Monday, August 8, 2011

Doctor's Orders

I was feeling sick all weekend and unfortunately, that caused me to cancel all the plans I had made, including some late nights with my fwb.  Brandon had messaged me on Friday to ask me if I needed anything and I said no.  He checked on me again on Saturday and then late Sunday.  I told him I had been resting all day and was feeling a little better.  He asked me what I wanted to eat.  I told him not to bother coming to my house because I looked hideous and I didn't want him to see me this way.  He said I had been his "Naughty Nurse" and it was his turn to take care of me.  I again told him not to come over, but he said he was going to anyway.

I did my best to look presentable. I put on some sweats and a baby tee.  I didn't even bother putting on a bra.  I pulled my hair back into a ponytail.  I was going to put on makeup, but I didn't have the energy to do it.  Soon, Brandon was ringing my doorbell.  I opened the door, half expecting him to be dressed as a doctor, but no, he was wearing jeans and a baby blue polo.  He looked so handsome that I couldn't help but smile.  He saw me and joked that he must have the wrong house because I didn't look like the Myli he knew.  "Yeah, ha ha, make fun of the sick girl," I said as I fake laughed.  Brandon gave me a big hug and kissed me, even though I told him not to.

He sprawled out on my couch and told me to come join him.  Brandon was on his back so I cuddled up against his chest and he wrapped his arms around me.  "What can I do to make you feel better, Myli?" he said to me.  "I just need to rest, but your cuddling definitely helps," I told him.  We turned on my tv and it was on the Food Network.  I was enjoying his company, when he grabbed my face and kissed me again.  I protested because I didn't want to make him sick too, but he said he didn't care.  We were making out and I felt his hands go under my shirt and he was circling my nipples with his fingers.  He pushed me off him and laid me down on my back.  I lifted my shirt up for him and he hungrily licked my nipples.  I grabbed his head and ran my fingers thru his hair while he ravaged me.  "Fuck me!" I begged him.  He stopped for a second, looked me in the eyes, and said "No".  I wasn't used to him saying no to me, so I was taken aback.  He started licking my nipples again and I just went with it.

Brandon took off his shirt and jeans as he kissed down my chest and all over my stomach.  He pulled down my sweats and smiled when he saw I was wearing pink panties.  "I read somewhere that cumming while you're sick helps you feel better," he said, very matter of factly.  I laughed.  "Ok, whatever you say, doctor," I said to him.  I went to take off my panties and he stopped me.  Instead, he pulled them aside and dived right in.  I could tell I was already really wet as he slowly ran his tongue up and down my clit.  He looked up at me with his brown eyes and he looked so sexy.  He kept teasing me by slowly licking my clit, first up and down, then in circles.  I really just wanted him to fuck me already, but he kept telling me no. "I haven't had sex since the gang bang and I really want you to fuck me," I begged him.  He just smiled and shook his head again.

He went back to licking my clit.  Brandon seemed determined to make me cum, even though he knows how hard it is for me to get off this way unless a finger is rubbing my gspot.  "Just lay back and enjoy this," he told me.  And I did.  He quickened his pace and used much more deliberate tongue strokes.  He grabbed the back of my ass and pulled down my panties, then pulled me even closer to him.  I felt the pleasure building and I could feel myself getting close.  I was moaning very loudly and caught myself biting my lip.  "Oh god, I'm really close," I moaned.  Just then, Brandon stuck his 2 fingers in my pussy and started fingering my gspot too. My body was thrashing from all the pleasure.  I could feel myself getting close to cumming both from my gspot and my clit.  And then it all hit me.  "Oh fuck, oh fuck," I screamed, as I felt myself squirt all over Brandon's face.  Not even a second later, his tongue strokes put me over the edge and I came again.  I screamed over and over and my body was tingling from all the sensations.

I felt like I had been cumming for an eternity.  When I finally felt my body get back to normal, I noticed my legs were still spasming.  I looked down at Brandon and he was covered in my cum.  I tried to grab his face to clean him up, but he told me he wasn't done.  His fingers were back inside of my pussy again, rubbing my gspot.  "I don't think I can cum again," I told him.  But he refused to stop.  By the time he was done, I had squirted another 2x.  I was exhausted and I couldn't move. Brandon picked me up and carried me to my room.

I woke up about an hour ago and decided to blog about it now.  Brandon is fast asleep in my bed and I'm planning my payback.  He didn't cum at all last night. In fact, I never even touched his cock.  I will be sure to change that very soon.  But I will say, I think he was right.  Maybe there is some truth to cumming while you are sick because I feel fantastic right now! 


  1. Glad your feeling better, follow the doctors orders won't you

  2. Lord, that sounds like a great way to recover from whatever ails you! Hope you're feeling better!

    I wish I could squirt more easily...any tips? The guys hit the spot, but it's always hit or miss if I'm going to squirt or not. I want to do it alllll the time!

  3. Gaz - Thank you! And yes, apparently Brandon knows what he is talking about! lol

    Jules - Email me: and let's talk. I can't say I'm an expert, but I can tell you what I know. :)


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