Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Threesome Take Two

(If you haven't read Part 1, read it here)

I was still laying in bed when Travis came in the room.  He looked as handsome as I had remembered and he smiled when he saw the soaked bedsheets.  "Matt worked you over real good, didn't he?"   I just nodded.  Before I knew it, Travis was on the bed and on top of me.  He was kissing me while fingering my pussy.  I was telling him to stop, but my protests went unheard.  He kept on kissing and fingering me.  Matt came in and saw what was going on and he came over to the bed.  "I'll hold her down," he said to Travis.  Matt straddled my chest and held down my wrists over my head.  Travis continued to finger my gspot and I was squirming and moaning.  Matt bent down to kiss me and I moaned in is mouth as I felt myself cumming.  I squirted and came all over Travis' face.  The guys high fived each other and told me that this was just the beginning.

Matt pulled me towards the edge of the bed.  I was on my back, with my head dangling off the edge.  At the same time, I felt Travis grab my legs, push them apart, and start to lick my clit.  I was moaning when Matt grabbed my face and pushed his cock  down my throat.  I gagged and he laughed.  He started fucking my throat really slowly and I kept on gagging.  Travis stopped licking my clit and started fucking my pussy.  I was moaning and gagging from all the pleasure.  I felt my tits being grabbed and my nipples licked, but I wasn't even sure who was doing it.  Perhaps they both were.  My body was tingling from all the sensations.

Matt stopped face fucking me and left.  Travis told me to get on top of him in the 69 position.  I pulled off his condom and licked all the precum off.   I started sucking his cock and he licked my clit.  He slowly fingered my ass.  He then pushed my body lower and licked my asshole.  I was moaning with his cock in my mouth and I wanted him to fuck me again.  Matt came back with a condom on and handed an extra one to Travis.

Travis laid on the bed, on his back.  "Ride me with your ass.  Reverse cowgirl," he demanded.  I did what I was told.  I slowly lowered my ass onto his big white cock.  He grabbed my hips and we both moaned as I slowly bounced up and down on his cock.  Matt pushed me back towards Travis, pulled my legs apart, and entered my pussy.  I let out a yell as they both started fucking my holes.  Travis now had his hands all over my tits and Matt grabbed my face and told me what a naughty girl I was.  "Fuck me harder," I screamed to both of them.  They both thrusted faster and I let out another scream.  Matt covered my mouth.  "Do you like it when we use your asian holes like this?" he asked me.  I looked into his blue eyes and nodded my head 'yes'.  He smiled and told Travis that it was time for my reward.

Matt told me to get on the ground, on my knees.  The guys pulled off their condoms and I watched as they jerked their cocks.  I put  my lips around Travis' cock and looked up at him.  I could tell he was close to cumming, so I sucked him hard and fast and played with his balls. Matt pulled my face away and face fucked me.  I was gagging when he pulled his cock out and pushed my head back.  He jerked his cock and came all in my mouth.  "Don't you dare swallow.  You hold it until you get your second load," he demanded.  I held his cum in my mouth and Travis pushed my head back and added his load.  He let out a huge grunt as he shot into my mouth.  They were watching intently as I swallowed both their loads.  A smile crossed both their faces and I grabbed their cocks and licked every last drop of cum off.

We all jumped into the shower and cleaned off.  Matt looked at me and said "Ok, you handled part 2 pretty well.  Are you ready for part 3?"  My jaw dropped.  Matt and Travis looked at each other and laughed.  "I don't think I could handle anything else tonight," I said to them.  And with that, they both dropped their towels and grabbed at my tits and kissed me.  Matt picked me up and carried me back to the bedroom.  And that was the start of Round 3...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

TMIT - Never Say Never

1. What are the three (3) "nevers" of your life? (Things you would never do or have never done)
Things are things I haven't done, yet.  I hope to do them someday :)
- Join the Mile High Club
- Go to Mardi Gras
- Be at Time's Square when the ball drops

2. Who or what sleeps with you?
Most nights, I sleep alone.  Just me and my stuffed animal.  Some nights, it's a fwb, but I don't make a habit of doing that.

3. What were you doing at midnight last night?
I was either watching TV or watching random videos on YouTube.  I may have been going through my Tumblr dash too!

4. What is the most bizarre thing someone has ever asked you to do sexually?
Ok, read this carefully.  I dated a guy who asked me NOT to suck his cock.  He said he didn't like it.  He wouldn't even let me try.  He also didn't like any position besides missionary.  I had sex with him once and it was decent.  I figured I'd be able to change his mind about things the second time, but nope.  I ended it.  I love sucking cock too much to give it up for any guy.  Sorry.

5. What is stashed under your bed/mattress? Why is it there?
I have a lot of junk under my bed, though it is somewhat organized.  It's stuff that could potentially go in my closet, but when I moved, I just stuffed them under my bed in bins and boxes.  They are out of the way and not seen, so it works for me.  When you live in Hawaii, storage space is hard to come by so you stuff as much as you can in every room of your house!

Bonus: What is the one thing you have not done with your partner that you really want to do and how will you go about making it happen?

I don't have a "partner" right now and for the most part, my fwb indulge any of my desires. But I wanted to come up with an answer for this question, so I thought about it long and hard.  Here's is my answer:  One of my fwb is a mechanic and works on Humvees.  One day he was telling about his day and it popped into my head that I would love to fuck in one of those Humvees that he works on!  And I'd want him to keep as much of his uniform on as he could and just pull his cock out.  I don't know if we could ever make that happen and I never talked to him about it, but it is something I've never done and would really enjoy!  As for how I'm going to make this happen, he reads my blog, so I'm sure I'll get a text from him about this later today! 

Have a nice Tuesday everyone!  Feel free to share your answers in my comment box!  :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Spoiling me

Matt had texted me and asked if he could see me. He and I hadn't hooked up in awhile because the Marines sent him to a training for a month.  I told him to stop by that night and he asked if I was open to letting him have his way with me.  I've known Matt for over 3 years and I trust him, so I told him ok.  Plus, he hadn't had sex in a month, so I figured I'd let him do whatever he wanted.

Before he came over, he texted me a picture.  It was of him winking and making a V with his fingers and his tongue sticking out.  I figured it meant that he wanted to lick my pussy, which was fine.  I just laughed.  I texted him back and told him to get his ass over to my house.  He told me to be ready for him, naked with heels, when he got there. 

When I opened the door, he pushed me into my wall and slammed the door.  He was feverishly kissing my lips, while grabbing at my tits.  I was grabbing at his arms and then his tight ass.  He kissed down my neck and along my collarbone.  "I missed you so much, Myli," he said to me, in between kisses.  He grabbed my tits again and began licking my nipples.  I was squirming and moaning and he was loving every minute of it. I felt him hands go down my body and soon I felt him rubbing my clit.  "You're so wet, babe," he said as he slipped 2 fingers in me. I kept trying to move and he'd put his body right up against mine to keep me against the wall.  He pulled his fingers out and he licked them clean.  "Your asian pussy tastes so good," he said.  Before I could say anything, he took a step back, picked me up, and tossed me over his shoulder. 

He threw me down on my bed and slipped my heels off.  He told me not to move and he took off his clothes.  His cock was already hard and I could see a few drops of precum on the tip.  I started to sit up and he pushed me back down.  "Myli, tonight is not about me.  Just lay back and let me spoil you," he said.  "But I want to suck your cock," I told him.  "No, babe.  You're not getting your way this time. When I was at my training, all I could think about was licking your pussy!"  And with that, he spread my legs and began to lick me.

I was moaning and he kept  begging me to cum for him.  He was firmly licking up and down my clit and I could feel the pleasure building.  I grabbed onto his blonde hair and pulled him closer into me.  He was looking up at me with his blue eyes and I wanted him so bad.  "Please fuck me!" I kept begging, but he was intent on making me cum with his tongue. He was now making quick, fast strokes on my clit and I could feel myself about to explode.  I grabbed onto his hair again.  "You're gonna make me cum!" I yelled as I came all over his face.  I felt my whole body shake and he did his best to hold me down, all while he was still licking my clit.  He finally stopped when he felt my body go limp. 

He got up from between my legs and his face was covered in my cum.  He used his finger and wiped some of my cum off his face and into his mouth.  "I want more of your cum, babe," he said.  I grabbed his face and kissed him.  I loved tasting my pussy juices in his kisses.  He cuddled up next to me and asked me if I was ready for Round 2.  Before I could even answer, his fingers were in my pussy.  "Let's see how many times you can squirt for me, Myli," he said.  I protested, but he wouldn't stop.

After another hour, my sheets were soaked.  I had cum so hard, so many times, that my abs hurt. Matt, on the other hand, hadn't cum once.  I begged him to let me suck him off and he said no.  "This is only part 1 of what I want to do with you," he said, with an evil smile.  My eyes widened.  "What else do you have planned?" I asked.  He looked at me and just smiled.  He kissed me and whispered "Travis" in my ear.  I was puzzled for a second, until I realized that Travis was his friend that we had the threesome with last month.  Just as it all clicked  in my head, my doorbell rang.  I knew then that I was in for a long night!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Size Matters (for the guys)

I addressed this in Q&A form on my Tumblr, but I wanted to go into detail here.  Guys, if a girl tell you size doesn't matter, she is lying.  Before you get upset, keep reading.  What I mean by this is that the truth is, size does matter.  I'm not saying you need a 10 inch cock because quite frankly, if you have one that big, stay away from me!  For me personally, I like a cock between 6-7 inches.  That is perfect!  If you're smaller, that's fine.  If you're a little bigger, that's fine too.

The biggest I've ever had was 9.5 inches and about 7 inches around (thick).  He was already big when he was flaccid, but when he got hard, I nearly fainted.  The thought of that inside of me, really scared me!  But I really liked him and I wanted to at least try.  The sex was ok.  He hurt me a little and afterwards, I was sore.  We could only have sex once (no round 2) and only every 3 days or so.  It was so awful to be horny and go out with him and know he couldn't fuck me because my pussy was too sore.  And anal was totally out of the question.  We dated for about 2 months and I was sad when we broke up.  But our sex life was unfulfilling and I didn't see the point in continuing our relationship.

The smallest was very small, about 4.5 inches and very thin.  To his credit, he did warn me that his cock was small. When he first took down his pants, I was disappointed.  But I liked him, so I figured I'd at least see what he had to offer.  Surprisingly, the sex was good.  His cock didn't fill me up as much a bigger cock would, but he knew how to use what he had.  We also did anal and it was easy!  He had amazing oral skills and could make me cum so quickly with just his tongue (no fingering).  Even now, I still think he was in the Top 5 best lovers I've ever had. 

The point of this post is that size matters.  But guys, its not necessarily in the way you think.  Too big is never a good thing and if your cock is the size of a pinkie, well that's not going to have girls dropping their panties either.  Guys, just be happy with your size. Be the best at using what you have.  Don't waste your time wishing you were bigger.  Because in the end, you really can't change your size.  And if you find a girl who really loves and cares about you, she won't care if you're the biggest she's ever had.  Just fuck her brains out with what you have and she will be happy.  And if a girl gives you shit about your cock size, dump her ass and move on.  There will be a girl out there who will worship your cock like it should be!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sex Ex

I was at the mall when I heard someone calling my name.  I turned around to see my ex.  I use the term "ex" loosely because we were more fwb than boyfriend and girlfriend.  We hugged and sat on a nearby bench.  He asked me about my life, my job, my family, and if I was dating anyone.  "No, I'm single," I told him.  He nodded his head. "Me too," he said. 

While he was telling me about his new job, I couldn't help but notice how green his eyes were.  We hooked up 5 years ago and if you had asked me earlier in the day what color his eyes were, I wouldn't have been able to tell you.  He was also now clean cut and clean shaven, which he wasn't back then.  I was staring at his lips while he talked and I had flashbacks of his lips kissing all over my naked body.  I suddenly had a huge urge to pull him into a bathroom for a quickie.

We talked about the crazy sex we had when we were together.  He reminded me that we had had sex in the family bathroom of the very mall we were in.  I laughed as I recalled that day.  It was the first and only time I used a family bathroom for such naughty purposes.  He also reminded me how I was his first asian girl.  I nodded as I remembered how excited he was the first time we had sex.

He asked me where I was off to next.  "I'm going back to my car and heading home," I answered.  "I'll walk you to the car," he said.  He grabbed my hand and we walked to my car.  In the parking lot, he pushed my back against my door, grabbed my face, and kissed me.  He was a better kisser than I remembered, which was a pleasant surprise.  "I want you so bad, Myli," he whispered in my ear.  I smiled and reached down to feel his cock through his pants.  He was rock hard.  I gave him a naughty smile and kissed his cheek. "Do you still live at the same place?" I asked him.  He nodded.  "How about I come over later tonight and we finish this?" I asked.  A smile crossed his lips.  "Yes and I'm gonna fuck the shit out of your tight asian pussy," he replied.

As I drove away from the mall, I could feel my pussy dripping.  I remembered how he loved to go down on me and wouldn't stop until I came all over his face.  I smiled as I thought about the hot sex I would be having later in the night.  Would sex with an ex, especially 5 years later, be any good?  If our kiss was any indication, the sex would be phenomenal!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Naughty Nurse

While I was posting the "Hotel Adventure" series, I had texted Brandon to see if he wanted to fuck.  I was a little disappointed when he texted me back to say he couldn't because he was sick.  He said he had been in bed for the last 2 days with a fever and body aches.  He asked if he could have a "rain check" and I said yes.  I told him to get better and I'd check on him soon.

Brandon had no idea what I had planned for him.  I went into my closet and pulled out my white naughty nurse costume I had worn for Halloween a couple of years ago.  I also grabbed my white thigh highs and some heels.  I didn't wear a bra because I wanted my tits to be spilling out of the costume.  I looked at myself in the mirror and was happy with what I saw. I put on my coat and headed over to Brandon's house.

On my way there, I texted him to say I wanted to bring him something to eat.  He thanked me and said he would just leave the door unlocked and I could come in.  I went to get the food he wanted (Chicken McNuggets) and drove to his house.  When I got there, I walked right in.  He wasn't in the living room, so I went to his bedroom and he was laying there, watching tv.  "Hi honey," I said to him.  It took him a second to look me over.  "What are you doing?" he said, very puzzled.  "I figured you were sick and needed a nurse, so I'm here to take care of you." I said, as I dropped my coat to the floor.

He sat up, grabbed my waist, and pulled me into bed with him.  "You are such a naughty girl, Myli," he said to me, with a smile.  I nodded and said "I know.  That's what you like about me."  He cuddled me and told me I was crazy for coming over dressed like a nurse.  I just smiled.  He thanked me and told me that he didn't have the strength to fuck me, but that I was welcome to stay over and watch tv with him.  I told him that wasn't good enough, "I'm a trained professional and I'm here to give you an exam."

He just smiled as I pulled down his sweat pants and pulled his t-shirt over his head.  He was laying naked on the bed and his cock was already hard!  I straddled him and he let out a moan, but not a good one.  It was a moan of pain.  He told me his whole body was aching, so I got off him and got on all fours over him.  I kissed his neck, then chest, and down his abs.  I lightly kissed his cock and down his thighs.  I got between his legs and licked his balls.  He moaned and this time, the good type of moan!  I put his balls in my mouth and ran my tongue all over.  He reached down and pulled my head up to kiss me.  Then he looked me in my eyes and said "Suck my cock, my naughty nurse".

I got between his legs again and licked up all the precum off his cock head.  Then I put his cock in my mouth and sucked him slowly.  I used one hand to play with his balls. I sucked him faster and looked up at him to see how close he was getting.  He pulled at my nurse costume and grabbed my tits.  I took his cock out of my mouth and licked up and down his shaft and flicked my tongue over his pee hole.  I ran circles all over the head and the underside and put his cock back in my mouth.

I sucked him faster and used my hand at the same time.  I felt his cock swell and I knew he was close.  "I want to cum all over your tits," he moaned.  I nodded my head.  I kept sucking and he started squirming.  His hand was right by my face and he took his cock away from me.  "I'm gonna cum," he said, breathlessly.  He jerked his cock a couple of times and I felt his hot cum all over my tits.  I grabbed his cock back and sucked the last few drops of cum out of him.  He ran his fingers across my chest and collected his cum and fed it to me.  I licked his fingers clean over and over.  I looked down and saw some cum, so I pulled my tit up to my mouth and licked it off.

I laid next to Brandon and fed him the chicken McNuggets I had brought him.  I told him that I hoped my "nursing skills" made him feel better. "Are you going to do this every time I get sick?" he asked.  I looked at him and laughed.  He got real serious and said, "Just so you know, I dressed up as a doctor last Halloween."  "Really?" I said with a smile.  "Yes, and when I'm feeling better, I think my naughty nurse needs a thorough examination."

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

TMI Tuesday

1. How many states have you had sex in? How many countries? Yes, Oral counts! All sex acts– penetrative or not– are sex.
I've never stopped to think about it.  I know it's more than 5 states.  I'd say 8-9.  Countries - 2.  (Only the US and Canada)

2. What do you think is the sexiest piece of clothing a man/women wears on a daily basis? e.g., bra, jeans, sundress, dress shirt, etc.
If he's in the military, I'd say it's his uniform, specifically, his pants.  I love how those uniform pants look on any guy (it doesn't matter what branch they are).  And when they just wear those pants and are shirtless, well you have to hold me up to keep me from fainting! 

3. Would you date yourself? Why or why not?
This is quite a mind fuck of a question.  I would say Yes!  I would love to find a guy who loves sex as much as I do.  And I do think I'm rather funny and witty.

4. Which muscle do you work the hardest: brain, heart, mouth?
I'd say my mouth.  I talk a lot at work and I talk a lot when I'm with my friends.  And for obvious sexual acts, my mouth gets a lot of use too!

5. Fill-in the blank: I’m a total priss when it comes to _____ .
Mice!  I don't mind the roaches, spiders, or geckos.  But I can't stand mice, no matter how small they are.  They just seem so gross and  dirty!

Bonus: Describe your darkest fantasy.
My darkest fantasy is to get all my fwb in a room together and have a big gangbang!  I know this will never happen, but sometimes when I'm masturbating, I picture them all around me, filling my holes, and making me cum over and over again.  Then I imagine sucking them all off and having them shoot their cum in my mouth one by one, but not swallowing until all their loads were in my mouth. The more I think about it, I should try to make this fantasy come true!

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!  :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Things I Won't Do

An anonymous reader sent me an interesting email.  The reader said that it seems I'm open to doing a lot of things (which is true) and wanted to know if there's anything I won't do.  And surprisingly, yes, there are things I won't do. Here's my list:

- anything that has to do with pee or crap
- phone sex (or cyber sex)
- nude pictures (for a boyfriend, maybe)
- videotaping sex acts
- lesbian stuff
- beastiality 
- sex with a guy with a girlfriend or wife
- more than 4 guys at once

I'm sure I will think of more things to add as I ponder this more.  What's on your list of things you won't do?  Share them in the comments below!  I'm interested to hear what you have to say!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I want to move to Hawaii! (response to email)

Since I started this blog, I've had guys write me saying they want to move to Hawaii to enjoy the "scenery".  And while I think it's cute to want to visit or come to Hawaii to possibly meet an Asian girl, there are a few things you need to understand before you book that flight.   (And be aware that these are my opinions and my experiences.  I'm not saying everyone feels this way)

1.  Hawaii is diverse, but still very racist
I have lived in Hawaii all my life and pretty much every race/ethnic background is here.  Because of that, there are many cultural experiences to be had.  But that doesn't mean everyone gets along.  The "locals" tend to hate the "mainlanders" and "tourists".  If you're in the military, expect to be hated by everyone.  Again, not everyone feels this way.  I certainly don't.  You need to come here with the attitude that you may be called bad names or have fights started with you.

2. Hawaii has a lot of Asian girls, but they like Asian guys
I know this might be hard to believe because of what I write.  But I am the exception, not the rule, here in Hawaii.  Asian girls here like Asian guys.  They are not interested in other races, not even as friends.  I used to try to get my Asian friends from high school to go out with my white male friends and my Asian friends all refused.  They wouldn't even agree to go to dinner or a see a movie.  In fact, my friends said they didn't even want to be seen in public with a white guy.  I know it sounds ignorant, but that's how a lot of people feel here.

3. The Asian girls in Hawaii are broken up into 2 groups - local girls and girls who are from Asia
If you don't care what kind of Asian girl you be friends with/meet/date/marry, then good.  You can skip this paragraph.  Otherwise, there is a difference.  Local girls grew up here in Hawaii and most likely her parents and grandparents too!  Most of us only speak English (we don't speak the native language of our ethnicity).  Most of us also have never been to our native homeland.  We are very much American-ized, though we probably like Hello Kitty!  lol.   The girls who are from Asia, may speak English (though not very well) or not at all.  They are often going to college here in Hawaii. There is a very derogatory term that Hawaii people use to describe people from Asia, but I am choosing not to use it.  

4. If you do befriend/date/marry an Asian girl, be prepared to have to prove yourself to her friends and family
It doesn't matter how nice of a guy you are, how well you treat her, or how happy you make her.  If you're white, her friends and family will judge you and think the worst of you.  My Asian male friends used to feel betrayed that I'd date someone who wasn't Asian. You need to go into the situation knowing you will be judged and hopefully your girl will be right by your side to show everyone how much you mean to her.

5. Your friends will question your decision/choices too
It won't just be her friends and family who will judge your relationship.  Some of your friends will assume that the Asian girl is a gold digger.  There's a stigma that Asian girls go out with white guys because they have lots of money.  Maybe that's true in some places, but in most cases, I made more than my military boyfriends.

And a common question that boyfriends of mine got asked was "Is she with you to get a green card?" I'm an American citizen so no, I don't need a green card.  But your friends will assume your Asian girl is from Asia.  When I'd meet my boyfriends' family or friends, a lot of them didn't even think I'd speak English. People say these things because they are ignorant and don't know the situation.  The important thing is to be patient and take the time to explain things to people.

This post is not in any way meant to discourage you from wanting to come to Hawaii or meeting an Asian girl.  I am just pointing out the realities and letting you know what to expect.  I want to stress again that this is just my opinion and my experience from dating and having white friends for the last 10+ years.  I have friends of all races and backgrounds and I like it that way.  There's pro and cons to any place that you go to.  Hawaii is no different.  But it's beauty and abundance of Asian girls makes it worth it!  And hey, if all else fails, I'm here!  I can always find a way to spice up your trip :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hotel Adventure Commentary

(If you didn't read the 7 parts of the Hotel Adventure, Click here to start at Part 1)

Thank you to all my readers for reading all 7 parts of my Hotel Adventure!  As you could tell, Josh and I had a great time!  And I had an equally great time writing about it for all of you!  I had to cut out of a lot of stuff otherwise I would have been writing about the experience for the next month!  Here are some tidbits and answers to questions I received.

First and foremost, Josh is NOT my boyfriend!  I don't know why some people thought that, but I got quite a few emails asking me if he was my boyfriend or if we are dating. The answer is NO!!  I like him.  He's a cool guy to hang out with.  And we have amazing sex.  But we are nothing more than friends with benefits!  I am 100% single and I plan to stay that way for a long time!

Second, we did have a lot more sex than I wrote about.  I sucked him off in the shower and again before we fell asleep.  He also tied me up and fucked my ass.  I was going to write about that, but I felt it was almost exactly like the part where he had tied me up before, so I left it out.

Third, we had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in Waikiki.  And while I would have loved to get freaky with him there, the restaurant, in general, is too crowded to attempt anything.  Instead, we snuck off to a nearby hotel and fucked in a bathroom.  It was fast and frenzied, but a lot of fun!

Fourth, I wrote the finale post twice.  I wrote it once and thought it was blah.  I took a break and erased everything and started again.  In the original post, I didn't mention Josh's phone call and him having to go to work the next morning.  I was going to just save that for this commentary post.  And in the original, I explained in detail what happened in the car.  But I felt like ending the story on a mediocre blowjob, wouldn't satisfy my readers.

Fifth, some people asked me what I did in the morning since I had the hotel room to myself.  Josh actually suggested I try to meet a guy and see if I could get him up to the room in an hour or less.  I thought it was an interesting challenge.  But instead, I ordered breakfast, turned on my laptop, and chatted with readers on Yahoo IM.  lol

And the most asked question, "What happened in the car when Josh was leaving?"   Yes, we did mess around in his car in the parking garage.  I got into his car and we kissed.  He grabbed at my tits and fingered my pussy.  I pulled open his uniform pants and jerked his cock.  He pushed my head down and I sucked him off until he came all in my mouth.  I tried to get him to cum as quickly as possible because I didn't want him to be late to work. I can't believe the Marines cock blocked me :( 

It was a pleasure to write about the Hotel Adventures for all of you.  I have had some crazy sex in the last week that I haven't written about because I was trying to finish this up.  And thank you to all of you again for making my first month on Blogspot so enjoyable.   I also will be doing more chats on Yahoo IM, so if you want to talk to me, send me a request or message:   I announce when I'm on chat on my tumblr, so if you aren't a follower of me there, add me:   Have a great weekend everyone!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Fail

I'm sorry that I haven't gotten the Friday post up yet.  I had a very long day at work and wasn't able to work on the commentary post for the "Hotel Adventure" series.  I work on it when I get home tonight and it will definitely be up on Saturday.  If you have a question you'd like me to address in tomorrow's post, please email me at: and I will answer it!  And yes, I will be explaining what happened in the car in the parking garage (though it might not be as interesting as you might think). 

Thank you to all my readers for your wonderful feedback.  I was on chat last night with a few of you and your comments made me smile. I may be on chat again tonight when I get home and if so, I will post an announcement on my tumblr page!  Thank you again everyone and enjoy your weekend! 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hotel Adventure Finale

Josh and I had gone to dinner and walked on the beach.  We had just got back to the hotel, when his cell phone rang.  I looked at his face while he took the call and I knew it wasn't good.  When he hung up, he grabbed my hand and sat with me on the bed.  "It was work.  I have to go in tomorrow morning" he said. I didn't say anything for a second.  We had both taken the day off so we could sleep in and have sex until we had to check out. I was confused.

"Babe, you know how it is in the Marines," he said.  "What time do you have to go in?" I asked.  He told me he had to be back to base by 6:00 am.  I knew that with driving time, he'd have to leave Waikiki before 5:00 am.  I was sad because I knew we'd have to squash our plans to have sex all night!  I made a sad face and Josh hugged me.  He told me he thought he had an extra uniform in his car and needed to go check.  While he was gone, I changed out of my dress and put on a lacy bra, panties, and some thigh highs with heels.

When I heard him put in his hotel room key, I ran to the door to greet him.  His mouth dropped and I pulled him into the room by his belt.  He had been carrying his uniform but he quickly dropped it.  He grabbed me and lifted me up.  I wrapped my legs around his waist and we kissed.  "I want you so bad right now!" he said to me, between his kisses.  "Take me outside", I whispered to him.  He carried me out to the balcony and put me down.  I pushed him to sit down on the chair.  I could see the anticipation in his eyes.  He had no idea what I had planned for him next.

I told him to keep his hands on the arm rests and that he was not allowed to touch me.  He agreed.  I started dancing for him on the balcony.  I moved my body around him and seductively removed my bra.  I bent over him and dangled my tits in his face.  I saw that he had a huge smile and loved that he couldn't take his eyes off me.  I bent over and stuck my ass in his face as I slowly slipped down my panties.  I turned around and sat on his lap.  I could feel his big, hard cock against his pants.  I moved my ass back and forth to tease him.  Then I turned around and straddled him and rubbed my pussy against his pants.  I kissed him all down his neck and back up again.  I kissed his ears, which made him moan.  I looked over and saw him tightly gripping the arm rests and I decided I had tortured him enough! 

I left him on the balcony and went in the room to grab a condom.  I showed it to him and told him that once it was on, he could touch me again.  I pulled off his shirt and kissed down his chest.  I removed his belt and pulled down his pants.  His cock was rock hard and I saw some precum on his head.  I quickly licked that all off then gave him a few sucks.  "I want to fuck you so bad, babe", he said.  I smiled and ripped open the wrapper and rolled the condom down his cock. With that, he grabbed my waist and pushed me down on his cock.  "Ride me, babe", he said.

I bounced up and down on his big cock.  We were both moaning and forgot that we were out on the balcony.  I could tell he was close to cumming so I slowed down and moved my hips more.  His hands were on my tits and I was ready to ride him really fast again.  But he had other plans.  He told me to spin around and ride him reverse cowgirl, so I did.  I was riding him when I felt him grab my waist and lift me up.  He pushed me against the glass door and fucked me.  "Fuck my asian pussy," I screamed to him.  He was fucking me so hard and I couldn't move.  I was at his mercy.  He spanked my ass and told me I was a naughty girl.  He grabbed my hair and put one arm around my waist.  "I'm gonna cum so fucking hard", he said and I felt him cum all in me.  He leaned on my back and held me.

In the morning, I watched him pack the last of his stuff.  He looked so handsome in his uniform.  I was very tempted to get him worked up and try to fuck him again.  But I know he takes his work seriously and the last thing I wanted to do was make him late and get into trouble.  He asked me to walk to his car with him and I agreed.  "Thank you for an amazing night", I told him.  He smiled.  "You think your readers will like this?" he asked.  I nodded.  He put his stuff in his car and grabbed me and kissed me.  I pushed him away after a minute and told him he had to leave or he'd be late.  He looked at me with a naughty smile and grabbed my ass.  "Didn't the list have something about a parking garage?" he said.  I looked around, smiled, and got into his car...

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hotel Adventure Part 6

Josh and I took yet another shower and put on the hotel provided white robes. I walked around the room and admired just how nice it was.  I sat on the couch and it was very comfy.  Josh followed me, pushed me down and started kissing me.  He was reaching into my robe and grabbing at my tit.  "You just don't ever stop, do you?" I said to him.  With that, he lifted me up and carried me out to the balcony.  The sun had set and it was dark outside.  Josh put his hand around my waist while we stood against the railing, admiring the view.  Sometimes I forget just how beautiful Hawaii is. 

I looked around and the other balconies were all empty.  "You ready to pop your balcony sex cherry?", I asked him.  He laughed and said "Fuck yeah!"  I had him sit down on the chair and opened up his robe, but didn't take it off.  I got on my knees and sucked his cock.  He moaned and grabbed my wet hair and pushed my head up and down. He was rock hard and already precumming in my mouth.  He let go of my hair and reached for my tits again.  He undid my robe and told me to take it off.  I was now naked on the balcony with just my panties on!

He stood up and took off his robe as he backed me up against the railing.  "Suck my cock" he demanded.  I was on my knees and looking up at him.  I licked up and down his shaft then took his cock into my mouth again.  I kept eye contact with him the entire time. I could feel the wind against my naked body as I sucked his cock.  I kissed down his shaft and licked his balls.  "You look so sexy, babe", he said.  I smiled and grabbed onto the back of his ass and deep throated him.  I saw his eyes roll back as he let out a big moan.

He pulled me up and pushed me against the railing.  My tits were fully exposed and I used my hands to brace myself.  "Don't move", he said to me.  He came back with a condom on.  He moved my panties to the side and stuck his fingers in me.  Without saying a word, he reached around and made me lick his soaking fingers.  "Just fuck me already!" I said to him.  With that, he grabbed my waist and pushed his cock in me.  I let out a moan as I felt his hard cock in my pussy.  He started fucking me really hard.  I was moaning and begging for more.  He pulled at my hair and fucked me harder and harder.

I felt him grab onto my waist really tight and I knew he was about to cum.  "Cum for me", I said to him.  He pounded me and let out a grunt as he came all in me.  He fell onto my back and we both laughed.  We stood there for a few seconds and he pulled out.  I was about to turn around and walk back into our room when he pushed me back against the railing again.  "I'm not done with you yet", he said.

I stood there naked, not sure what to expect next.  I felt his hands on my ass and he spanked me.  "You're a very naughty girl, Myli", he said as he spanked me again.  He spanked me a few more times and I loved it.  He grabbed my boyshorts and pulled them down to my ankles.  "Spread your legs", he said as I felt him run his hands up and down my legs.  He put his fingers inside me and I protested.  "Please don't.  I can't cum anymore", I begged.  He pushed me into the railing again and told me to behave.

He fingered my gspot and I grabbed onto the railing as I felt myself about to cum.  He made me squirt and I let out a scream.  I had cum so hard that I forgot I was on the balcony.  "You squirted all over your legs, babe", he said as he kept fingering me.  I was begging him to stop, but before I knew it, I was squirting again.  I could barely hold myself up.  He scooped me up into his arms and carried me into the room.  I laid on the bed with him and he cuddled up against me.  "You had enough yet?" he said to me.  I shook my head no.  "Get some rest, my hot asian girl.  You're gonna need it!"  he said as he kissed me again.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hotel Adventure Part 5

I woke up again, this time to something cold against my leg.  I was still restrained to the headboard and Josh was at the foot of the bed with a whipped cream canister.  I watched as he shook it and ripped off the cover with his mouth.  He put a small trail of whipped cream on my stomach, then licked it off.  I loved watching him do it because he looked so sexy!   He then put a dot on each of my nipples and slowly licked each one off.  Then he went back to give them more attention.  He put some whipped cream on his cock and shoved it in my mouth.  I carefully licked and sucked all the cream off.  I wanted to suck him more, but he moved away.  I was already getting wet again and wanting him to fuck me.

 He disappeared for a minute and came back with my toy in his hand.  I had brought my rabbit (click here if you don't know what a rabbit is) and had planned to use it on myself for him to watch.  But he had other plans.  He put 2 fingers in me and spread my wetness to my clit.  I watched as he licked my juices off his fingers then put the toy in my pussy.  The vibrator landed right on my clit and I knew what was coming.  He turned it on low and pleasure immediately ran through my body.  He held the toy in place and leaned over to lick my nipples.  I squirmed and moaned with each lick.  The vibrator was really doing a number on my clit. Wave after wave of pleasure went thru my body and I could feel myself getting close to cumming.  "I'm gonna cum", I said as I looked at him.  He put the toy on high and that pushed me over the edge.  I came so hard that it felt like my body was exploding. I was shaking and could feel the cum dripping out of me.

He pulled the dildo out of my pussy.  "You came all over, babe", he said.  He showed me my toy and it was glistening with my cum.  He put the dildo in my mouth and made me suck it clean.  Then he went back to my pussy and cleaned up all my juices.  My clit was so sensitive from how hard I had just came.  He got back up to kiss me and I could taste myself all over his lips.  "Are you ever going to let me out of these restraints?", I asked him.  He smiled and started to undo them.

I thought we were going to take a break when he stood up and grabbed a condom.  "Ready for...wait, what round are we on??" he said with a laugh.  I honestly didn't know either.  I actually was exhausted and wanted some rest, but before I could protest, Josh was on top of me.  He kissed me and I felt his cock inside my wet pussy. "Your pussy is swollen, babe" he said, "do you want me to stop?"  I shook my head 'no' and he slowly fucked me.  I grabbed his ass and told him to fuck me harder.  And he did.  I was moaning and loving how rough he was being with my pussy.  "Put your arms around my neck and wrap your legs around me" he demanded.  I did as I was told.  He put his hands under my ass and lifted me off the bed.

He carried me over to the chair in our room and sat down, all while he was still inside of me.  "You ready to do some riding?" he said.  I smiled and planted my feet on the ground.  He wrapped his arms around my waist and I had my arms around his neck.  I was bouncing up and down on his cock and our lips met.  We were kissing when he told me he was about to cum.  He pushed me down harder on his cock and I felt him tense up as he came.  He let out a loud grunt as I kept on riding him. I finally stopped when I felt him loosen his grip on my waist.  I collapsed into his chest and he held me close.

I looked over his shoulder and noticed that it was now getting dark outside. The balcony was looking more inviting than it ever had.  "Ready to make use of that balcony?" I said, with a naughty smile.  He smiled and said, "Fuck yeah!"  And with that, I felt his cock harden again.  It was only 7:00 pm and I knew there was still a lot more fucking in store for us!

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Winners!!! and some Tidbits

Sadly, only 3 people entered the contest.  I'm not sure if you guys didn't like the prizes or if you just didn't want to follow my blog, but I hope to get better participation next time!  If you have an idea for the next contest and/or prize, leave me a comment or email me.  If I choose your idea, you automatically win a prize too.  I want to make sure I am giving my readers what they want!

As for the 3 readers who did enter, I decided to make all of you winners!  Since you took the time to follow my blog and comment, you all win!  Thank you to fireus121, Amy(LamBi)Nem, and Major!  Amy, you left me your email so I've already sent you a message.  And Tom messaged me about the contest, so I already have worked out his prize.  Fireus121, when you read this, please email me at: to talk to me about your prize!

Congratulations to my winners and thank you again everyone for continuing to read my blog!  I hope you are enjoying the "Hotel Adventures" series.  It was a wild and crazy night and I still have a lot more to write and share with you.  When the series is done, I am going to do a post with commentary about the experience.  I've already left a lot of little details out because otherwise I'd be writing about this for the next month.  If you have any questions about my night in the hotel, then feel free to comment or email me and I can do a Q&A also. 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!  I will be working on Part 5 very soon and will try to have it up by today (Tuesday)! 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hotel Adventure Part 4

I don't even remember when I fell asleep.  But when I woke up, Josh's fingers were in my pussy.  I felt the restraints around my wrist and my school girl skirt was still on. I was about to say something when Josh kissed me.  He kissed all down my neck and back up again then said "It's your turn now". 

He kissed down my neck again and grabbed my tits. He licked each nipple and I moaned.  He looked up at me and smiled as I watched his tongue flicker.  I was moaning and I felt my pussy getting wetter.  He reached down under my skirt and rubbed my clit.  "You're soaked", he said.  He stopped licking my nipples and kissed down my stomach.  He flipped my skirt up and dived between my legs.  He licked my clit and moaned.  He grabbed my ass and pulled me closer to his face.  He licked my clit up and down, over and over.  He would stop to kiss my thighs and I was so horny!  "Just fuck me already", I yelled at him.  He shook his head 'no' and kept licking my clit.

Then I felt him slip his fingers in me.  "I'll fuck you when you've squirted for me".  Before I could say anything, he was furiously fingering my gspot.  I could feel the pleasure building all over my body.  He started licking my clit again and I squirted all over his face.  He didn't say anything but just kept licking and fingering me. I was begging him to stop and he just ignored me.  I felt myself about to cum again and squirted everywhere.  He looked at me and smiled. I was exhausted and I wanted him to take the restraints off.  He said no.

He got up and sat on my chest and stuck his cock in my mouth.  "Suck it", he demanded.  I did as I was told.  He was already precumming.  He grabbed the back of my head and just face fucked me.  I was struggling with my restraints again.  "You're not going anywhere", he said and kept on fucking my face.  I was gagging and my eyes were tearing. He stopped and I wasn't sure what he was going to do next.  He went down to my pussy, stuck his fingers in me, and smiled.  He took his fingers and licked them.  "Look how wet you are.  And you taste so good",  he said and stuck his fingers in my mouth.  I licked my pussy juices all off.

He went back to my pussy, stuck his fingers in me and wiped my juices all over his cock and started face fucking me again.  I could taste my pussy and his precum and it tasted so good.  I started gagging and he grabbed my head.  "I'm gonna cum, babe" he moaned and I felt him shoot all down my throat.  He was still pumping and face fucking me as I swallowed every last drop.  He pulled out and jerked his cock and a few more drops came out and he feed them to me.  I swallowed again.

I was waiting for him to take the restraints off, but he just laid right next to me and cuddled. "You are a dirty girl, Myli", he said and we both laughed.  His fingers were tracing lines down my stomach and his fingers went in my pussy again.  "No, babe", I said to him.  He just ignored me and stared fingering me again.  I could feel my body tense up.  My back arched and I knew I was going to squirt again.  He fingered me really hard and I came.  I let out a scream.  He was still fingering me.  "Please stop", I was begging.  "I know you can cum more than that", he said.  I shook my head.  I told him I couldn't cum anymore. 

But he wouldn't listen to me.  He kept fingering me.  I looked at him and he had such a devious look in his eyes.  I felt myself about to cum again and I was begging him to stop.  He told me if I didn't be quiet he was going to gag me.  He licked my clit and made me squirt again and my body went limp.  He laughed.  "Ok, I think you've had enough...for now", he said.  He licked my pussy clean then kissed me.  "Rest up, sexy", he said.  "I'm not done with you yet".  He cuddled against me and it then that I realized he still hadn't taken my restraints off...

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hotel Adventure Part 3

After our second attempt at a shower, we fell asleep, naked, on our big king sized bed.  I woke up and looked over at Josh.  He was soundly asleep.  I snuck off the bed and went to my bag.  I pulled out my school girl outfit and went to the bathroom.  I slipped on the white top and tied it above my belly button. Then I put on my red plaid skirt, but no panties.  I put my hair into two pigtails.  I went back to the bed and he was still sleeping, so I grabbed wrist restraints from my bag and slowly slipped them on him to keep him attached to the headboard. 

As I slipped the second one on, he woke up.  He looked at me in the school girl outfit and smiled.  I grabbed a condom.  "If you're a good boy, maybe you'll get to use this", I told him.  I crawled onto the bed and kissed his stomach and chest and moved up to his gorgeous face.  I kissed his lips as I straddled him.  "You look so fucking hot in that outfit!" he said to me between kisses.  I just smiled.  "Do you want to taste me?" I whispered in his ear.  He nodded yes.

I sat on his face and told him to lick my pussy.  He started licking my clit and I could feel my pussy getting wet.  I looked down at him and watched his tongue working my clit.  I grabbed onto the back of his head and pushed his face closer.  I felt juices dripping down my pussy as he licked me more and more.  Then I grabbed him tightly.  "I'm gonna cum, babe", I said to him.  He licked me furiously and I screamed as I came all over his face.  He still kept licking and I finally had to stand up to get him to stop.  His lips were covered in my cum and he was licking it all off.  I grabbed his face and kissed him again.  I loved tasting my cum all over his lips.

I got between his legs and licked his balls.  He started moaning.  I licked each ball then put them in my mouth and ran my tongue all over.  I saw precum dripping from his cock, so I licked up from his balls to his cock.  I started sucking him as I was looking into his blue eyes.  He watched me as I took in every inch of his cock into my mouth and down my throat.  He was struggling with the restraints and asked if I'd remove them.  I shook my head no.  I reached over for the condom and slipped it on.

His eyes got really wide as I slowly sat on his cock.  I sat there for a second while I removed my white top.  "Keep the skirt on, babe", he said and I did.  I leaned forward and my tits were dangling in his face.  I started riding him and he was still struggling with his restraints.  "I want to touch you so bad".  I told him no.  I saw his eyes rolling back but I wasn't ready to let him cum just yet.

I got off his cock and got on reverse cowgirl.  I slowly moved my pussy up and down so he could look at my ass and watch his cock disappear into my pussy.  He was still trying to get out of his restraints.  I knew it was killing him that he couldn't touch me.  I rode him really slowly, letting him feel my tight asian pussy around his big white cock. He started moaning louder and I knew he wasn't going to be able to hold back much longer.

I spun around and faced him again.  I put my forehead to his and told him to cum hard for me.  I started riding him really hard and I grabbed onto the back of his neck.  I was bouncing up and down on his cock when I felt his body tighten.  "Fuck babe, I'm cumming", he said to me.  I kept riding him as he came all inside of me.  I slowed down a bit and reached over and undid his restraints.  He grabbed onto my waist, then squeezed my tits and put my nipples in his mouth.  "Did you cum hard?" I asked him.  "Fuck yes!" he said to me, with a smile.

He cuddled me and asked me if we were ever going to leave the hotel room.  I told him I hadn't planned to, except maybe to go out on the balcony.  We both agreed that sex on the balcony would have to wait until it was dark outside.  I was so comfortable in his arms that at some point, I fell asleep.  I had no idea what he had in store for me when I woke up!

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Contest! Contest! Contest! Enter! Enter! Enter!

The contest is ending tonight in approximately 9 more hours!  I've only had a few entries so hurry up and enter.  You have a good chance of winning!  Just go to the "Contest" tab on the top of my page and follow the instructions to enter.  It doesn't cost you anything!  I'm running this contest to thank all my lovely readers who loyally come to my page everyday!  It's my way of thanking all of you!

As for the "Hotel Adventures" series, there will probably be another 4-5 parts.  I have a busy day today and Part 3 will probably be up tomorrow (Sunday).  Thank you for all your comments and emails about it.   I'm glad you're all enjoying it as much as I enjoyed it!  Have a nice weekend everyone!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hotel Adventure Part 2

The bathroom in our hotel room was huge!  There was a separate bath tub and shower.  I pulled Josh into the shower with me.  He turned on the water and stood behind me.  He kissed the back of my neck then spun me around and kissed me. The water was cascading down our bodies and I already wanted him inside me again. I grabbed the shampoo and attempted to wash his hair, but he's so much taller than me, that we both laughed as I could barely reach the top of his head.  He ended up washing his own hair as I grabbed the wash cloth and soaped it up.

I told him to turn around and I washed his back, then his ass, down his thighs, calves, and ankles.  He turned  around and pulled me towards him and kissed me again.  He washed my hair for me and grabbed the wash cloth out of my hands.  He washed my back and all the way down to my feet.  I grabbed the wash cloth out of his hands and washed his chest, then down his abs.  I skipped his cock and washed down his thighs, legs, and feet.  He looked at me and said, "You forgot about the most important area".  "I know, babe" I said, with a smile.

I got on my knees and soaped up his cock and balls.  I handed him the wash cloth back and used my hands to stroke and massage him.  His cock was getting bigger with each stroke.  I played with his balls and he moaned.  I pushed him back under the shower head and rinsed him off.  He grabbed me again to kiss me and I pushed him away.    "I want to suck your cock", I said, as I got on my knees.  He leaned against the glass door and I slowly licked his cock shaft.  I teased him with my tongue before taking his cock into my mouth.  I looked up into his blue eyes and he just smiled at me.

I sucked his cock and I quickly tasted precum.  I was planning on sucking him off, but he stopped me.  He told me had an idea.  He turned off the water and told me he was going to grab a condom.  He came back with the condom on and pushed me with my back to the glass door.  He grabbed my right leg and lifted it in the air and told me to balance on my left leg.  "Wrap your arms around my neck" he said.  He slowly entered me and I let out a moan.  He felt so good inside me.  He fucked me really slow at first, but I started begging him to fuck me harder and he did.  I was losing my footing and I was afraid of falling, so he lifted me up and told me to wrap my legs around him.. Then he stepped out of the shower.

I thought he was taking me to the bed, but instead, he stopped right outside of the shower and started crouching down on the floor between the shower and tub.  He was now on his back and I was on top of him.  "Ride me, babe", he said to me.  I grabbed his cock and slowly eased down on him.  My pussy was still really wet and I wanted to make him cum really bad. I leaned forward and kissed him as I quickly moved my pussy up and down on him.  He grabbed onto my waist with one hand and grabbed a handful of my hair with the other.  I was sitting upright again and bouncing up and down on his cock.  I looked into his eyes and I could tell he was about to cum.  I rode him harder and he grabbed onto my legs.  "Oh god, I'm cumming, babe" he said to me.  I kept riding him until I felt him let go of my legs and his body went limp.

I rolled off  and laid next to him on the ground.  "Do you think your readers will like these stories?"   I laughed.  How could he think of that when we had just fucked for the second time in less than an hour?  I kissed  him on the cheek and stood up.  "Where do you think you're going?", he said to me.  He stood up, grabbed my hand, and took me back into the shower.  "I never did wash the front of your body.  And I'm all dirty again."  "Are we actually taking a shower this time?", I asked him.  He smiled and said "Well if by "shower", you mean my tongue on your pussy, then yes!"

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hotel Adventure Part 1

Josh and I got to the hotel and checked in without a problem. Our room was gorgeous!  We had a king sized bed, a huge bathroom, a wrap around balcony with a view of the beach, a couch, and a small dining room table.  I put down my bags and lay on the bed.  He laid next to me and kissed me.  He was already trying to take off my clothes and I laughed.  "Slow down," I told him. "We have all night!"   "But I want you right now!" he told me.  I smiled and I told him I had an idea for a quickie as I pointed to the mirror above the desk in our room.  He smiled back at me and started taking off his clothes.  I saw him reach for our new box of condoms, so I knew he was as ready as I was!

I bent over the desk and he immediately got behind me and started kissing up and down my back.  He lifted my long hair and kissed the back of my neck.  He whispered in my ear that he couldn't wait to fuck me, so I reached my hand behind, grabbed his cock, and put him in my wet, waiting pussy.

He felt so good inside me.   He was so hard and he let out a moan.  I looked at him in the mirror and we smiled at each other.  "I want you to see how good you make me feel", I said to him, while still looking into the mirror.  And with that, he grabbed onto my waist and started fucking me. I started moaning and he did too.  I was watching his face in the mirror and he looked so sexy!  He let go of my waist and reached for my hair.  He pulled back and I saw him smile as he saw the tortured look in my face.  I begged him to fuck me harder and he did.  He kept telling me how good my pussy felt and how hard I was going to make him cum.  He let go of my hair and started spanking my ass.

I let out little yells as he slapped my ass.  "You're such a bad girl", he said.  "The spanking is supposed to be your punishment, but your pussy gets wetter each time, so I know you're loving it".  I nodded.  He reached over and grabbed my tits, pulled me in real close and started pounding my pussy really hard.  I was screaming and loving every minute.  I grabbed onto the desk tightly and begged him for more.  He started whispering in my ear that he was about to cum and I begged him to cum all inside of me.

I reached around and squeezed his thigh and told him how bad I wanted him to cum in me.  He was moaning loudly in my ear and I knew he was close.  He was fucking me so hard and I loved watching him in the mirror.  "Cum for me, babe", I said to him.  He nodded at me in the mirror and I felt him shake and cum all inside me.  He fell onto my back and was breathing heavy.  "Fuck babe, I came so hard!".  And we both giggled.  He kissed my back and we both fell back into the bed.

"Damn, you looked so sexy when you came", I told him.  He reached over to cuddle me and said, "This is just the beginning.  I hope your asian pussy is ready for more!"  I smiled as I realized we had only been in the hotel room for half an hour!  I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the bathroom.  "We had shower sex on the list," I told him.  "Let's knock that one out next!"  He just looked at me and said "Fuck yeah!" and I knew we were on to Round 2!

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The Day After

Whew, what a night I had.  I am still in Waikiki and will be heading home in a few hours.  I have some stories to share with all of you!!   I am planning on breaking the night up into a few different posts.  When I get home, I will probably log on to chat again, so if any of you are online too, come chat with me!  I will post an announcement on my tumblr ( when I'm on. 

And don't forget to enter my CONTEST!  I haven't had many entries, so your chances of winning is very high! You still have time to enter.  Click the "Contest" tab on the top of my page for all the rules and info!  Have a nice day everyone!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Last Minute

Happy 1 month anniversary to me!  I have some last minute things to do, including packing, before my little hotel romp with Josh.  I took the day off, but Josh had to work, so I'm not sure what time we will be heading down to Waikiki, just yet.  I am going to be on Yahoo IM later today if anyone wants to chat.  I had a nice chat with some readers yesterday and I decided that I'm going to do that more often.  It was very enjoyable to talk to people who read my blog and get to know them better.

If you want to chat with me, I suggest you follow me on tumblr because that's where I will make the announcements.  My tumblr is:    And if you want to chat or email me, you can reach me at:   I hope to talk to more of you today!  Have a nice Wednesday!  :)

EDIT 6/8/11 3:14PM - I just had a lovely chat with some of my tumblr followers.   Thank you to those that joined me.  Every time I go on chat and meet some of my followers, I have a great time.  I really want to do this more often.

I am going to be heading to Waikiki very soon.  Josh got off work a little while ago. I may be able to sneak online for a bit tonight and give you an update, but if not, I will have the details for you tomorrow!  Have a nice night everyone!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My 1 Month Anniversary!

Tomorrow is my 1 Month Anniversary on Blogspot!  Wow, I still can't believe that I've been blogging here for a  month.  I am still amazed that people actually care about what I have to say and come back to read my blog everyday.  And even though I've said it before, I really appreciate all my readers.  You guys are the best!

Josh and I have been talking about the anniversary and we are headed to Waikiki for the night.  He booked us a very nice hotel.  We both took off of work on Thursday, so we plan on fucking all night.  I will definitely have some stories to tell when I get back.  We already talked about some things we want to do.  I was going to keep this a secret, but with Josh's approval, I told him I was going to tell my readers what we had planned :)

We plan to:
- have sex on the balcony (probably more than once!)
- shower sex
- take turns being tied up
- lick whipped cream off each other's bodies
- have sex in the parking garage
- have sex in the pool (which may be impossible)
- have sex on the beach
- and I am going to use my sex toys on myself for Josh to watch and then he can use them on me

I don't know how many of these we will be able to do and I may not write about everything that happens, but this is what we plan to do!  It should be a fun time!  We have a brand new box of condoms and I'd love it if we managed to use them all!

Thank you again to all my readers.  Don't forget to enter my contest.  It's still open until Saturday, so be sure to enter (Go to the "Contest" tab on the top of the page).  Have a nice day everyone!

TMIT - In the Mood

1. What puts you in a creative mood?
When I see someone else doing something creative, like watching the Martha Stewart show.  

2. What puts you in a silly mood?
My awesome friends, who always know how to make me laugh.  They know how to joke around without being mean or hurtful.  I like to surround myself around people who know how to have fun!

3. What puts you in a contemplative mood?
When I'm having a conflict in my life and I'm trying to figure things out

4. What puts you in a competitive mood?
When I'm at Dave and Busters with friends, whether it's shooting hoops, pool, skee-ball, or a driving game.  I don't like to lose, but I'm not a poor sport!  If someone beats me, I give them a high 5 and congratulate them!

5. If you consider yourself a talkative person, what puts you in a quiet mood? If you consider yourself a quiet person, what puts you in a talkative mood?
I'm definitely a talkative person.  What put me in a quiet mood is when I'm sad, tired, upset, or just plain lazy.

6. What can a person do that will instantly put you in a sexy mood?
There's a number of things a guy can do.  The first is if he smells good.  When I first see a guy and I smell his cologne, it makes him sexier to me.  Makes me want to get closer or rip his clothes off.  Other things he could do is smile, kiss me, grab my waist, grab my ass, whisper dirty things in my ear, or send me a dirty text or picture message.

Bonus: What song puts you in a sexy mood? If possible post a link to the song so that we can listen to it.
Every time I hear "Anytime" by Brian McKnight, I want to get naked and have sex.  You can see the video, here

 I will probably be posting again later today (Tuesday).  I have a big day tomorrow and I wanted to give you all a preview.  Check back my blog later today to read about it!  And don't forgot to enter my contest.  It is open until Saturday, so be sure to get your entry in.  Click the "Contest" tab on the top of my page for more info!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Contest Announcment! (CLOSED)

Have I told you guys how much I love you?  Since Friday (6/3/11), I have had over another 1,000 views on my blog!  Wow!  When I made the announcement that I would hold a contest when I had another 700 views, I thought it would take at least another week for it to happen!

The prize:
- If you are in the US, you have two choices.  I can either call you personally and we can have a conversation about anything you like or I can write a story about you and me, just like the stories you read here.
- If you are not in the US, your prize will be the story.
- There will only be one (1) winner in total

The rules:  
1.  You must be a follower of this blog.  If you don't have a blogspot account, sign up, then hit the Follow button on the top left of my blog (if you have issues with this, email me and I will help you)

2. You must leave a comment on this blog post that says "I want to win your contest!" and put a little something about why you want to win or why you like my blog.

3. You can only enter once.  If I get multiple comments from you, they will be deleted!

4. You must have a working email address (or phone number if you're in the US and want me to call you).

5. By entering, you authorize me to post your user name on my blog if you are selected as the winner.

6. You need to be 18 years of age or older (or 21, if that's the age of consent where you're from)

7. You need to enter by Saturday, June 11, 2011, 11:59 HST (Hawaii Standard Time).  The winner will be announced on Sunday, June 12, 2011 (I will be using to select the winner)

I want to take the time again to thank all of you for reading my blog!  It really does mean a lot to me that you take time out of your day to stop by my page!  I have received many emails from readers and it makes me happy to know you enjoy what I write.  You guys are awesome!  Be sure to enter the contest and good luck to you all!!

(I will be adding a "CONTEST" tab on the top of my page.  I will update that tab anytime there is a current contest)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dressing Room Date (and update on contest!!)

(Please read until the end for an update on my contest!!)

I had told Ryan on Friday that I had plans for us today.  I told him to wear easy access pants/shorts and bring a condom.  I had told him to meet me at the mall, but he said he wanted to come pick me up instead.  He was right on time and he smiled when he saw that I was wearing a low cut shirt and a flowy skirt with heels.  When I got in his car, he gave me a kiss and asked what I had planned.  I just shook my head and smiled.  I told him it was a surprise.

We got to the mall early, so it was still empty.  He kept asking me where we were going.  I just grabbed his hand and told him that he'd be happy with what I had planned.  I then pointed to a clothing store that had both men and women's sections.  I told him to grab a few items and meet me at the dressing room in 10 minutes.  I went to the women's section and grabbed a few shirts.

There wasn't any workers at the entrance of the dressing room, so I just went into one of them.  Ryan came in shortly after and joined me.  I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him.  He was grabbing at my tits and he pulled off my shirt.  His hands lingered to my pussy and he laughed when he realized I wasn't wearing panties.  "You're so wet, babe", he said to me.  He tried to pull down my skirt and I told him I wanted to keep it on.  I smiled and rubbed his cock through his board shorts.  He was already so hard and I pulled the velcro apart and slipped his shorts down.  I sucked his cock to get him ready and when I looked up, he already had the condom in his hand!

He put the condom on and I straddled him, reverse cowgirl style.  He wrapped his arms around my waist and I started riding him.  I was looking at him in the mirror and noticed his eyes were closed.  I turned my head around and told him to open his eyes.  "I want you to watch me as I ride your big cock", I said to him.  He looked up and we started watching each other in the mirror.  He looked so fucking sexy!  His hands moved from my waist, upwards.  He grabbed at my tits and rubbed my nipples.  I moaned.  I loved looking in the mirror and seeing my skirt flying up and down while his cock was going in and out of my pussy.  I was so wet and turned on that I could feel my pussy juices dripping down my thighs!

I had planned to change positions, but we both heard someone walk into the dressing room.  "Ride me hard, babe.  I want to cum all in your asian pussy". I nodded and firmly planted my feet on the ground and rode him hard.  I watched his expressions in the mirror and I could tell he was close.  He grabbed tightly to my waist and pushed me harder down onto his cock.  I looked back at him and said "Cum for me right now.  Fill my pussy with your hot cum!"  He immediately came and I kissed him hard to keep him from making too much noise. I got off his cock and he grabbed me and laid me on the bench.  I told him we needed to go.  "I need to lick you clean first".  He started licking up my juices and my body started tingling.

As we walked out of the dressing room, I couldn't help but smile. He gave me a quick kiss and I could taste my pussy all over his lips.  I "accidentally" brushed against his cock and he was hard again.  He grabbed my hand and told me to haul ass back to his car.  "Do some jaw stretches right now, babe.  You're giving me road head on the way home!"  

Contest update!!   I am currently at 13 followers and 1920 views.  Remember,  When I hit 15 followers or 2000 views, I will have a random contest.  You need to be a follower of this blog to be eligible.  I still haven't finalized what the prize will be so if you have an idea, please send me an email or comment this blog.  I believe the contest will happen very soon, so I need all your input as soon as possible!  Thank you again to all my readers!  I love you all!  :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A tumblr kind of night

I had dinner plans with a friend earlier in the night and then I hauled ass home to change and go see Josh.  He hadn't mentioned the boyshorts again, but I wore some anyway.  I figured they were such a big hit the last time that I'd wear some again. This time though, I just wore some pink cotton ones.

I got to his house and he looked gorgeous.  He wasn't wearing a shirt, just some basketball shorts.  He grabbed me, looked me over, and kissed me.  He grabbed my hand and pulled me into his bedroom.  We kissed again and he started talking my clothes off.  I reached down and rubbed his cock and he was already rock hard.  He saw my pink boyshorts and a huge smile crossed his face.  He rubbed my ass with both hands and slowly took my panties off.  He pushed me onto the bed and buried his head in my pussy.  He was furiously licking my clit and I loved seeing his face between my legs.  Our eyes met and I whispered, "Just fuck me already" to him.

He stood up and I sucked his cock while he fumbled with the condom.  He got the condom on and he pushed me back on the bed and fucked me missionary style.  He pushed one leg back and fucked me really deep.  I was moaning and begging for more.  He grabbed my other leg, pushed it back toward my shoulders and fucked me hard.  I was moaning when he kissed me and temporarily muffled them.  He stopped kissing me.  "I love it when you moan for me, baby". and smiled.  "I love it when you cum for me, baby" I replied.  He grabbed my legs and threw them over his shoulders and fucked me harder.  I looked into his blue eyes and I knew he was about to cum.  I mouthed "fuck me and cum for me" over and over and he closed his eyes and came.  He grabbed onto my waist and I felt him convulsing inside of me.  He looked at me and let out a laugh.  "That was fucking amazing", he said to me. He bent over to kiss my forehead and we went to get cleaned up.

After that, we were both laying on his bed, naked, and I checked my cell.  I told Josh about someone I had been texting and he assumed it was a guy.  I told him it was actually a new female friend I met on tumblr.  He didn't know what tumblr was, so I explained it to him.  Then he wanted to know about my new friend.  He asked me if she liked white boys like I do.  Then he wanted me to send her a pic of him.  He's such a dork.  He said that maybe a pic of him will make her become a white boy lover like me. So I sent her the pic and we had a good laugh about that.  I was still texting her when he started playing with my pussy and trying to finger me.

But then Josh wanted to see what tumblr was all about, so I logged into my account on his computer and when my dashboard came up, he saw a bunch of naked/porn pics and his eyes got big.  He was quickly scrolling thru all the pictures and loving what he saw.  I started to feel neglected.  I got on my cell again and posted a quick message on tumblr about what was going on.  He didn't see it because he was still scrolling down my page!

I knew I had to do something to get his attention back, so I laid on his back and started kissing the back of his neck, then down his shoulders, down his back, down to his ass, and his legs.  By the time I got to his ankles, he was moaning.  He rolled onto his back and his cock was rock hard.  "You started this," he said.  "Now sit on my big white cock and make me cum again".  I saw him reach for another condom and all I could think of was how much I loved riding him.  Tumblr was pretty much forgotten after that...

(Edit 6/5/11 - If you want to see my Tumblr, it's:   It's essentially what you see here with some random questions and picture posts.  Check it out if you're interested)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Quickie (and Announcement)

Just a quickie from last night.  And read until the end of the post for an announcement!!!

I met up with Evan (click on "FWB Guide" tab to read about him) last night.  I had asked him to come over, but he asked me to meet him at the park near my house.  When I got there, I saw his car and he motioned for me to get in.  I got out of my car and went into his and he grabbed me and kissed me.  I was wearing a short, flowy dress with no panties.  His fingered immediately went into my pussy and I started moaning.  He whispered into my ear that he wanted me to suck his cock, so I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.

I was about to suck his cock, when he stopped me and shoved his fingers in my mouth.  His fingers were covered in my pussy juices and I hungrily sucked his fingers clean.  He pulled my hair and told me I was a dirty girl, then pushed my head down on his cock.  As I put his cock in my mouth, I could already taste his precum.  I knew he wouldn't last very long once I started sucking.  I teased him for a bit first.  I sucked him really slowly and ran my tongue all around his cock head and pee hole.  He moaned and told me he had been horny for me all day.

I spit on his cock and balls and started fingering his balls while I sucked his cock.  I could tell he was already close, so I sucked really fast and he grabbed onto his seat and came all in my mouth.  He let out a loud grunt and sighed.  I jerked out every last drop of cum as I looked up at him.  He had a huge smile on his face.  I jerked his cock a few more times and he laughed.  "There's no more in there, babe" he said to me.  I gave him sad puppy dog eyes, kissed his cock head and zipped back up his pants.  He kissed my cheek and as he was about to drive away, he looked at me and said "It will be your turn next time.  Get ready to cum all over my face".

Hope you enjoyed the quickie.  I wasn't going to post it, but I figured I'd give my readers a short recap to start the weekend right!  As for the announcement, I am now over 1300+ views and 8 followers.  Thank you again to all of you!  When I hit 15 followers or 2000 views, I will have a random contest.  I'm curious as to what you would want as a prize.  I don't like to do naked pictures, so that's out of the question for now (maybe when I hit 10,000 views or 100 followers, I will consider it).  I was thinking I could do a personal phone call (if you live in the US).  Or I could write you a sexy story with you and me as the main characters.  I don't know.  I'm open to suggestions.  And only people who are followers of my blog will be eligible.  So if you don't already have a Blogspot account, you will need to get one and hit the "Follow" button on the top left. If you have ideas for a prize, leave me a comment in this post or email me directly.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Too serious?

I started writing a post and quickly realized how serious the tone was.  I don't know if my readers want a serious post from me.  For those curious, the post was in response to the emails I've gotten about guys wanting to come to Hawaii to meet an Asian girl.  If you've never been to Hawaii, there are some realities you need to know about this place.  But as I typed it up, I thought maybe it wouldn't be a good fit for my blog. I am going to sit on the post for a few days and see how I feel about it.

The weekend is coming up and  I have some fwb encounters planned.  If you have any suggestions for what I should do with these guys, leave them as a comment or email me.  I should have some juicy stories for you guys throughout the weekend :)

1k views, tabs, permissions, most asked question today

Hi everyone!
This post will be all over the place.  Just a few things I wanted to cover.

- 1k views - Wow, I never thought I'd hit 1,000 views on my blog.  I remember my first week.  I did a few posts and had 12 views...and I was happy!  I couldn't believe 12 people actually viewed my blog!  Now I'm nearing 1k and I can't believe it.  Again, thank you to all my readers and followers.  I really appreciate you coming back to my blog and reading what I have to say.

- Tabs - I finally made tabs!  You can view them at the top of my page (About me/FAQ, FWB Guide, Advice, Contact Me).  The FWB Guide was going to be a post as suggested by a reader, but I figured a static link of the top would work well too.  If you have any tabs you think I should add, just let me know!

- Permissions -  A reader sent me an email and said I was exploiting guys with my blog.  I wanted to take the time to reiterate that all the guys I write about know about my blog and have given me their permission to write about our experiences.  None of them feel exploited.  In fact, they love reading my blog and take pride in reading what I write about them.  Though "Brandon" did text me to say he hated the fake name I chose for him!  lol

- Most asked question today - After I created the tabs with the FWB Guide, I got emails asking me which fwb was in the last story (Against My Will).  I was going to make my readers guess, but it is a hot story and since many of you were curious, I am happy to spill.  The story is about Ryan.  And when he came over, he was wearing his uniform.  I didn't make that clear in my post. 

It is after midnight here in Hawaii and I have finally replied to all the emails I received today.  Thank you again to all my lovely readers and followers.  You inspire me and your kind words make me come back here everyday to write for you!  You guys (and gals!) are the best!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Against My Will

I had a wonderful hookup with my fwb!  I played my role of the sub, which is hard for me because I like being in control, but it was well worth it!  (Just a warning, this post may run a little long)

I had laid out my cuffs, restraints, and blindfolds on my coffee table before he came over.  As he requested, I was wearing a black lacy bra, boyshorts, and heels.  He walked in the door, went to my coffee table, grabbed the cuffs and pushed everything else off the table.  He pushed me down onto the table, face down.  He made me put my hands under the table and then handcuffed my wrists, so I couldn't move.  He started spanking me.  I was moaning and he reached over and grabbed a handful of my hair and told me to shut up.  Then he pushed my head down and spanked me again.  He pulled down my boyshorts and he stuck his fingers into my pussy.  He told me I was naughty for getting so wet from being spanked.

He went back to spanking my ass.  My ass was starting to hurt.  He grabbed my hair again and told me I was going to get my reward.  He stood up and took off his clothes first.  I assumed he was going to make me suck his cock.  Instead, he stuck his fingers in me again and started fingering my gspot.  I could feel myself getting close to cumming when he pulled his fingers out and made me lick them clean.  He loved seeing me licking my pussy juices off his fingers.  He went back to my pussy and fingered me again.  I came and squirted everywhere.

He rubbed my ass a little then told me I didn't cum enough for him.  He started fingering me again and I begged him to stop.  He told me if I didn't behave, I was going to get spanked again.  He fingered my gspot and I came again.  He licked my pussy clean and asked me if I had enough. I told him I wanted to suck his cock.  He smiled and put his cock in front of my face.

I sucked his cock and he moaned.  He grabbed my face and started face fucking me.  I was gagging and he was loving it.  He told me to lick his balls and while I did that, he was jerking himself.  He grabbed my face again and forced his cock back into my mouth.  He told me to deep throat him.  I gagged, but was able to get him all the way down my throat.  He grabbed my face and slowly fucked my throat.  Then he pulled out and grabbed a blindfold that was on the ground.  He put it on me and I just lay there for awhile.

I felt him rub my clit.  He told me my pussy was soaked again and he ate me out for a bit.  He grabbed onto my hips and put his cock into my pussy.  I moaned.  He told me that I was his asian slave and he was going to use my holes to cum.  He started fucking me really rough.  He reached over again and pulled my hair back.  He was moaning and grunting and telling me how good my pussy felt.  I couldn't see anything because of the blindfold, so I felt like all the sensations were heightened.  I was struggling with the cuffs that were keeping me to the table and he leaned over my back and asked me if I wanted the cuffs off.  I said yes and he said he would remove them, but I had to do something for him.  I agreed.  He uncuffed me but told me I wasn't allowed to move.

I was still blindfolded when he put something in my hand.  He asked if I knew what it was.  I said no.  He ripped off the blindfold and I realized he put a small bottle of KY in my hand.  He told me to lube up my ass because he was going to make me scream.  I put the lube in and around my ass.  I put some of the lube on his condom too.

He slowly entered my ass and soon he was balls deep.  I let out a little moan and he slowly started to thrust in and out of my ass.  He told me my ass was tight and that I was going to make him cum real quick.  He started to fuck me really fast and rough.  I was begging him to fuck me even harder.  He grabbed onto my hips and he fucked me really deep.  I was screaming and begging for more.  He squeezed my hips and he moaned that he was about to cum.  He grunted and said "fuck" over and over as he came in my ass.  He collapsed onto my back and kissed my neck.  He looked at me and said the sexiest thing.  He said "You're one hot Asian chick and I'm already thinking about how I'm gonna fuck you again".  Ahhh, who wouldn't want to hear that?   :)
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