Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My 1 Month Anniversary!

Tomorrow is my 1 Month Anniversary on Blogspot!  Wow, I still can't believe that I've been blogging here for a  month.  I am still amazed that people actually care about what I have to say and come back to read my blog everyday.  And even though I've said it before, I really appreciate all my readers.  You guys are the best!

Josh and I have been talking about the anniversary and we are headed to Waikiki for the night.  He booked us a very nice hotel.  We both took off of work on Thursday, so we plan on fucking all night.  I will definitely have some stories to tell when I get back.  We already talked about some things we want to do.  I was going to keep this a secret, but with Josh's approval, I told him I was going to tell my readers what we had planned :)

We plan to:
- have sex on the balcony (probably more than once!)
- shower sex
- take turns being tied up
- lick whipped cream off each other's bodies
- have sex in the parking garage
- have sex in the pool (which may be impossible)
- have sex on the beach
- and I am going to use my sex toys on myself for Josh to watch and then he can use them on me

I don't know how many of these we will be able to do and I may not write about everything that happens, but this is what we plan to do!  It should be a fun time!  We have a brand new box of condoms and I'd love it if we managed to use them all!

Thank you again to all my readers.  Don't forget to enter my contest.  It's still open until Saturday, so be sure to enter (Go to the "Contest" tab on the top of the page).  Have a nice day everyone!


  1. Myli,

    You are getting very brave! Public sex is so hot! Hope you get caught by bystanders (not cops).


    ps: be careful having sex in waters - you don't want water pumped into your vajayjay - can cause severe health problem.

  2. Hi Amy,
    I love sex in public! I have been caught before and thankfully, not by the police! lol.

    And don't worry, we didn't have sex in the pool or ocean. We did have sex in the shower though. Thanks for your concern. You're so sweet!


  3. Myli,

    Tell us your experience getting caught having public sex - I'm sure your readers would love to hear.


  4. That experience will probably be in a post sometime in the future!


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