Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Top Down

I got a text from one of my FWB and he asked if we could meet up after he finished work.  He is an officer in the Army and I knew he would be wearing his uniform, so of course I said yes!  He told me he had something planned, so to just be ready and he would pick me up.  He got to my house around 7:15 pm and was driving his Mustang convertible...with the top down!  He looked so good in his uniform!  I got into the car, he grabbed me and started kissing me.  He put my hand on his cock and asked me if I was up for a ride.  I said sure.

He started to drive and noticed him reaching down to his cock.  He pulled apart the Velcro on his uniform and asked me if I was ready for my ride.  I looked at him and he was serious.  He wanted me to ride him while he drove...and with his car's top down!   I was up for it, so I straddled him and grinded him real slow.  Then I started to ride him.  It was so crazy to see cars passing us by, all while he's inside me.  I grabbed onto him and asked him if he wanted to cum while driving or if he wanted to pull over to the side.  He said to just keep riding him.  So I did and he came in no time.  The funny thing is as he was cumming, he pretty much floored the car and I had to slap his thigh to get him to let off the gas.  How bad would it have been if he crashed into a car?  How would we explain the position we were in?  lol

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