Thursday, July 7, 2011

Time Flies

Josh texted me after he read my last post and reminded me that tomorrow (Friday) is the 2 month anniversary of my blog! I had totally forgotten about it! I don't have anything grand planned like the "Hotel Adventure" for my 1 month anniversary.  Sorry to disappoint you all.  I do have a few more stories that I haven't written out, so I may post that.  I'm not sure yet.  I am stuck at work for another 2-3 hours, but I am tempted to make plans with a fwb so I have an amazing story to tell tomorrow.  :)

Thank you again to all my readers!  Thank you for continuing to visit my blog and for your sweet comments and emails that I read daily.  You all mean so much to me.  Much more than you'll ever know.  Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. Happy 2 months Myli!!!


  2. Thank you, whitewater! You're so sweet :)


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