Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sex Injuries

It's 8:00 am here and I still haven't slept!  I had a nice Friday night with Matt.  He took me to see "Captain America", which made me very happy!  He insisted we go an hour early, which was a smart move because there was already a line for our showing when we got there.  Chris Evans is gorgeous beyond gorgeous in that movie.  And if you're going to see it, be sure to stay after all the credits to see an extra scene and "The Avengers" teaser trailer!

Matt had asked me to stay over at his place and I had agreed.  He has central ac and doesn't mind leaving it on when I'm over.  Add that to the all night sex we had planned, it was an easy decision to make.  Sadly, while we were at the movies, he got a call from his Sergent saying that he had to go into work on Saturday.  The Marines have a way of ruining my sexcapades.   But he told me he still wanted me to come over and he would just take me home after we had sex.

We got to his place and I was in heaven with how cold his house was.  I sat on the couch, but Matt pushed me down, kissed me, then held my arms over my head and pulled my jeans down.  He then fingered me and licked my clit until I came 5x all over his face.  I squirted everywhere.  He wanted to keep going, but I begged him to stop.  To return the favor, I sucked him off twice.  By then, we were both exhausted and cuddled up on his couch and watched tv.

At some point we fell asleep and we sorta woke up at the same time.  I looked at the clock and it was 1:20 am.  I knew he had to be at work at 7:00 am, so I told him I was going to get dressed so he could take me home.  Instead, Matt grabbed me and threw me on the ground, face first.  He put his hand on my back and held me down.  He put his hands between my legs.  "You're so wet, Myli," he said to me.  He spread my legs and was inside me. Matt fucked me and I was screaming.  He reached for my hair and pulled.  I begged him to fuck me harder and he complied.  "I want you to ride me, babe," he said to me.

I got on top, but he was leaning up against the side of the couch so we were both upright.  He grabbed me close to him and we kissed.  I started riding him and he grabbed onto my back and scratched me over and over.  He knows how much I  love when he does that.  He wrapped his arms around my waist and pushed me onto my back.  He got on top and I wrapped my legs around him.  He fucked me deep and I grabbed onto his ass to pull him even deeper.  My hands wandered to his back and I scratched him all over. That pushed him over the edge because before I knew it, he was moaning "I'm cumming" to me.  I grabbed tightly to his ass and felt him cum all in me.  He collapsed on top of me and we both passed out again.

When I got home, I changed into some shorts and a tank top.  I sat down to turn on my laptop and felt an aching in my legs and knees.  I looked down to see rug burns.  Ahhh, I hate those!  Why did we fuck on the ground (carpet) when we had a perfectly good couch and bed to use?  I also felt like I had a sunburn on my back and I looked in the mirror to see red scratches all over my back.  It always amazes me how Matt does that because his nails are so short.  I now have sex injuries from my little romp last night.  But that's ok.  It was worth it.  They will heal soon.  It's crazy how you never feel the pain while you're fucking!

As I was typing this out, I got this text from Matt.  "Babe, you should see my back.  I have rug burns too!"  I had to laugh.  All I could think to text back was, "Me too!"   Sex injuries are fun and the sex was awesome, but I think the next time we will stay off the carpet!


  1. Hot story! He sounds fun!

    Isn't it funny how important central AC is here for fucking? I could care less about having it during other times, but I love it (and miss it in this house) during sex.

  2. Yes, Jules. AC is a huge factor for me. I don't have AC at my house, so it can get very hot on the nights when it's humid. The only option is to jump in the shower!


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