Monday, June 27, 2011

Spoiling me

Matt had texted me and asked if he could see me. He and I hadn't hooked up in awhile because the Marines sent him to a training for a month.  I told him to stop by that night and he asked if I was open to letting him have his way with me.  I've known Matt for over 3 years and I trust him, so I told him ok.  Plus, he hadn't had sex in a month, so I figured I'd let him do whatever he wanted.

Before he came over, he texted me a picture.  It was of him winking and making a V with his fingers and his tongue sticking out.  I figured it meant that he wanted to lick my pussy, which was fine.  I just laughed.  I texted him back and told him to get his ass over to my house.  He told me to be ready for him, naked with heels, when he got there. 

When I opened the door, he pushed me into my wall and slammed the door.  He was feverishly kissing my lips, while grabbing at my tits.  I was grabbing at his arms and then his tight ass.  He kissed down my neck and along my collarbone.  "I missed you so much, Myli," he said to me, in between kisses.  He grabbed my tits again and began licking my nipples.  I was squirming and moaning and he was loving every minute of it. I felt him hands go down my body and soon I felt him rubbing my clit.  "You're so wet, babe," he said as he slipped 2 fingers in me. I kept trying to move and he'd put his body right up against mine to keep me against the wall.  He pulled his fingers out and he licked them clean.  "Your asian pussy tastes so good," he said.  Before I could say anything, he took a step back, picked me up, and tossed me over his shoulder. 

He threw me down on my bed and slipped my heels off.  He told me not to move and he took off his clothes.  His cock was already hard and I could see a few drops of precum on the tip.  I started to sit up and he pushed me back down.  "Myli, tonight is not about me.  Just lay back and let me spoil you," he said.  "But I want to suck your cock," I told him.  "No, babe.  You're not getting your way this time. When I was at my training, all I could think about was licking your pussy!"  And with that, he spread my legs and began to lick me.

I was moaning and he kept  begging me to cum for him.  He was firmly licking up and down my clit and I could feel the pleasure building.  I grabbed onto his blonde hair and pulled him closer into me.  He was looking up at me with his blue eyes and I wanted him so bad.  "Please fuck me!" I kept begging, but he was intent on making me cum with his tongue. He was now making quick, fast strokes on my clit and I could feel myself about to explode.  I grabbed onto his hair again.  "You're gonna make me cum!" I yelled as I came all over his face.  I felt my whole body shake and he did his best to hold me down, all while he was still licking my clit.  He finally stopped when he felt my body go limp. 

He got up from between my legs and his face was covered in my cum.  He used his finger and wiped some of my cum off his face and into his mouth.  "I want more of your cum, babe," he said.  I grabbed his face and kissed him.  I loved tasting my pussy juices in his kisses.  He cuddled up next to me and asked me if I was ready for Round 2.  Before I could even answer, his fingers were in my pussy.  "Let's see how many times you can squirt for me, Myli," he said.  I protested, but he wouldn't stop.

After another hour, my sheets were soaked.  I had cum so hard, so many times, that my abs hurt. Matt, on the other hand, hadn't cum once.  I begged him to let me suck him off and he said no.  "This is only part 1 of what I want to do with you," he said, with an evil smile.  My eyes widened.  "What else do you have planned?" I asked.  He looked at me and just smiled.  He kissed me and whispered "Travis" in my ear.  I was puzzled for a second, until I realized that Travis was his friend that we had the threesome with last month.  Just as it all clicked  in my head, my doorbell rang.  I knew then that I was in for a long night!


  1. babe! i wanna do you so hard.. even im asian i got a 5 1/2" length hahaha

  2. I don't know if you're being serious or joking lol.

  3. I'm serious! But im half way round the world away to do you..

  4. Jim - Be nice :)

    Thomas - Thanks for the offer though!

  5. Read part 2 and part 1 again babe! hmmm...this white boy hearts asian girls!

  6. Northernguy - Glad you liked both parts! And I'm an asian girl who hearts white boys! We should be friends! :)

  7. Yes, we should! Hit me up on IM so we can talk!

  8. Let's! I'm northernguy1930 on yahoo. Look forward to it babe!! Have a wonderful friday!!

  9. I added you. I'm hardly on there, but hopefully we do run into each other there! You have a nice weekend too! :)


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