Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thrift Store Pen Pals - Schwein

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I was selected as the Thrift Store Pen Pal of the week by Woody over at Woodn't Ya Know It.  For those of you that don't follow Woody's awesome page, he visits local thrift stores and blogs about the strange, interesting, and funny things that he finds.  He's started a new program where he sends a random blogger an item and it's the blogger's job to write about it.  It's a fun idea and I'm honored to be a part of it.

I received my item in the mail earlier this week.  It came in a USPS Priority Mail envelope and I could tell that the item was rigid.  I opened the package and it was a book called "Schwein" with a pig on it.  I laughed as I looked inside and realized the entire book was in German.  As I'm sure you could figure out, I don't speak German.  I assumed "Schwein" meant pig, but I had to use an online translator to make sure.

This is what you see when you open the front cover

Next view with the 2nd panel flipped open    

At this point, I attempted to use online translators to figure out what the pages said, but either the book is not written in proper German, or the translators were off.  The first page says "Klapp Seite um Seite auf und du erfahrst alles uber Schweine".  This sentence translated to "Lid side around side up and you all uber pig learn".  I assumed this meant I was going to learn about the pig by lifting the different panels of the book.

The original second page translates loosely into "What do you call a mama pig?' and when you flip it open, it just has the word "Sau" which my translator said means "Sow", which made sense, especially looking at the picture. 

Page 3 flipped open shows "Ferkel"

The third page translated to "What do you call a baby pig?" and when I flipped the page open, the answer appeared.  "Ferkel" translates to piglets. 

Question on Page 4

Answer to Page 4 and Question on Page 5

I found Page 4 to be quite interesting.  The translation was "What do you call the nose of a pig?" and the answer shows "Russel" which has no other translation than just "Russel".  I thought the nose of a pig was called a snout, but maybe I'm missing something with the "Russel" translation. 

Answer to Page 5 and Question on Page 6

The question on Page 5 is "What color is a pig?".  The answer "Rosa" translated to "pink", so that was pretty easy.  The question on Page 6 translated to "What kind of tail does a pig have?"  The translator actually had the question with the word "fur" in it, as in "fur tail", but I didn't think that made much sense.  As you can see below, the answer when the panel opened was "a ringlet tail", which I don't think has anything to do with fur.

Question on Page 7
Answer to Page 7 and Question on Page 8
The big reveal with all the panels open!

"Where does a pig bathe?" was Page 7's question.  And the answer revealed to be "In the mud".  I loved the picture on Page 8!  It translated to "What do you call a pig's feet?"   The answer was "hooves".  I wasn't able to find an exact translation for the last panel, but from what words it did translate, I think it says "Now you know more about the pig".

I really enjoyed this book!  I started to understand some of the German terms.  And I can see this book being educational to a young child.  The pictures are pretty cute too!  I thought the pig on Page 1 looked like she/he was wearing black high heels, which gave me a good laugh. 

Thank you again to Woody, for allowing me to be one of his Thrift Store Pen Pals.  Please check out his site:  And if you are a fellow blogger interested in being a part of the program, click the tab on the top of his page for the sign up sheet. 

Have a nice weekend, everyone!  :)


  1. Oh my gosh! How cute! AND FUN!!!!! :)

  2. Thank you! It was a lot of fun! I'm so thankful that I was chosen. And I learned a bit of German in the process :)

  3. That's awesome! You did some serious research haha!

  4. I'm impressed by the amount of time you spent looking into the translations. I would not have nearly as much patience lol.

    I really enjoyed this! Ferkel and Russell? If I ever have the misfortune of owning pigs and they produce little piglets, the twin brothers must have those names. And it's all because of you.'s kind of horrifying how that pig got larger and larger with each picture lol. Nice job, Myli.


  5. Andrea - Thank you! I tried to make my post as informative as possible.

    Shane - Thank you! I wanted to write a good post for Woody. I thought your post was awesome too! And you definitely need to get those piglets now! lol


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