Saturday, August 27, 2011

Evan's Surprise

No, "Surprise Dolphin Sex" isn't what I have planned for tonight!  I did think this picture was so hilarious that I had to put it on my blog, especially after my last downer of a post.  I do want to take the time to thank everyone who commented and emailed me about my post.  Your caring and kindness means so much to me.  You guys are truly the best.  I love you all!

As for tonight, I do have something special planned for Evan.  I actually saw something online that I bought and knew that Evan was the one I wanted to try it with.  He is always open to trying anything, which is one of the things I really like about him.  He is a lot of fun!

I am going to have lunch with a friend around 3:30pm and maybe do a quick Walmart run.  I plan to be home by 7:00 pm and start prepping.  I told Evan to come by around 9:00 pm and I can't wait.  I've been thinking about this since Wednesday when I got my order in the mail. Evan is such a good sport that he never asked me what the surprise is.  He is looking forward to whatever I have planned for him.

I will be sure to write a blog post and be less vague. If Evan doesn't sleep over, I will try my best to do it Sunday morning.  :)

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend.  Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!  :)


  1. Can't wait to hear what's in store for the lucky chap! ;) Love the pic - lol!

    Sir L

  2. Sir L, I just posted the recap of Evan's Surprise. It was definitely a fun night for us. And there will probably be a Part 2 post. Oh and I'm glad you liked the pic. I thought it was so hilarious that I had to use it for his post!


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