Wednesday, July 6, 2011

TMI-Tuesday (a day late)

1. If you could clone yourself, what part of your duties would you hand over to the clone:  (pick one)
a. Paying the bills
b. Cooking
c. Having sex with your significant other
d. Going to your job on your behalf
- I don't really hate any of these chores, but I'd say cooking.  It would be nice to have a personal chef.  I would be happy to come home from work and have a meal ready for me.  Or wake up in the morning and not have to cook my own breakfast!  That would be nice.

2.When you are performing oral sex on a lover is it generally:
a. Because you are trying to warm them up and have it lead to intercourse
b. You love to give oral pleasure
c. They want it, so you oblige but don’t really like it
d. You like to worship cock or pussy
- My answer is a mixture of b and d.  I love giving oral pleasure.  I love having a cock in my mouth.  I love feeling it get bigger and harder and knowing I'm the reason it's happening!  I do get off on knowing I'm making my partner feel good and hearing him moan.  I love knowing that if I do a good job, I get to swallow every last drop of his cum.  All that together makes me really love oral sex!

3. What part of  love making does your partner speed through?
a. seduction
b. foreplay
c. the deed itself
- I don't have just one partner, but I would say generally, the fwb speed through the seduction, which is fine.  I don't need to be seduced.  If we are at my house, we both know why we are there.  No seduction is necessary.  I am often the aggressor, so maybe I'm the one who skips the seduction!

4. What part do you wish they’d speed through?
 - Per my previous post about stamina, I like it if my fwb speed through the deed.  Not because I want it to be over, but because I like it hard and rough!  I don't expect any guy to be a machine who can fuck hard and rough for an hour!

5. Who is the last person to grab your ass? When?
- It was Monday at my July 4th BBQ.  One of my friends playfully grabbed my ass while I was grilling.  I don't mind ass grabbing, even amongst friends.  I often slap my friends asses too!

Bonus: Describe your partner’s/lover’s/plaything’s/significant other’s penis or pussy in 10 words or less.
- Big white cocks love my tight asian pussy :)

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