Thursday, October 6, 2011

Let the Teasing Begin

I met Jason for lunch last week and we went to our Thai restaurant again.  As I hugged him and turned to walk to my office, he grabbed my hand and begged me for a quickie in his SUV.  "It's not a good idea, especially after what happened last time," I said, as I gave him a quick kiss.  When I got back to my office, I had a text from Jason.  I smiled as I read it "Stop by my house after work :)"   I wasn't planning on doing anything after work, so I figured I could squeeze in some fun with Jason!

I drove to Jason's house and knocked.  He met me at the door with just a towel on.  I was kinda surprised by that, but he looked so sexy.  Jason immediately started grabbing my tits and trying to pull off my clothes.  I pushed him away from me and he looked hurt.  I pushed him towards his bedroom and I saw his smile returned.  I shoved him down on his bed and let him watch as I unbuttoned my shirt.  He reached forward to grab me and I moved away.  "I want you to just watch," I said to him.  He lay back again and propped himself up on his elbows for a better view.  After my shirt was off, I unzipped my skirt.  I turned around and bent over and had him watch as I pulled my skirt down.  I was now in just my bra and panties and Jason had a huge smile on his face.  He towel was gone and his cock was rock hard. 

I crawled onto the bed and laid on top of Jason.  His hands ended up on my ass and he gave me a light spank.  I grabbed his face and kissed him.  "I want you so bad, Myli," he whispered in my ear.  I shook my head.  I kissed down his neck then down his still wet chest and all the way down to his stiff cock.  I slowly took Jason's cock into my mouth and he sighed.  I barely wrapped my lips around his cock as I moved my head up and down.  I felt Jason's hands move to the back of my head and I pushed his hands away.  "You're really going to tease me, aren't you?" he said to me.  I looked up at him with a naughty smile and nodded my head.

I continued to barely suck his cock and Jason was begging me for more.  I used my hands to play with his balls and he moaned.  I tightened my mouth around his cock and sucked faster.  I saw Jason's eyes roll back and I knew he was loving it.  I let him put his hands on my head and face fuck me.  Jason pushed me so far down on his cock that I gagged over and over.  I felt his body tighten, so I slowly down my sucking and he let go of the back of my head.  I took his cock out and licked the precum off the tip. I licked all around his shaft and down to his balls.  His moans told me that he was enjoying it, so I gave his balls a lot of attention.  I put them in my mouth and ran my tongue across each one.  Jason's cock was losing it's hardness, so I licked back up his shaft and put his cock in my mouth again.  "I don't know how much more I can take, babe," he said to me.  I just gave him an innocent look and shrugged my shoulders.

I kept sucking him and would randomly speed up to get him close to cumming.  Then I'd slow down.  I did this over and over and Jason was begging to let him cum.  "I want to cum so badly," he said between moans.  I kept sucking his cock while taking off my bra.  Jason's eyes got big as he wasn't sure what to expect next.  I told him to close his eyes and he obeyed.  I grabbed a condom and gave him a few quick sucks before putting it on him.  "Keep your eyes closed, babe," I said to him.  I got to my feet and stood over him on the bed.  I pulled my panties to the side and slowly lowered my pussy onto his cock.  As he entered me, he let out a loud moan.  "Can I open my eyes now?" he asked.  I leaned over and whispered "yes" in his ear.

I rode Jason hard and fast.  I moaned as his cock went deep into my pussy.  Jason's hands immediately went to my tits and he squeezed them tightly.  I saw he was about to cum, so I slowed down again.  "Babe, I can't take all this teasing," he grumbled.  I bent forward, kissed his lips, and rode him slowly a few more times.  Then without warning, I sped up and rode him hard again.  I felt Jason's body tighten and I knew he had suffered enough.  I kept riding his cock and I knew he was really close.  A few seconds later, I felt his hands tighten around my waist.  "I'm gonna cum," Jason moaned and I felt his body jerk.  He thrusted into my pussy a few times and let out a laugh.  "Holy fuck, babe," he said to me, "I came so hard."  I smiled and was still riding him slowly to make sure every last drop of cum was out of him.

As I got dressed, Jason asked me when we were meeting for lunch again.  I told him I would be free again next week.  We made plans to meet at our Thai restaurant again.  "Next week will be payback," Jason said to me.  "And I have 7 days to plan what I'm going to do to you!"


  1. Yes, and he got me back pretty good. I just realized I never wrote the follow up post. Damn.


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