Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Night to be sub

I'm stuck at work for another hour, but I already have plans to hook up with one of my fwb.  Thanks to a friend's suggestion, I am going to let my fwb take control tonight and I will be sub(missive).  I typically like being in control and enjoy being dominant.  But I will leave that to my fwb tonight.  I am going to get out all my restraints, cuffs, blindfolds, whips, and paddles and leave them on my coffee table for my fwb.  I am going to let him choose what he wants to do to me tonight.  He already texted me to tell me to wear a lacy bra, boyshorts, and heels. I will be sure to report back soon :)

My one month anniversary on blogspot is coming up on June 8th.  I told my new fwb about it and he said he is going to help me celebrate, so I have a good story to post.  He is thinking of renting a hotel room in Waikiki for us for the night.  I'm already thinking of all the trouble we could get into!  :)

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