Monday, August 15, 2011

Josh's Birthday recap (Tarantino style)

Before we fell asleep on Saturday night, we watched a movie.  We went to the Redbox by my house and he chose "Jumping the Broom".  I was surprised that he wanted to see a chick flick, but I was fine with it, so I didn't say anything.  We cuddled on my couch and amazingly, we behaved throughout the whole movie, though we were cuddling with just our underwear on.  The movie was really cute and we had a short conversation about marriage, which was something we had never talked about.

I told Josh that it was late and we should get some sleep and before I could stand up, he straddled me and covered my lips with his.  He was ravaging my neck with kisses and kissed down my cleavage.  He grabbed at my bra and pulled out my tits.  His tongue was all over my nipples and I was squirming and moaning.  I reached down for his cock and he was already hard.  While he was licking my nipples, I whispered in his ear, "What else do you want for your birthday?"  He stopped licking my nipples and kissed up my neck.  "I want to bend you over and fuck your ass," he whispered in my ear.  I pushed him off me and got off the couch. I was about to walk to my room, when he grabbed my face and kissed me.  I wrapped my arms around his neck and he picked  me up.  "Wrap your legs around me," he demanded.  He kept kissing me, as he carried me into my room.

He put me down and I immediately got on my knees.  Josh stood in front of me and I pulled down his boxers.  His cock sprung out at me and I grabbed it and started licking.  I ran my tongue all over his long shaft and gave his cock head a lot of attention.  I looked up at him and he intently watched as I handled him.  He grabbed onto my hair and pulled my mouth over his cock.  I started sucking and he moaned.  I grabbed onto his ass and squeezed.  I pulled him closer and took his cock down my throat.  He started moaning more and attempted to pull me up from my knees.  I shook my head no and refused to get up.  I kept sucking and moaned as I felt him precum in my mouth.  I stroked him for a bit and licked all the precum off him.  He was begging me to let me fuck him and I finally gave in.  I stood up and bent over my bed with my ass up.  Josh slapped my ass and reached over for a condom and some lube.

I let out a huge moan as he licked my asshole .  Josh fingered my ass for a bit then stood up and put his hand on the small of my back.  "Fuck my ass, babe," I begged.  Without saying a word, he eased his cock into my ass.  I moaned as I felt each inch of him in me.  He was soon balls deep and leaning on my back.  "You ready for me to fuck your brains out?" he whispered in my ear.  "Yes," I moaned.  With that, he grabbed my waist and started working his cock in and out of my ass.  I was moaning and begging for more.  He fucked my ass really rough and I was loving every second of it.

Josh reached over and pulled my hair and pulled me close to him.  He was playing with my tits and kissing the back of my neck.  I turned my head around.  "Fuck my ass hard," I begged.  He pushed me back down on the bed and fucked me really hard.  I was screaming and I felt the pleasure radiating through my body.  Josh grabbed my hair again and told me he was close.  I nodded and he kept pounding my ass.  I reached  back and grabbed his ass to pull him further in me.  I heard Josh grunt.  "I'm gonna fucking cum," he said, as he thrust one last time in my ass and filled the condom.  He fell onto my back and held me.

I woke up Sunday morning to Josh kissing my back.  I opened my eyes and for a second, I forgot about the craziness that had happened the night before.  "How does it feel to be 23 now?"  I asked him.  "The same as 22, but with one less fantasy on my list," he answered.  We laughed.  He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the shower.

As we drove to my house, we both laughed as we thought about what had just happened.  "Was that a good birthday gift?" I asked him.  Josh laughed.  "I can't believe we pulled that off," he said to me with a huge smile on his face.  He thanked me and leaned over for a kiss. We were still giggling as we arrived at the Redbox near my house.

(I hope this wasn't too confusing!  Yes, there will be another part posted soon!)


  1. Oh that was so hot, I want some too. phew my pants feel so much tighter now

  2. I'm glad you liked it! I just posted the next part! Hopefully it can cause the same reaction in your pants :)

  3. mmm... so nice. Lucky Josh! =)

  4. Well I hope he thinks he's lucky :)


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