Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Josh's Birthday recap (The Good Stuff)

(If you didn't read "Part 1", Click here .  "Part 1" is technically the end, but I advise you read it first anyway.)

I looked at my outfit in the mirror - a red, low cut blouse, a short black skirt with no panties, and black heels.  I knew Josh would love it!  I stepped out the door and he was waiting in my parking lot. I ran and kissed him.  "Happy Birthday, gorgeous!" I said to Josh as he grabbed me and his hands settled on my ass.  I reached for his cock and he was rock hard.  I gave him few strokes and told him to get in the car. 

"I'm kinda nervous, babe," he said to me.  I just smiled and put my hand on his.  I was pretty sure I'd be able to pull this off and make a fantasy of his come true, but I did worry a little that things may not work out.  But I erased that from my mind.  I knew I had to make this happen for him. 

As we pulled up to the store, I looked at Josh and said, "You ready for this?"  He looked so nervous.  He didn't say a word.  He just nodded.  We got out of the car and I grabbed his hand.  I walked up to the cashier and asked if we could rent a couple of booths.  The cashier gave me a weird look and I winked at him and paid. Josh and I had talked about this the last few days, but now that we were actually at the sex store and walking towards the booths, I wasn't sure if he wanted to go through with it. 

As we stood in the hallway of the booths, I touched Josh's face and whispered in his ear.  He smiled and I slapped his ass.  "Let's do this," I told him.  I went into my booth.  It was the same one that we had scouted last week.  I got on my knees and I peeked through the hole.  I could see  Josh taking off his shirt and I ogled his sexy chest and abs.  He turned around and pulled down his pants to his ankles.  "Come to me, baby," I lustfully said to him.

Josh stuck his balls and hard cock through the hole and I carefully licked all along his shaft.  I could hear him faintly moan.  I gave his cock head a few licks, but teased him and licked down his shaft and down to his balls.  I slowly used my hand to stroke his cock while I licked his balls.  I ran my tongue firmly across his balls and licked the underside over and over.  I could hear him moaning again.  I put each ball in my mouth and ran my tongue all over.  I had planned to spend a lot of time on his balls, when I heard Josh say to me, "Babe, stop teasing me!"

I gave his balls a quick lick back and forth again then licked back up his shaft.  I put his cock in my mouth and slowly sucked him.  His balls were still covered in my spit, so I used my hands to massage him while I sucked him.  I felt his cock harden in my mouth and I sucked him faster.  He started thrusting a bit, so I just kept my mouth still and let him face fuck me.  I could hear him moaning again and I could tell he was really enjoying himself.  I felt him precumming in my mouth and I knew he was ready for the next part.  I reached into my purse and grabbed the condom.

As I rolled the Trojan onto his hard cock, Josh was surprised.  I hadn't told him about this part.  I think he assumed I'd just suck him off.  But after the condom was on, I told him to just lean forward against the wall and I'd take care of the rest.  I pulled up my skirt and backed up against the wall.  I bent over and braced myself with my fingertips on the floor.  Josh's cock slipped right into my already wet pussy.  We both let out a sigh as my tight asian pussy enveloped his big white cock.

I worked my ass back and forth against his cock.  My ass cheeks were hitting the wall and I was bouncing harder and harder off Josh's cock.  I loved being in control and using him as my sex toy.  Josh started to get impatient and thrusted a little.  I pushed my ass all the way up against the wall and let him fuck me.  I could hear him moaning again and I was going to let him just fuck me until he came.  But I felt him pull out and I knew he hadn't cum yet.

I got back on my knees and reached thru the hole for his cock.  I ripped off the condom and sucked him again.  I had my hand gripped firmly at the base and  I was furiously bobbing up and down on his cock.  I deep throated him and gagged.  I kept deep throating him and heard him moaning more.  I sucked him quickly again and I started using my hand to jerk him at the same time.  "Babe, I'm gonna cum," he said over and over.  I just moaned as I continued sucking his cock.  I felt the first stream of cum in my mouth and I kept jerking him.  My mouth was filled with his cum and I jerked every last drop out before I swallowed.  I kissed his cock head and he pulled his cock out of the hole.  He bent down and puckered his lips thru the hole and I kissed him. 

I pulled my skirt back down and went over to Josh's booth.  He had his pants back on, but was shirtless.  He grabbed me and I sat on his lap.  We really didn't say anything to each other.  He had a huge smile on his face and he just hugged me.  I was about to ask Josh if he wanted to go for a second round in the booth, but before I could say anything, he asked me, "Can we go to the Redbox by your house and pick up a movie?"  I didn't say anything for a second.   "Wait, you were serious about watching a movie at my house?" I said.  "I thought that was code for sex!"   We both had a good laugh and walked out of the booth and headed back to the car.  I knew the night was just beginning.


  1. Damn! What a happy birthday indeed! Josh is outrageously lucky to have you as a friend it seems, that was very hot.

  2. OMG that is hot, I want you to take me there. What a fantastic woman you are. So hot

  3. and I have an even better reaction in my pants, I think the zipper is going to bust

  4. I had no idea these things happened outside the porn movies! ;) What fun... will enjoy returning to this blog in and over time!

    Smiles appreciatively,
    Sir L

  5. What a wonderful birthday treat. Josh is one lucky sob

  6. Will - Thank you. I know Josh said it was the best birthday he's ever had, so mission accomplished.

    H - I'm glad you liked it. How did your zipper hold up?

    Sir L - I only found out about the glory hole a year or so ago. I thought they were just a porn thing too! Thank you for subscribing to my blog :)

    Gaz - I think I'm lucky too, but yes, Josh does know he's lucky!

  7. Such an amazingly hot birthday present!! I thought RedBox would be code for sex also, kind of like warm, wet, pink, box.

  8. Thank you, Marcus. RedBox is kinda dirty, now that I think about it. I just didn't think he actually wanted to watch a movie. Usually when a guy wants to "watch a movie", it means we are going back to my place to have sex!

  9. Please tell me where this place is if it is in Hawaii. I would be very interested. You have some amazing stories and adventures. I am an avid reader.


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