Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To GB or not to GB?

I just came home from dinner with a friend and I had to blog!  I had checked my text messages while at dinner and was surprised by what I saw.  Matt had sent me this text:

"Are you up for a gang bang?  I can get 4-5 guys.  lmk."

I was shocked.  I almost wished I hadn't checked my phone.  I was distracted the rest of the time at dinner.  I didn't want to text Matt back right away because I knew we would be involved in a long text conversation, so I waited until I got home.

I asked Matt what he had in mind.  He said he had shown my blog to a few of his fellow Marines and they came up with the idea of the gang bang.  I've done threesomes and foursomes before, so I wasn't sure what he actually wanted to do.  He said the guys wanted to blindfold and tie me up and just have their way with me.  Run the train, so to speak.  I trust Matt 100% so I know he would make sure that the guys didn't hurt me.

I haven't given Matt my answer yet.  I'm definitely leaning toward doing it.  Why not right?  I know it would be a fun time.  I have until Thursday to make up my mind, so I will sleep on it tonight and see how I feel about it in the morning.  I will say that my pussy got really wet just thinking about doing a gang bang with Matt and his friends, so I think my body is telling me what it wants to do!


  1. oh you should definitely do it. i'm sure i speak for many of your readers when i say that i would LOVE to read about you having all your holes filled at once and getting covered in a bukkake cum shower! and i'd certainly like to hear about the threesomes and foursomes from your past.

  2. Oh my god, my mind can barely process that but can't wait to hear about it if it happens, damn!

  3. So...are you doing the gang bang? What did you decide?

  4. Anonymous - Yes, I am going to do it!

    Little Miss Me - I can barely process it too. But I just couldn't turn down the chance.


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