Saturday, September 3, 2011


Today is the first University of Hawaii football game, so I won't be online.  I am heading to a friend's house for a huge football party!  Yes, sex is one of my favorite things in the world, but football is a very close 2nd.  I watch college and NFL games.  And I do know the rules of the game.  I'm not one of those lame girls who interrupt football games by asking what a 1st down is.  I grew up watching football and it is one of my true loves.

UH is playing Colorado today at 4:15 pm, which is less than 2 hours from now.  I hope everyone is having a nice weekend!  And don't fret...I have a great sexual encounter to share with all of you.  I will have that posted tomorrow.  Enjoy your Saturday and cheer for the University of Hawaii please!


  1. I love that you enjoy the little things...

  2. Congratulations on that big win but the Rainbow Warriors! I like watching UH - they are always the last game on TV :)

  3. Great win for UH out there! Watched it from here on the mainland...

    I've actually been to *TWO* UH games at Aloha Stadium as I am a fan of the program. Still have my #2 Chad Owens jersey from ten years ago that I bought at the UH RainBowTique on campus :)


  4. Buddha - Thank you! I do like to do other things besides have crazy sex! Though I think some people think I lay in bed with my legs open all the time lol

    Ryan - Thank you! It was an exciting game. And yes, we are typically the last game. Our games usually start at 6:05 pm, which is after midnight on the east coast.

    SomewhereMan - I had no idea you were a UH fan. I loved when Chad Owens played. Those were exciting games. I also loved when Colt Brennan played. I had such a crush on him :)


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