Friday, August 12, 2011

Doctor's Orders Part 2

(If you didn't read Part 1, click here )

I knew Brandon would have to leave for work in about an hour, so I didn't have a lot of time to play with him.  He was laying naked on his stomach and fast asleep in my bed.  After I wrote my blog post, I climbed back into bed and hovered over his body.  I kissed his ankles, then up to his knees, his thighs, and then his ass.  At this point, he woke up.  "What are you doing, babe?" he asked me.  I didn't answer him.  I kissed all over his back and he let out a soft moan.  I kissed between his shoulders and then out each arm.  I ended at the back of his neck and was laying naked on top of him.  "Thank you so much for taking care of me," I whispered in his ear.  Then I licked and kissed his ears and back down his neck again.

Brandon got impatient and grabbed me off his back and rolled over.  His hard cock popped out at me.  He pushed me onto my back and sat on my chest.  Before I could say anything, he pinned down my wrists above my head and shoved his cock in my mouth.  I gagged and he smiled down at me. I looked up at him as he face fucked me.  He shoved his cock down my throat, over and over again.  I kept gagging and he loved it.  "You take it all," he ordered me, as he shoved his cock down my throat again and held it there.  Tears were streaming down my face.  "Stick your tongue out and lick my balls too," he demanded.  I did as I was told and he moaned before pulling his cock out.

Brandon wiped away my tears and asked me if I was okay.  I nodded yes.  I grabbed him and pushed him down onto his back and he smiled.  "I wanna ride you," I said to him, while reaching for a condom.  He grabbed onto my headboard and I gave his cock a few more sucks before putting the condom on.  I grabbed his cock and guided it into my pussy.  He lot out a little moan as I felt him fill up my wet pussy.  He started to thrust a little and I stopped him.  "No, you lay back and let me do the work," I told him.  "Yes, ma'am," he said back to me.

I grabbed onto the headboard too and moved my pussy slowly up and down on his cock. I wanted him to feel every inch of my tight asian pussy.  I wanted him to feel just how much he turned me on.  He let out little moans and begged me to ride him faster.  I looked him in the eyes and told him to hold on.  I laid my body on his, kissed him, and quickly moved my pussy up and down on his cock.  I was working my hips so that my pussy was slamming down hard on his cock with every stroke.  We were both moaning and I knew he was about to cum.  I slowed down my riding, which made Brandon very frustrated.  I told him to close his eyes, which puzzled him, but he did it anyway.

I reached over to my night stand and grabbed my lube. I put it all around my asshole and I put some on Brandon's cock and started stroking him.  "Keep your eyes closed," I told him.  I stood above him and slowly lowered my ass onto his cock.  From the moment he entered my ass, he let out a loud moan and kept on moaning.  "Oh god, babe.  You're riding me with your ass?"  I didn't answer him.  "Open your eyes," I told him, "I want you to watch my cock going in and out of my tight ass,"

I started slowly and we both watched as my ass swallow up his hard cock.  We were both moaning and Brandon reached for my hips.  I knew that meant he wanted me to ride him harder, so I braced myself on his shoulders and started riding him faster.  I saw his eyes roll back and he let out a tortured moan.  I knew he was close to cumming.  "Cum in my ass," I whispered to him, as I rode him harder.  He gripped tightly to my waist and looked at me right as he was about to cum.  "Fuck, fuck, fuck," he yelled as I felt his cock contract in my ass.  I kept on riding him until I felt his body go limp.  I leaned over to kiss him and a smile spread across his face. "I came so hard, Myli," he said to me.  I just smiled back as I slowly grinded against him.  He was still rock hard inside of me. 

We showered and I sat back and watched as Brandon put on his uniform.  Just then, I started coughing.  "I guess you're gonna need more medicine because you're still sick," he said to me.  "And just what kind of medicine do you suggest I take, doctor?"  I playfully said to him. Brandon grabbed my hair, pulled my head back, and shoved his cock down my throat again.  "The medicine you need is in there," he said as he guided his cock in and out of my mouth.  I obediently listened.  A doctor knows best, right?

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