Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 7 - Lust

Day 1 - Pride. Seven great things about yourself.
Day 2 - Envy. Seven things you lack and covet.
Day 3 - Wrath. Seven things that piss you off.
Day 4 - Sloth. Seven things you neglect to do.
Day 5 - Greed. Seven worldly material desires.
Day 6 - Gluttony. Seven guilty pleasures.
Day 7 - Lust. Seven love secrets.

This is the tag I’m doing.  I’m on Day 7 today…Lust.  I'm not sure what "love secrets" are, so I'm going to do 7 sex confessions.  This should be fun :)

1. I have slept with a married man.  Before you get upset with me, hear me out.  I didn't know he was married when we slept together. This guy lied to me and said he was divorced.  I later found out this wasn't true when his wife called me and asked me why my number was on her husband's phone bill.  Luckily, I keep pretty much every email, IM, and text message.  I gladly forwarded the texts to her where he told me he was divorced.

2. I learned I could squirt 3 years ago.  Before then, I was convinced I didn't have a gspot.  But I had a fwb who insisted he could make any girl squirt and he put his fingers in me and made me squirt in minutes.  I've been thankful to him ever since.

3. I love sex toys!  I've owned rabbits, dildos, vibrators, straps on (that's a whole story in itself!), gags, restraints, blindfolds, and a sex swing.  I believe in spicing things up in the bedroom!

4. I watch porn for inspiration and technique.  I'm never arrogant about my sexual skills.  I think there's always more to learn and I get a lot of ideas from porn.  May as well learn from the professionals!

5. Having my nipples licked is my weakness.  I know every girl likes her clit licked.  But if it was between having my clit or nipples being licked, I'd choose my nipples every time.  It's the fastest way to get me horny and wet!

6. I love having sex in public!  I've done it in bathrooms, dressing rooms, hotel balconies, the beach, movie theater, in the car (love, love road head!), on the side of the freeway, and at a sporting event.

7. I once came (and squirted) 7x and passed out.  When I woke up, I was made to cum 3 more times and had to beg to have it stopped.  By then, my body was shaking and tingling.

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