Thursday, May 19, 2011

I couldn't have explained it any better!

This excerpt is from:

The man speaking his opinion is Jay Spark.

"One of my earliest memories of feeling attraction to a girl was in high school. I was on the bus. An Asian girl from the high school across the street got on. She wasn't the first Asian girl I had seen, but it felt like the whole rest of the world disappeared, like I witnessed beauty for the first time. I had never been so attracted to someone before. I don't think I ever saw her again. I remember having a vague sense her being Asian had something to do with my attraction, but I dismissed that sense at the time, feeling it was racist.
For many years, I noticed that preference for Asians, but kept dismissing it. I fell in love with a white girl, who was for a few years everything to me. She is still a great friend. Later, in college, people who noticed my preference joked about it, generally making me feel embarrassed and ashamed. Eventually I came to accept it. I got over the feeling of racism when I realized the preference wasn't a judgment. It was just whom I was attracted to. My preference feels no more racist than being interested in women feels sexist.
I never felt my preference was a choice. People act like I have a choice in the matter. I have no sense that I do. As best I can tell I was born this way. People have a hard time accepting that I did not choose this preference. I didn't choose to be heterosexual either, but I am, and no one asks why I choose women over men or calls me sexist. The internal feeling is the same.  The attraction is purely physical, for better or worse."

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