands.  Now was my time to have fun as the real me.  I love being a brunette! 

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