Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Winners!!! and some Tidbits

Sadly, only 3 people entered the contest.  I'm not sure if you guys didn't like the prizes or if you just didn't want to follow my blog, but I hope to get better participation next time!  If you have an idea for the next contest and/or prize, leave me a comment or email me.  If I choose your idea, you automatically win a prize too.  I want to make sure I am giving my readers what they want!

As for the 3 readers who did enter, I decided to make all of you winners!  Since you took the time to follow my blog and comment, you all win!  Thank you to fireus121, Amy(LamBi)Nem, and Major!  Amy, you left me your email so I've already sent you a message.  And Tom messaged me about the contest, so I already have worked out his prize.  Fireus121, when you read this, please email me at:  aghwb@yahoo.com to talk to me about your prize!

Congratulations to my winners and thank you again everyone for continuing to read my blog!  I hope you are enjoying the "Hotel Adventures" series.  It was a wild and crazy night and I still have a lot more to write and share with you.  When the series is done, I am going to do a post with commentary about the experience.  I've already left a lot of little details out because otherwise I'd be writing about this for the next month.  If you have any questions about my night in the hotel, then feel free to comment or email me and I can do a Q&A also. 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!  I will be working on Part 5 very soon and will try to have it up by today (Tuesday)! 


  1. Part 5?!? Damn, you were two busy young people :-)


  2. Yes, Jim, 5 parts for now. When I visualized it, I'm thinking it will be 8 parts total. But once I write it down, it may be shorter or longer. And yes, we were very busy. I'm thinking I need to do this again for my 2nd month anniversary, but with a different fwb lol


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