Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What's Going On Here?

This isn't my screenshot, but it's a general idea of what I saw today! 

Matt and I had the day to ourselves and decided to go into town and see the sights.  We both hadn't checked our emails or Facebook since Friday, so we brought our laptops to Starbucks and figured we'd just hang out there before we had to be home for the dinner Matt's mom was cooking. 

I logged into my email and I was speechless.  I usually get between 5-10 emails a day, but I had told my friends I'd be going on this trip, so they knew not to email me.  Imagine my surprise when I saw that I had over 100 unread emails!  And that was only since late Friday night!   I told Matt about it and he said that maybe someone had promoted my blog on Tumblr.  That was a possibility, but even when that happens, I get a lot of hits on my blog, but not that many emails. 

I took the time to email a few of the guys back and I quickly realized the emails were from guys in Hawaii.  Almost every email was a guy offering to be my friends with benefits.  It's rare that a guy from Hawaii emails me, so I asked a few of the guys how they found my blog.  I won't say here what they told me, but whoever you are, thank you!  I have no idea why you did what you did, but I appreciate the traffic to my blog.  According to blogger, I've had over 7,000 hits in the last 2 days.  I usually average 600/day.

Let me clear something up, I am not planning on finding my new friends with benefits through my blog.  I will keep an open mind, but it's just not my plan right now.  Secondly, I will answer all the emails I've gotten, but it might take me awhile since, again, Matt's parents have dial up only.  I appreciate all the emails I've gotten and I will get back to you all soon!

I'm having a wonderful time in Wisconsin.  It makes me sad to think I am leaving on Sunday :(  I hope everyone is having a nice week!


  1. Someone on craigslist sent me. I'm glad they did. I am white guy that hearts Asian girls and it's nice to see a Asian girl that hearts white guys.

  2. You are truly dedicated to answer every email especially when it is this many! Although not looking for a FWB through your blog you may at least find some new blogging friends which is always nice :)

  3. I'm surprised you didn't get 70,000 hits. What man wouldn't want to have hot sex with a gorgeous sensual Asian woman. I wish I was living in Hawaii too, I would love to be one of your FWB. Have a safe trip back home...

  4. Dirty - Yes, I know. I asked a few people who emailed me and they said they saw an ad with my blog url listed. I have no idea who did that or why, but it caused a lot of traffic to my site, so I was thankful!

    Marcus - Yes, I try to be good about replying to emails but it's been so overwhelming. And making new online friends is ok. I'm just not looking to meet any of them in real life.

    Pancho - Thank you! I had a nice trip home and gained a lot of new readers too!


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