Saturday, May 28, 2011

Second Encounter

My new fwb is awesome!  We had our second encounter on Thursday.  He texted me when he was leaving work and told me he'd be over in an hour.  I asked him to wear his uniform, but he said he was going home to shower and change and then come over.  Bummer.

He had told me earlier in the week that he wanted me to wear some lacy boyshorts, so I put those on with just a baby blue tank top.  When he got to my house, I opened the door and he just stared for a few seconds.  I grabbed his shirt and pulled him in before my neighbors saw anything.  He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him and we kissed.  He was grabbing onto my ass real tight and he smiled and told me how happy he was that I remembered the boyshorts.

He put me down and I went to my kitchen to get a drink of water.  He followed me and bent me over my counter and rubbed my ass.  He told me what a naughty girl I am.  I just giggled.  He started spanking me.  He told me he had to punish me for teasing him so much.  He spanked me a few more times and then turned me around and took off my tank top.  He licked my nipples then told me suck his cock.

I pushed him against my fridge and got onto my knees and pulled his cock out.  He was already really hard.  I looked up at him as I took each inch of his cock into my mouth.  I gagged a little and he patted my head and told me how much he loved hearing that.  I kept sucking him and gagged a few more times.  He would smile just a little every time I'd gag.  He told me to stand up and we went back to my living room.

He sat on my couch and bent me over his lap.  I thought he was going to spank me again, but instead he kissed me all over my ass and slipped off my panties.  He didn't say anything, so I just got up and sat on his cock.  I started to ride him and he grabbed onto my hips and pushed me harder down on him.  I was moaning and he had his head buried in my tits.  I whispered in his ear how good he felt in me and he told me was really close to cumming.  I slowed down a little and he grabbed my tits and licked my nipples.  I grabbed his face and I kissed him.  Then I looked into his blue eyes and told him I was going to make him cum so hard.

I started riding him really fast and he grabbed onto my hips again.  I told him I wanted him to fill my pussy with his cum and he exploded all in me.  He wrapped his arms around my waist and put his head against my chest.  After a few seconds, he looked at me and said that was the hardest he's ever cum.  That was all the thanks I needed!  I kissed his cheek and we went to my bathroom.  We got into my shower and I asked him if he was going to be up for having a Round 2.  He said "Fuck yeah!".   Have I mentioned just how awesome he is?  :)


  1. Isn't round two just the very very best.

    I'm a huge fan of boy shorts. Excellent choice.

  2. Yes, I love Round 2 and 3 and 4 and!

  3. Did he have a big load? Did you taste his cum?


    Sorry, my blogspot blog was removed by Google! Damn.

  4. Yes, he had a big load in the condom, but no, I didn't swallow that time. I did swallow for Round 2 though! :)


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