Monday, May 23, 2011

Question from my tumblr

Here's a question I got to my tumblr blog:

Anonymous: I'm a white male and there is an asian girl I have a crush on in school. My parents wouldn't be happy if they knew I was dating an asian girl. What is your advice?
I’ve actually encountered this situation.  I’ve had boyfriends whose parents didn’t like me simply because I was Asian.  It didn’t matter how much I loved their son or how well I treated him.  Is there a reason your parents wouldn’t like you dating an Asian girl?  If you feel there is a zero possibility of them changing how they feel, you need to decide if this girl is worth possibly losing the relationship you have with your parents.  I’m always happy to hear about white guys who like Asian girls, so I would say go for it! I wish you the best!

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