Tuesday, June 7, 2011

TMIT - In the Mood

1. What puts you in a creative mood?
When I see someone else doing something creative, like watching the Martha Stewart show.  

2. What puts you in a silly mood?
My awesome friends, who always know how to make me laugh.  They know how to joke around without being mean or hurtful.  I like to surround myself around people who know how to have fun!

3. What puts you in a contemplative mood?
When I'm having a conflict in my life and I'm trying to figure things out

4. What puts you in a competitive mood?
When I'm at Dave and Busters with friends, whether it's shooting hoops, pool, skee-ball, or a driving game.  I don't like to lose, but I'm not a poor sport!  If someone beats me, I give them a high 5 and congratulate them!

5. If you consider yourself a talkative person, what puts you in a quiet mood? If you consider yourself a quiet person, what puts you in a talkative mood?
I'm definitely a talkative person.  What put me in a quiet mood is when I'm sad, tired, upset, or just plain lazy.

6. What can a person do that will instantly put you in a sexy mood?
There's a number of things a guy can do.  The first is if he smells good.  When I first see a guy and I smell his cologne, it makes him sexier to me.  Makes me want to get closer or rip his clothes off.  Other things he could do is smile, kiss me, grab my waist, grab my ass, whisper dirty things in my ear, or send me a dirty text or picture message.

Bonus: What song puts you in a sexy mood? If possible post a link to the song so that we can listen to it.
Every time I hear "Anytime" by Brian McKnight, I want to get naked and have sex.  You can see the video, here

 I will probably be posting again later today (Tuesday).  I have a big day tomorrow and I wanted to give you all a preview.  Check back my blog later today to read about it!  And don't forgot to enter my contest.  It is open until Saturday, so be sure to get your entry in.  Click the "Contest" tab on the top of my page for more info!

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