Monday, May 9, 2011

How Is It Not Racist? (email response)

I got an email from someone asking me "Why do you think you're not racist, when you so clearly state that you like white boys?" And here's my answer...I never said I only like white boys.  It's about attraction.  When I wake up in the morning, I know I like men.  I don't question if I like women instead.  It's just how I feel inside.  I know my attraction is to men.  It's the same for white boys.  I see a group of guys and I'm typically attracted to the white guy.  But I have had crushes and dated other races.

In high school, my boyfriend was a mix of Filipino and Japanese.  In college, my boyfriend was Mexican, Filipino, and Chinese.  I have since dated a Hispanic and African American guy.  But the majority have been white.

I am open minded and if I saw a guy I was attracted to and wanted to get to know better, I wouldn't care what ethnic background he was.  I'd be interested in getting to know more about him and what kind of person he is.  Attraction and chemistry is hard to predict, so I believe in going with my gut and seeing where it leads me.  And if he happens to have blue eyes, that'd be nice :)


  1. I adore this!

    Good for you! Yo go girl! I love your attitude about being single and I love your attitude about being open!

    Send me a line if you ever want to do a guest post on

  2. Awww girlie, thank you, you are so sweet. :) I love your blog and I'm honored that you stopped by my page. I will definitely contact you!


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