Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lazy Night

No, this isn't my dog, but this is how I felt all week!

Ryan had texted me and asked if I was up for seeing him.  It was after 8:00 pm and I had just got home from work.  I was very tired, but I figured I could muster up some energy and see him.  "I saw this thing on a porn I was watching and I want to try it on you," he told me.  I texted him back "ok" and told him as long as it wasn't anything illegal, I was up for it!  He texted me back "lol" and said he'd be at my house in half an hour.  I put on some pink lacy boyshorts and a hoodie.  I didn't even bother to put on a bra.  I intended to just unzip the hoodie the minute Ryan walked in the door. 

I laid on my couch and was so exhausted that I fell asleep.  I awoke to my doorbell ringing.  I quickly woke up and opened the door.  Ryan laughed when he saw me and I was puzzled.  He bent to give me a hug and walked in.  "What happened to your hair? And why are you wearing a hoodie?"  he questioned.  I touched my head and my hair was all tangled.  I giggled.  "I fell asleep waiting for you," I told him. Ryan reached over and unzipped my hoodie and was excited to see that I wasn't wearing a bra.  He grabbed my tits while kissing me.  I ran my hands thru his hair and hungrily kissed him back.   Ryan kissed down my neck and ravished my nipples.  He ran his tongue all around them and then lightly kissed each one.  I was moaning and I felt my pussy getting wet.  "I forgot how much you love having your nipples licked, Myli," he said to me while sticking a finger in my pussy.

Ryan pulled down my boyshorts and continued licking my nipples while fingering my pussy.  He hit my gspot and I moaned loudly.  He kept playing with my nipples and gspot and I felt tingly all over my body.  "Squirt for me, babe," he said to me.  I just nodded as Ryan kept fingering my gspot and within seconds, I had cum all over his face.  I was so exhausted that I just collapsed and couldn't move.  "I'm not done with you yet," Ryan said to me.  "I can't move," I told him.  He lifted me up and told me to wrap my legs around him.

Ryan carried me to my hallway and positioned my back against the wall.  "I'm going to lift you up and I want you to put your legs over my shoulders," he explained.  I was confused.  Ryan grabbed my waist and slid me up the wall and I threw my legs over his shoulders.  I was really high up and my pussy was right in Ryan's face.  He looked up at me with his blue eyes and smiled.  I leaned against the wall as Ryan put his hands on my ass and pulled my pussy to his face.  He licked my clit and his tongue felt so good.  He slowly licked up and down then quickly back and forth.  I grabbed my tits and rubbed my nipples.  Ryan kept working my clit and I felt my pussy dripping.

I started sliding down a  bit, so Ryan pushed me further up the wall.  Then he took a step back.  "Keep leaning against the wall," he demanded.  "And just where else would I be going?" I jokingly responded.  We both laughed and he licked my clit again.  I was enjoying his tongue strokes, when I felt him go lower.  Ryan started licking my asshole and I moaned.  I reached for his hair and told him not to stop.  Ryan nodded and kept licking my ass.  Then he licked from my ass to my clit and back again.  I was in heaven.  Ryan would go slowly then lick really quickly.  Then slowly again.  I wasn't close to cumming, but my body was so tingly and it all felt good.

In all the madness, I didn't realize that Ryan still had his shorts on.  He reached into his pocket and pulled out a condom.  He pulled down his pants and took a step forward to push his body tightly against mine.  His head was on my stomach and he lightly kissed it.  "Are you ready for my cock, babe?" he asked me.  "Yes," I answered, with a nod.  Ryan quickly rolled the condom down his hard cock and lowered me a bit to kiss me.  Then he lowered me further and his cock entered my dripping pussy.  My legs were draped over the inside of his arms and I loved how deep he was inside me.

I leaned against the wall while Ryan fucked me. He grabbed my ass and lifted me up and down, over and over. I felt like I was riding his cock, even though I wasn't.  Ryan's sexy body was against mine and I wrapped my arms around his neck.  He started fucking me really hard and hitting all the right spots. I felt him bury his face into my shoulder and I ran my fingers through his hair.  Ryan suddenly jerked his head back up and fucked me harder and faster.  "I'm so close, baby," he said to me.  I nodded.  "Cum for me.  Cum all in my asian pussy," I said to him.  I looked into his blue eyes again and I touched his face with my hand.  I was moaning and tell him how good he was making my pussy feel, when I saw him close his eyes.  "Fuck, I'm cumming," he said as he grunted and thrusted roughly into me.  I felt his cock contract and his body shake. Ryan's head fell onto my shoulder again.

When we got cleaned up, my back had white paint flakes on it.  And I had scratches that looked like Ryan had ran his nails down my back.  "I'm sorry about that, babe," he said to me.  I told him I didn't care.  "I love sex injuries," I explained.  I went to lay on my couch and I felt like I could pass out.  Ryan came over to join me and I scooted over so he could lay next to me.  He cuddled me and wrapped his arms around my naked body.  We talked about work and he stayed for another hour.  I fell asleep at some point and he woke me up to say he was leaving. He gave me a kiss and I walked him to the door.  "Thanks for being my porn star tonight, Myli," he said as he left.  Myli, the porn star.  That does have quite a ring to it!


  1. See! there are lots of good things that come from porn.... :-)

  2. I love porn, you know that. I like to get ideas from there, since you know, they are professionals! lol


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