Monday, August 22, 2011

Wisconsin Bound

After thinking things over this past week, I decided to take Matt up on his offer to go to Wisconsin next month.  I had another talk with my boss and we worked it out so I can leave on a flight after work on a Friday and fly back the following Sunday.  I'd be gone for 9 days, but only miss 5 days of work.  I'm really lucky that my boss is willing to let me use vacation time with such late notice and with a huge transition happening during part of the time I'm gone. 

When I told Matt that I would go with him, but that I'd be going back to Hawaii before him, he was happy!  He said he really didn't think I was going to go.  I told him there are very few people I would do this for, but that he was one of them. 

Some readers asked me if I had been to Wisconsin before and the answer is Yes.  I really love the Midwest.  I've also been to Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, and Ohio.  I've driven thru Iowa, but never really stopped and saw anything.  I think Missouri is part of the Midwest too, but I've never been there at all. 

Matt said we might drive down to Chicago for a couple of days, which I told him is fine since I love Chicago!  There's so much to see and do.  I just love traveling and seeing new places.  I'm really excited for this trip and of course, to spend time with Matt before he deploys.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and a Happy Monday!


  1. YAY how exciting!! I was kind of hoping you would say yes. What a nice thing to do for him!

    Enjoy yourself!!

  2. You have a blog reader here in WI! :)

  3. Naughtyangel - I am excited too! I love to travel! But I feel like he's the one doing something nice for me :)

    LucyVanPelt - Awesome! I know Matt said the biggest city near where he's from is Madison. Where are you near?

  4. I am 30 miles south of Madison on the WI/IL border :)

  5. Oh cool! We are planning on driving down to Illinois too! I love road trips, especially since I don't get to do it much here!

  6. I'm leaving for Michigan in 4 days. :) Looks like I will be missing you only by one state!

  7. Awww, I'm sorry, Northernguy. I will be in Wisconsin from 9/16 - 9/25. And yes, just one state away!


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