Friday, July 1, 2011


I am currently working on my next post, which may or may not be done today (Friday).  The post centers around a porn video clip that a reader sent me.  While you wait for my next post, you can watch the video.  It is a teaser of sorts.  Be warned, the video is NSFW!  If pornography offends you, DO NOT click on the link. If you would like to see the video in question, it can be viewed here.   (If you do not want to click a link, here is the url:

Have a nice Friday everyone!


  1. haha cool, can't wait to read about this one.....seeing as I do feel responsible for it :)

  2. Nice vid!!! great way to start my friday!! nice and hard! ;)

  3. Mal - Why the name "mal"? And if this is who I think it is, it is your doing that this all happened. lol

    Anonymous - The video is quite good right? I had no intentions of having sex at that moment, but when I saw this video, I got so horny that I had to set up a booty call. lol. The story should be done by the weekend! Hope you like it :)

  4. it's my online name :) i know it was my doing, i just wish i was the one able to take advantage of you in that way

  5. I'm confused because the person who sent me the video has a different name. Hmmm, I'm puzzled.


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