Sunday, May 8, 2011

There's White Boys In Hawaii??

This is a question I often hear, "There's white boys in Hawaii?"  And the answer is YES!  One of the best things about this island is that we have a base for every branch of the military.  So not only are there a lot of white guys, there are almost all in shape, young, and active!  I feel like I get my choice from the best of the best here.  A lot of the guys I meet grew up in a place where there were very few, if any, Asian people.  Being in Hawaii exposes them to a whole new culture and that often leads to their curiosity of dating an Asian girl.  I have had many guys tell me they have always wanted to date an Asian girl, but never knew any or had an opportunities.  Finding a white boy to date or have fun with isn't that hard here.  It's actually a lot of fun!

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