Tuesday, October 4, 2011

TMI Tuesday - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

This week’s TMI Tuesday idea is from Heelsnstocking

1. What’s the worst reason you have been given for breaking up? 

A guy told me that his mom and dog didn't like me, so he dumped me.  I thought it was bizarre considering I  saw his dog once for about a minute and she seemed to like me just fine.  And I had never met his mom!

2. What’s the worst reason you gave, to someone, for breaking up? 

I told him his voice was too high and it turned me off!  I was young (15) and I probably could have handled it better. 

3. Have you ever engineered the end of a relationship e.g doing something you know will put the other person off? If yes, what did you do?

I really had to think about this, but no, I haven't.  I've either been dumped or I did the dumping.  I don't waste my time making the other person miserable. 

4. Have you ever stayed with a partner just because you could not bear to end it?

No, I haven't.  When I'm not happy in a relationship, I tend to jump ship.  Some of my friends think I give up too easily, but when I see red flags and know we won't be together forever, I get out.

5. Have you ever encouraged a friend to end a relationship? What happened? Are you still friends?
If a friend asks for my advice I give it.  I've told friends they should get out of a toxic relationship.  Sometimes they listen, sometimes they don't.  In the end, it's their choice.  I usually give my opinion once.  If they choose to go against my advice, then I keep my opinion to myself from then on.

Bonus: Have you ever been the cause of a relationship to end? Tell us about it.

Yes, a few times.  A couple of times it was because the guy lied and said he was single when he was really married. One wife asked me to go with her to file her divorce papers!  I've also been the cause of my male friends being broken up with.  For some reason, girls have a problem with me being friends with their boyfriend, even if I knew him first and we are just friends.  The girls end up giving the guys ultimatums and they choose my friendship over their relationship.  It's a bad idea to try to compete with me. That's why I don't like having female friends. 

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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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