Saturday, July 30, 2011

GB Details

The gang bang is still on for tonight!  Yay!  The somewhat bad news is that I had to move the time back to very late (I'm talking midnight!)  Apparently, I forgot I had plans with some friends of mine tonight.  That's what happens when you agree to plans more than a week in advance!  Not wanting to be a flake to my friends, I am keeping those plans and then having the gang bang later.  The guys were okay with it, so it all works out.

I had lunch with Matt yesterday.  I didn't realize that he and his guys had the day off, so when he came to my work, he brought 3 of the guys with him!  Let me say this.  I don't look my best at work.  I have to wear business type clothes.  I often put my hair in a ponytail or bun.  And I wear very minimal makeup.  I felt kind of embarrassed that the guys saw me like that.  But then again, they were going to be seeing me naked very soon, so I figured I should just get over it.

The 3 Marines I met, were all gorgeous.  Tall, white, handsome.  We went to the Subway near my office and talked for a bit.  I asked them how old they were, where they were from, if they've had sex with an Asian girl before, how they feel about condoms.  The usual stuff.  They all seemed like nice guys.  It was funny because at one point, I looked at Matt and he looked kind of peeved.  I grabbed his hand and held it.  Matt has never been one to get jealous, but I kinda got that vibe from him now.

After we ate, I gave all the guys a hug and I told them I'd see them soon.  They went to go sit on a bench and I talked to Matt, by myself.  "How many guys are you thinking will come to my house?" I asked him.  "Probably 7 or 8, plus me," he answered.  I told him that my concern was that all the guys wear condoms.  I was okay with them tying me up and blindfolding me.  But in that position, I'd have to trust these guys because I wouldn't be able to see.  He assured me that the guys were okay with condoms and he would make sure they were being used.  I also told him that he had to make it absolutely clear that no guy was to cum on my face because I don't like that.  "I've told them the rules and they know the limits," he said.  "We've done threesomes and foursomes before and you know I wouldn't let any of these guys hurt you."

Matt and I talked for a little bit more.  He told me to wear my lacy bra and boyshorts and heels.  I told him I'd have my bed restraints, handcuffs, and blindfold ready for him.  "I haven't cum in 2 days, so I'm really horny," I whispered in his ear, as we hugged goodbye.  He laughed.  He mentioned something about breaking the squirting record he had set.  Just the thought of squirting more than 10x, made me wet.  I have a feeling this will be a fun night of lots of moaning, screaming, and cumming.  I can't wait!


  1. I'm camping here for updates, baby. LOL

  2. Wow. I hope you are still alive?

  3. Casanova - I'm sorry I took so long to write Part 1. I was busier than expected on Sunday and Monday.

    Anonymous - Yes, I'm still alive. Aching, but alive. lol

  4. good to here that ur alive myli.

  5. Thank you for your concern, Tony!


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