Sunday, May 15, 2011

What is fwb?

 I got an email asking me what "fwb" was.  I'm sorry that I didn't explain this before.  I guess I mistakenly thought everyone knew what it was.  lol.  FWB is Friends With Benefits.  Now I know everyone has their own definition of exactly what that is, so I will tell you mine.

If a guy is one of my fwb, that means we have sex, but he's also cool enough that we can hang out and do normal friend things, like go to the movies or have dinner.  But to be clear, we are not dating and I do not see a future with him.  I expect my fwb to be drama-free and single.  I am not a homewrecker.  And I do not put up with drama.  If my fwb starts to cause drama in my life, I cut him off.  The whole purpose of a fwb is to get sexual satisfaction, without all the other crap.

At any given time, I might have 5+ fwb.  It's not because I'm having sex every night with a different guy.  I just have to have options and backup plans.  They have lives too!  If I'm horny on a Thursday night, one might be working or already have plans.  So I just go down the list and see who is free.  I rather have too many options, than not enough!

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