Thursday, September 1, 2011

There Goes Another One

I just got home from hanging out with Brandon.  I wasn't expecting to see him tonight, but as I was on my way home from work, he called me and asked me if I wanted to grab dinner.  At first, I wasn't sure if "dinner" was code for sex.  But he mentioned a restaurant by his house and I told him I'd meet him there.  We had a nice dinner and he asked me if I wanted to go back to his place.  We watched some tv and as expected, we ended up kissing and then fucking.  It was so hot because he only pulled down his ACU (Army Combat Uniform) pants and kept the rest of his uniform on.  I also just pulled up my skirt and he pulled aside my panties, while my blouse and bra were still on.  It was kinda hot that we fucked while we both had so much clothes still on.

After Brandon came, he grabbed me and cuddled me really tightly.  He was playing with my hair, which was unlike him.  I looked at him.  "What's going on with you?" I asked.  He was silent and kept holding me and playing with my hair.  I started to get concerned.  "I don't know how to tell you this, Myli," he softly said.  Now I was really worried and I demanded he tell me what was going on.  Then he dropped the bomb on me...he is getting deployed in January and will be gone for a year.  I was shocked.  Yes, Brandon had come back from Iraq last October, but he had told me that he wouldn't deploy until 2013 because of the job he was now assigned to here. 

I didn't know what to say at first.  He held me tightly and kept saying "I'm sorry" over and over.  I didn't know why he was saying that because this deployment isn't his fault.  And like my other military friends, I know deployments are a fact of life and despite the fact he was previously told he wouldn't deploy until 2013, plans can always change.  I felt a lot of sadness thinking about him leaving again.  Added to the fact that Matt and Travis are leaving in October, I will be losing 3 friends with benefits within a 3 month period. 

I must have made a sad face because Brandon touched my face and kissed me again.  "Everything is going to be okay," he told me.  I nodded.  I don't think it ever gets easier to hear that one of my friends is leaving and getting deployed again.

Brandon and I laid together and talked.  "I'm going to really miss you, babe," he said to me, while running his hands all over my body.  "I'll still be here when you get back," I told him.  "Anyway, we still have 3 months to fuck each other's brains out!"  And with that, Brandon grabbed me and bent me over and started fucking me.  He stopped for a second and I asked him what was wrong.  "You're going to blog about this when you go home, aren't you?"  I just smiled.  "Shut up and fuck me," I demanded.  Brandon did as he was told and I didn't leave his house until we were both satisfied.  Gosh, I'm really going to miss him :(


  1. I'm totally going to use that line if someone from RL finds my blog... "Shut up and fuck me." I love it.

    Mind you, this will be really awkward if my parents find the blog...

  2. Maxwell - I give you my full permission to use that line! But definitely not on your parents! lol

  3. Here's to a fun three months while he's home.

  4. Maxwell, be a good boy and erase all your internet history and cache before going to bed. I love that line though Myli too..shut up and fuck me..all i can say is a are hottie! :)

  5. At least you have 3 months to get your fill before he leaves.

  6. Riff and Gaz - Yes, I will! I am already planning some fun things for Brandon and I!

    Northernguy - You are so silly! I really didn't think about it when I said it. A bunch of dirty stuff usually sprouts out of my mouth anyway. And thank you for saying I'm a hottie. You're so sweet :)


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