Saturday, October 1, 2011

Half Hour Hookup

A couple of days after I was back in Hawaii, Brandon had texted me and asked me if I had 30 minutes to spare for a quickie.  "I have to check on some of my soldiers," he said to me, "But I'd really like to fuck your ass before I go."  I was actually quite tired from my day at work, but I hurried and got ready and headed to Brandon's house.

I hadn't seen Brandon in a couple of weeks and I missed him.  I knocked on his door and he was wearing his uniform!  "You have your ACUs on!" I said, with a smile.  He grabbed me by the waist of my pants and pulled me in.  I put my hands on his face and kissed him.  Brandon quickly lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him.  He carried me into his bedroom and I could already feel my pussy dripping.

In his bedroom, Brandon put me down and bent me over his bed.  "I haven't cum since I last saw you, babe," he said to me.  I moved to stand up and take off my clothes, but Brandon pushed me back down.  He pulled his ACU pants down to his ankles then grabbed the lube and slipped a condom on. "Have your way with me," I said to him.  Brandon pulled down my pants and pulled my panties aside.  He kissed my back then slowly entered my ass.  He felt so good.  I  couldn't wait for him to fuck me.

Once Brandon was balls deep, he grabbed onto my waist and slowly thrusted in and out.  I was impatient. "Fuck me hard already!" I demanded him. He pulled my hair back and spanked me.  "You are so naughty, Myli," he said as he fucked me harder and faster.  I was screaming with pleasure and begging him for more.  Brandon slowed down a bit and I told him to keep going.  "I'm gonna cum soon, babe," he said.  "Really?" I asked as I looked back at him.  He nodded.  He bent over and kissed my face. 

I arched my back and Brandon held tightly onto my hips and fucked my ass rough.  I felt his balls slapping against my pussy and I was loving the way he was fucking my ass.  I was screaming again and Brandon pulled my body up towards him.  My back was to his chest and I turned my neck around to kiss him.  His hands were under my shirt and bra and he grabbed tightly to my tits.  I reached around his body and grabbed onto his ass.

Brandon's kisses turned into moans and I knew he was about to cum.  "Cum in me," I whispered to him.  He looked me in the eyes and I knew he was about to reach the point of no return.  I kissed him again and squeezed tightly to his ass cheeks as he came.  Brandon shook as he shot all in me.  He thrust slowly in and out of me as he used my ass to milk every last drop of cum out of his cock.  He was grasping tightly to my tits and then we both fell over onto the bed as he came down from his orgasm. 

We cuddled for a couple of minutes then got cleaned up.  Brandon and I looked over at the clock and 10 minutes had passed.  "God babe, I didn't last very long," he said to me.  "Who fucking cares?" I replied.  Brandon smiled.  He hadn't put his ACU pants back on and I reached over and slowly jerked him.  He started getting hard again.  "Let's use up those last 20 minutes," I said to him, as I got on my knees and put my lips around his cock.

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  1. Glad to see our men in uniform are getting some well deserved R & R

  2. I am a proud supporter of the military men! lol

  3. That was so damn hot, Myli your the best you sexy girl.

  4. Thank you, H. I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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