Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ryan's Return

I hadn't seen or heard from Ryan in awhile.  He texted me one day and said he had some personal stuff to take care of and when it was straightened out, he would get back in contact with me.  I was worried, but gave him his space.  I was just about to leave work today, when I got a text from him.  It said:  "Hey babe. I got everything taken care of now. Can I see you?"   I hadn't planned on doing anything at night, so I texted him back and asked him if he wanted to come over when I got home from work.  He texted back "Yes!" immediately and I started to feel excited to see him.

I got home and quickly took a shower.  I put on a white bra and panties.  I felt nervous.  We hadn't had sex in a couple of months and I wondered if we would still have our connection.  I didn't have much time to think about it because my doorbell rang.  I opened the door and Ryan looked so sexy!  I hadn't expected him to be wearing his uniform, but I was glad he was.  No words were spoken.  Ryan grabbed me by the waist and lifted me up.  I quickly wrapped my legs around him and kissed him.  Our kisses were hungry and furious.  I ran my hands through his hair and he held tightly to my ass.  I could feel his cock harden and rub against me. 

Still kissing me, Ryan walked towards my couch and laid me down.  My legs were still wrapped around him as his body was on mine.  I giggled and Ryan stopped kissing me.  "Hi," I jokingly said to him.  "Oh hi," he said back.  We both laughed.   We shifted positions on the couch and he was laying on his back and I was draped over his chest. "I missed you, Myli," Ryan said to me.  "I missed you too, babe," I replied.   Ryan explained to me what had been going on with him in the last couple of months and he asked what was new with me.  We chatted for another hour or so and even though I wanted him to fuck me so badly, it was good to just talk to him and catch up.

Ryan was still talking when I slowly started undoing his pants.  I quickly pulled apart the velcro and out popped his big, hard cock.  Ryan pulled off the rest of his uniform and was working on taking off my bra.  My lips had barely touched his cock head, when he pulled me towards him and forced me to straddle his chest.  He sat up slightly and grabbed my tits and ravished them with his kisses and then his tongue.  All I could do was moan and enjoy the pleasure. 

I really wanted to suck his cock, so I arched my back and reached around to stroke Ryan's cock.  He was covered in precum and my hands easily glided over his shaft and cock head.  Ryan started moaning while licking my nipples and I bent forward to kiss his neck and whispered "I want to make you cum" in his ear.  A huge smile spread across his face and he watched as I slid down his body and positioned myself over his cock.  I slowly licked up and down his shaft and made circles all around his cock head.  I licked off the precum oozing out of his hole.  "I missed tasting you," I told him.

I slowly placed my lips around Ryan's cock and he let out a moan as I started sucking.  "Babe, I haven't cum in awhile," he said to me.  I just smiled and placed my left hand on his abs.  He quickly interlocked his hand with mine and squeezed tightly.  I kept on sucking Ryan slowly because I was enjoying having his cock in my mouth again.  I could feel more precum leaking out and I loved watching Ryan's expressions as I worked his cock with my mouth.  I was still sucking slowly when I quickly deep throated him and felt Ryan gasp.  I released his cock and deep throated him again.  Now Ryan was moving his hips and thrusting upwards.  I deep throated him a few more times and he loved making me gag.

I went back to slow, long sucking strokes.  I sped up a little and Ryan started moaning again.  I looked at him while I spit in my hand and jerked him while I sucked.  I started slowly with my hand and Ryan started squirming.  He griped tightly to my hand and I knew he was close.  I sucked him a little faster and matched my jerking to my mouth speed.  I looked up at Ryan again and our eyes met before his head thrashed back and he yelled, "I'm gonna cum!"   I felt his cum hit the back of my throat and I slowed down my sucking and jerking.  I kept my lips around his cock head and slowly jerked every last drop of cum out of him with my hand.  I swallowed and slowly released my lips from his cock.

Ryan grabbed me and held me close.  "God, I missed that mouth of yours," he said to me.  I smiled.  "I missed that big white cock of yours," I said back to him.  We both laughed.  I was exhausted.  I was moving to stand up to get a drink of water when Ryan pulled me back towards him.  "I'm not done with you yet," Ryan said.  "Your mouth wasn't the only hole of yours that I missed."

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